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Nursing Research on Heart Disease

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A PICOT format mainly involves a structured way of shaping a clinical question into an answerable and researchable question, which comprises of five parts. These five components include patient/population (P), issue of interest (I), comparison (C), outcome (O), and the time frame (T) (Boswell & Cannon, 2015). In this research, we will focus on the issue of knowledge about heart failure epidemiology, pathophysiology, and risk factors among adult patients. This is based on an effort to try and reduce the rate of readmission of people with heart failure. Using secondary sources, we will define the issue of heart failure, apply PICOT analysis, come up with the causes of evidence, give an explanation of the essential findings and give the relevance of the results. In this research, we are going to address an issue related to the level of knowledge about heart failure and the initiation of action to reduce heart failure risk. The research question being answered is; does the provision of nurse-led education on heart failure epidemiology, pathophysiology, and risk factors to patients with heart disease increase the level of knowledge among the patients? The research population is patients with heart failure risk factors in the general population to come up with efficient ways of addressing the issue. 

Source of Evidence 

In the article Martha et al. (2019), the authors begin by first developing a refined statement. Using the report, they review the literature and carry out a quasi-experimental study examining a nurse-led education program on how to improve the knowledge on self-care and reduce the readmission of individuals with heart problems. From the results, it is evident that individualized one on one nurse-led heart failure education improved the patient's knowledge and self-care maintenance and confidence. This strategy involved the identification of the needed change in self-care and development of the purpose of change. Further, the results indicated a significant difference in the knowledge equation on a 7day to 90 days on self-maintenance and self-care management. 

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Reliability in research stands for the degree in which research methods applied were able to produce stable and consistent results. It is concerned with the effect the same techniques can have when they are involved in another study. In this research article, a quasi-experimental review was efficient in the study because it uses the research findings and its orientation towards individual practitioner use (Boswell & Cannon, 2015). The study model was used to come up with good quality evidence on various patients and provide an increased level of knowledge on the issue of heart disease prevalence (Melnyk & Fineout, 2005). The methods helped the researcher to identify the need for change in the education strategy and defining the healthcare guidelines for improving heart failure knowledge. Careful consideration of the research findings provided an objective for potential inhibiting factors and contributing factors as well as the ways of improving similar future endeavors. The results posed a chance of developing the health care of the population by providing education in the most effective manner, which does follow not only ethical commitments but also offers patients with tools that they need in making more informed decisions about their health. Future research might explore both the long term and intermediate effects of written education on patient's knowledge and health behaviors. 


Validity is an indication of how the research findings genuinely represent the phenomenon the researchers are trying to evaluate. The research aimed to come up with an effective educational intervention that would improve the level of knowledge among adults who pose risk factors for the development of heart disease. Specifically, the research aimed at determining if nurse-led education interventions would improve education levels. The findings from the research sources indicate that there were increased knowledge levels for patients who are provided with nurse-led sessions, Findings suggest that it is essential to develop patient education programs that are focused on the improvement of knowledge and self-care behavior for the heart disease patients. 

Further, they have a unique qualification of implementing such programs and, therefore, can improve health outcomes and need to accommodate EBP recommendations for global practice. Also, there was an increased variance in the knowledge scores between the various genders, which was mainly based on increased knowledge in females than in males. As indicated by the article, the majority of patients who had heart problems would discuss the information they got from the materials with the health care provider. 


The article is written clearly and compellingly that it helps to explain how nurses can be essential facilitators in improving the health of patients with heart problems. The authors use both primary and secondary sources. However, it could have been more relevant if the authors would have included more secondary sources to indicate sources that have already done the same research on the topic. It helps in would have helped in making it clear how effective the nurse-led strategies would be in detecting and improving knowledge of patients with heart problems. Also, limited preclinical studies and examinations should have been used to indicate the level of patient knowledge on the patient. On either hand, the authors used statistical methods that supported the significance of the result readings, which helped in justifying their utilization. It is important to note that the reader requires further knowledge to be able to replicate the experiment. However, the authors clearly explained and referenced the methods and resources. The reader will need to access more resources on metastasis to be able to replicate the experiment. Further, the data presented by the authors is sufficient to support the conclusions and hypothesis of the article. 


The website that was used in obtaining the clinical practice guideline was Tailor & Francis Online ( https://www.tandfonline.com/loi/rcnj20 ). Implementation of the strategies for improving the education of patients with heart failure risk factors is essential in ensuring that healthcare is improved. The PICOT format was utilized in determining the intervention approaches for effective implementation of improving patient care. The information from these findings was crucial in identifying the healthcare strategies for developing heart disease knowledge. The sources indicated that patients would participate in discussions with their care providers whenever they obtained knowledge from the provided materials. This intervention is essential in ensuring that patients made lifestyle changes to reduce their risk factors for cardiovascular disease. 

Source Four 

Mosca et al. (2006), evaluate women's awareness, preventive action, and barriers to cardiovascular health. Their analysis proves that cardiovascular problems can be affected by cultural, political, and social factors. Further, the majority of patients who had heart-related problems would discuss the information they have concerning their health with their health care provider. 


Do the provision of nurse-led education on heart failure epidemiology, pathophysiology, and risk factors to patients with heart disease increase the level of knowledge among the patients? This research enables us to address the issues related to the level of knowledge about heart diseases. It is also a good source of knowledge on how to manage problems with patients. Further, the methods applied in carrying out research can be replicated in the future whenever one wants to expand the investigation. Generally, the critical take away from this study is that healthcare strategies can be used to improve knowledge acquisition in managing heart disease. 


Boswell, C., & Cannon, S. (2015).  Introduction to nursing research . Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning. 

Martha S. Awoke, Diana-Lyn Baptiste, Patricia Davidson, Allen Roberts & Cheryl Dennison-Himmelfarb (2019) A quasi-experimental study examining a nurse-led education program to improve knowledge, self-care, and reduce readmission for individuals with heart failure. Contemporary Nurse, 55 (1), 15-26, DOI: 10.1080/10376178.2019.1568198 

Melnyk, B. M., & Fineout-Overholt, E. (2005). Evidence-based practice in nursing and healthcare: A guide to best practice. Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. 

Mosca, L., Heidi, M., Christian, A., Berra, K., Taubert, K., Mills, T., . . . Simpson, S. (2006). The national study of women's awareness, preventive action, and barriers to cardiovascular health. Circulation, 113 , 525-534. 

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