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The 5 Leadership Behaviors That Drive Employee Engagement

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Every leader should up certain leadership behaviors that are substantial for creating a healthy work environment (Pronovost et. al, 2015). As portrayed by Paul B. Rothman, CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine and dean of a medical faculty in the same health organization, positive leadership behaviors are essential for the growth and maintenance of a healthy work environment. Paul B. Rothman oversees six hospitals and hundreds of community physicians encompassed by Johns Hopkins Medicine. In addition, as a leader, Paul manages a self-funded health plan that offers health care services to the community. Through his leadership, Paul upholds distinct leadership behaviors that ensure significant growth and a healthy work environment in Johns Hopkins Medicine as an organization (Broome & Marshall, 2017). 

Rothman’s leadership record constitutes numerous instances that show his concern towards ensuring a healthy work environment in his institution. For instance, Rothman has been on the front line supporting innovativeness through funding and ensuring a conducive environment necessary for innovators in medicine (Berkowitz et. al, 2016). Also, Rothman recognizes healthcare personnel who participate in the elevation of care quality and lower the costs of offering health care to the patients in the organization. Through such activities, Rothman demonstrates a person-centeredness behavior supported by his zeal to support and develop leaders in the organization (Rajaraman et. al, 2012). Moreover, Rothman supports different personnel through their research in the Department of medicine. 

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Additionally, Rothman portrays a relentless focus behavior through his ability to oversee six hospitals under Johns Hopkins Medicine. The six hospitals record healthy work environments through patient records and quality healthcare services offered (Berkowitz et. al, 2016). Moreover, Rothman's relationship with hundreds of community physicians has no boundaries. In return, he listens to them and supports their innovative ideas and ensure healthy work environments that ensure quality service to the respective communities. In conclusion, the leadership behaviors demonstrated by Rothman has ensured a healthy work environment. Moreover, the provision of quality healthcare services and innovativeness in the department of medicine are among the impacts of Rothman’s practices towards The Johns Hopkins Hospital. 


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