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Try Artificial Intelligence and machine learning powered character and word counter online out completely for free! Check how many words in an essay, article, research paper, diploma, or any document in a few clicks!

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How online word count tool works

Intuitive and absolutely free word count tool online is here! Count how many words or symbols are there in any text with a simple copy-paste, no-fuss procedure. Here’s how to use our online word counter tool:

  1. Tick the checkbox Give your permission to analyze your text by checking the box. No information will be stored on servers or accessed by a third party.
  2. Load or type text Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V into the field above so our supercomputer could compute the correct number of words and symbols.
  3. Enjoy the results Results of calculation appear right away and get refreshed instantly after any changes in a text.

Why choose our word count checker

This free online word counter checker possesses many benefits. It makes it comfortable, effective, and user-friendly. Here are just some of them:

  • Real-time editing

    Unlike other services, we offer instant and real-time updated calculations, which streamlines and significantly improves the quality of user experience. This word counter tool online gives a superb user experience that even a kid can master.

  • Unlimited use

    Paste as many texts as you want, no word count limit, no character count limit, no limits at all, forever! Our policy is stiff like steeд - you’ll have an infinite number of checks.

  • Free checks

    Every check you do is fully free, with no hidden payments or subscriptions. Even no registration is needed. Check one text or a hundred, and you’ll never see us asking for your money!

  • Detailed report

    The final review you get provides all the necessary information in a clear and intuitive form. Essay words and total number of symbols counting or not-counting spaces in-between – get fast assessment with accurate results.


Best essay word counter by StudyBounty


If you are desperate to check how many words you have come up with, we are pleased to offer you our free word counter for essays and virtually every typed document. Our tool was created with students in mind. It targets eliminating key problems of popular word-counting services. It also increases the effectiveness and quality of user experience. You can now check your stats fast and easy, without interrupting your workflow. Even make adjustments to your text on the go.

Students have a lot of things to learn and many texts to write. They often have specific requirements regarding the number of essay words or characters. It is crucial to check word count for essays fast, without losing the train of thought. With this idea in mind, this tool was created. We continue working tirelessly on making your experience smoother, more fluent, and results - more accurate.


Why is it important to count the words in essay?


Every student at least once in their life has encountered a professor with strict requirements regarding a text size. Those regulations are usually represented in the average number of words or characters. In such cases, it is extremely important to accurately count the words in an essay and do it fast. If you don’t want to get a lower grade or disappoint your mentor, you better follow these regulations with the utmost attention. Check how many words are in an essay that you’re about to submit.

Counting your words and characters allows you to meet the requirements. It presents your ideas in a more slick and clean way, without repetitions and redundancies. Keeping your thoughts short and condensed is the cornerstone of a modern education system. Even more - not only the education system but of the whole internet. Social media, discussion websites, blogs - all of them have similar requirements. If you ever decide to upload your thoughts online, you better check how many words in your essay or publication are there. Do you see that counting words is like breathing? You can’t live without it!


Features of our word calculator

It may look simple and clean, but under this friendly shape, there is a very capable instrument. It encapsulates the latest information technologies. It can do much more than just calculate numbers of words. But you, as a user, see only what you need to see. You see those three simple parameters. So, you never know about all processes that are going on in the background. Nothing illegal, we promise!

Everyone who opens our website is met with a refined interface and pleasant animations. But a true spectacle comes later when you calculate word count faster than you could even think! We surely can mention the incredible speed and accuracy of words count as features. It is always better to see it once than to read it ten times.

  • Word counter with spaces

    As it is always, the description of the feature is in the name. Characters with spaces between them - no surprises here. Our tool can define the word count including spaces in any given text without skipping a beat with utmost precision. Every symbol will be seen and counted, none - forgotten or missed. It is like a basic item of a gentleman’s set for anyone working with texts. Very useful for social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, by the way.

  • Online character counter tool

    Unlike Microsoft Office or LibreOffice, you need to maintain an internet connection to use our word and character count tool. But why do we state it as a feature? It gives so much flexibility to users. So, it significantly widens the range of devices that can be used to check the stats. Laptop, phone, tablet, gaming consoles (weird choice, but possible) - anything goes, no limitations. All you need is the internet, no downloads or painful installations. Easy counting of characters and words - that’s the motto!

  • Word count without spaces

    Another item on the list does not present anything out of the ordinary. Here, our word counting machine calculates the number of characters without spaces. No need to repeat how fast and accurately it works, right? Did you know that the majority of submission forms, for example for university admission, have a limit based on the number of characters without spaces? Now you know, and have a perfect place to check that number on the go.

