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The Best Careers in Finance for 2021

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Finance is multidimensional because it offers many positions depending on one’s interests and skills. To be successful in a finance career, one should investigate, trace, and find the employment with good compatibility with their interests and skills. Two such career options for someone with a finance education are financial planning and corporate finance. 

A financial planner is important in a company because they provide many significant needs. They are charged with accountability, organisation, objectivity, education, proactivity, and partnership. Accountability involves the financial planner making follow ups to ensure all financial commitments are met. They work by prioritising goals, the steps to be taken, and the review of progress. They also work to bring organisation to a company to ensure a financial life with order. Through the provision of objectivity, financial planners bring insight from the business environment to ensure the company does not make decisions on significant issues based on emotions. They are always available in the decision-making process with the necessary researched information to manage any conflicts of interest. 

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Moreover, financial planners provide education to a company by exploring the specific knowledge required to succeed in a certain situation. They work to provide the risks that may befall a company by partaking a certain decision. Financial planners are also proactive people by anticipating any transitions in the market and ensuring the company is well prepared financially. Lastly, they champion for partnership by working collaboratively with a company taking into consideration their philosophy, background, objectives, and needs. 

Corporate Finance Managers are charged with the responsibility of handling large monetary funds and finding any possible merger and acquisition deals. They are valuable because they advise the management on how to meet goals, give investment advice, gather funds from loans and shares, and predict outcomes by using models. Additionally, Corporate Finance Managers add value to a company by preparing prospectuses and legal documents. They are also involved in predicting and assessing the financial risks and returns. Furthermore, the Corporate Finance Managers are the ones who liaise with lawyers, accountants, regulatory bodies, and financial experts. 

To be a successful financial planner, one needs to uphold authenticity. This is being genuine and real to one’s character regardless of the external conditions. Authenticity helps one know if they are upholding integrity with their advice. Through it, trust will be built making the client relationship successful. A financial planner should have good listening skills to be able to focus on the needs of the client. With good listening, the financial planner will be able to offer proper advice in line with the problems at hand. Additionally, client-planner relationships require empathy by understanding the feelings of the client. The advice offered with this understanding and caring makes the client trust the planner. Financial planners should be non-judgmental so as not to ridicule their client because of overspending, credit card debt, or poor purchasing decisions. Judging the client makes them feel defensive, misunderstood, reluctant to share, and defiant leading to a weak relationship. Cultivating curiosity is also important for financial planners through the desire to understand why a client took a certain step. 

A good Corporate Finance Manager should be highly analytical with upfront quantitative skills. This enables one to put many reports together with expertise. They should have proper knowledge in financial analysis, accounting, taxation, and their regulations. The managers should also pay attention to details to ensure accuracy in company’s finances. A high ability of problem-solving is essential to ensure vigilance at work. Moreover, strong interactive skills because of the need to liaise with many people for example suppliers, customers, bankers, and investors is required. Corporate Finance Managers should also keep abreast of current issues like corporate, tax, and accounting laws. 

I recommend a career in corporate finance because it enables one to interact with the entire business environment to realise the changes to be made. It helps someone with an education in finance to gather many skills including accounting, regulations, financial analysis and reporting, and taxation. 

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