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Vaccine Choice Canada Interest Group

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Vaccine Choice Canada Interest Group 

Brief description of the group

Vaccine Choice Canada, VCC, denotes Canada's leading anti-vaccination group. Initially, the anti-vaccination group was regarded as Vaccination Risk Awareness Network, VRAN, when it was established in the earlier 1980s. The VCC is recognized because of its contribution to vaccine diffidence in Canada. It only stepped up to encourage citizens to forego legislators and immunization to promote anti-vaccine legislation and policies. The group bases its legal disagreement on the Immunization of School Pupils Act's unconstitutional nature due to its infringement of the right to autonomy of security and conscience of the person. 

Group's Mission Statement

The mission statement of the VCC group includes that of defending the medical ethic of knowledgeable consent and empowering individuals and families to make vaccine decisions voluntarily based on sufficient knowledge. It also incorporates protecting individual's autonomy from obligatory vaccination;; hence the enhancement of individuals' rights to health freedom to achieve the standards of a free society. The mission statements of the group are based on the government's actions of deciding on a particular medical point of view that all individuals in society must accept and adapt, making it a significant question in the realm of culture. Meaning, since there are diversities of views on other cultural matters, there should be as well a great diversity of views about which medical methods are best. 

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Policy concerns or initiatives of the group

Following the above statement, the VCC interest group has since then put many efforts in place to aid it in achieving its primary goals, as stated in the statement. This includes effective public communications initiatives. The VCC, through its desire to reach out to the Canadian public mainline, it has employed the use of the internet in conjunction with its social media and website channels ("VCC," 2019). The group also launched 50 billboards in the Toronto vicinity around 2019 February to help in broadcasting anti-vaccine messages ("VCC," 2019). This included one welcoming interested parents to gain knowledge of how to get around the commitment to childhood vaccination in order to have them attend public schools. 

The VCC group also volunteered to cover for the expenses incurred by anti-vaccination activists who offered to come and participate in parliamentary committees on vaccine exemptions for school children ("VCC," 2019). This initiative seemed to attract many activists as they felt to have strong moral support from many people. The group also participated in rallies in favour of a court case that it launched against Ontario's Immunization of School Pupils Act ("VCC," 2019). The act required children to receive particular vaccines in order to attend the public school system. 

Why the group is successful

With all the initiatives deployed by VCC, the group finally succeeded in winning an amendment to the Ontario's Immunization of School Pupils Act. Meaning, all inhabitants of Ontario will be guaranteed the freedom to religious or conscientious exclusion from vaccines for their school-age kids (VCC, 2020). However, this success is not self-made, but it is traced back to generous assistance given by many members of the Ontario administration, and the then charter of newly inherent civil rights and human autonomy (VCC, 2020). The group success is also attributed to the unity exhibited by parents who disagreed with some of the vaccines. 

The VCC group acknowledges its success as a collaboration with its many supporters, some of which favour such legislative procedures but are against the government's mandate of requiring kids to be given vaccinations against the free will of parents. Besides, VCC emphasizes its antagonism to the obligatory temperament of the Act rather than to the immunizations themselves (VCC, 2020). The group recognizes the exceptional and indispensable role which human freedom plays in modern society (VCC, 2020). Depicting that dignity and freedom of an individual should never be violated in a truly liberated society. 


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