  • Word counter and grammar checker

    That’s where it gets interesting - you can now check grammar. It is now a word counter and grammar check free site. Isn’t that a nice bonus? Unlike other services, you can check the grammar simultaneously with your word or character numbers. It helps to do it with the same level of attention and precision. Every vocable with incorrect spelling is underlined to make it easier for you to notice and correct it. Our vocabulary is one of the largest in the field. So, even the most bizarre vocables will be found.

Count number of words online easily

Like a piece of cake - that’s two times harder than counting the words on our site. We’ve done an amazing job streamlining and simplifying the process for you. Everything obtrusive was eliminated, everything important - emphasized.

Of course, almost every software for text editing has a built in “number of words calculator”. But who wants all that hustle? Who wants to open an app every time, search for the specific tab or press a button combination to see the word count? No one! The world is going for simplification, eliminating all the unnecessary, getting rid of weight.

It is far easier to have a dedicated top-notch website that counts words. A website that is available 24/7 on any device with internet access. Yes, counting locutions is not rocket science. It is always better to have an instrument that specializes in this particular thing.

It is purely the question of comfort, you see? All that burden of manual counting or opening programs on your computer is done. It is forgotten like a bad dream, cast into shadows of history. And you, our dear friend, should drift to the future, leaving the past behind.

How to check word count

Since the dawn of written texts, the problem of holding yourself within the limits only became more imminent. For hundreds of years, writers from all over the globe were struggling to correctly count the number of words or characters while typing. Even when computers were a new thing and numerous satellites were launched into space, no one bothered with creating a tool for counting.

It all changes now, before our eyes, with the launch of our super-duper word counter. No platypus can shatter your desire to find word count, or prevent you from doing so. Still wonder how to count words in an essay when writing? The answer is right under your nose - you are looking at it. Scroll up, click on a checkbox, paste your text (or write it directly in a field), and spectate the magic! Mysterious numbers will appear, refreshing each time you make a change to your text. Easy-peasy!

Words counter tool for any type of text

Limitless - that’s a perfect expression to characterize this tool. Not like it can teleport you anywhere, but into the world of words, syllables, prepositions, and punctuation marks. And numbers, lots and lots of numbers. Count words online right now, any type of text, any size - limitless! Limitless checking in a limited world!

Still wondering “how will I count my words in my essay?” We have an answer once again. Definitely not by manually counting every single locution or character. You’ll make mistakes, lose count, and end up with a number that is unfit for your needs. So it will be wise to count words in text using our free and easy-to-use instrument. Save tons of time and nerves. Furthermore, the possibility to edit the text and see the changes affecting all numbers in real time is perfect for everyone. It helps to try squeezing thoughts and ideas into a compact enclosure. It won’t take more than a few seconds for you to insert a text in the field above. Count all words in a document easily. Do you still remember counting alphabet pasta letters in your spoon each morning before school? Well, now you can count much more!

Online words counter for essays

How many words in my essay? Students can’t sleep without that knowledge. Writing essays is not an easy task, but counting locutions is like a nail in a coffin. Millions of essays are written each day. Most of them end up in a bin because of a wrong number of vocables or characters. A battle between good and evil, free thought and keeping your ideas within limits, pressurizing vocables to fit regulations - it should’ve ended years ago. Reality is stiff, doesn’t like to change that much, and so do universities and schools.

Now you’re left with tens of essays to compose. And one question drilling your head - “How to count how many words do I have in my essay?” As always - we’ve got you. Perfect tool, the most natural and organic instrument. It is available any time of day or night, ready to fulfill your counting needs.

Paper word counter free online

Every teacher gets vietnam flashbacks when hearing about computing terms or research paper words. Monster, fearsome creature, scaring even the toughest men. Millions have fallen, and millions will fall. For too long a paper word count was terrorizing streets, ruining lives and breaking spirits. The time has come to make it easier than breathing. Relieve whole nations from stress, and make those research and term papers great again!

Size regulations are like invisible walls, holding your creativity back, like a bonsai. Big ideas degrade to small meaningless thoughts, forcefully kept within restrictions. No secret, research papers require the ability to formulate ideas in a short form. You should delete every irrelevant vocable or symbol. Maybe Einstein wanted to say more than “energy equals mass times the speed of light squared”. But he was restrained by a number of symbols, who knows? Einstein did it, so you can do it too!

Dissertation word count machine

Word-e-mone, let’s count them all! You can be like Ash and count each vocable in your dissertation without paying a single dime. Do it with our word count tool online free. Virtually every professor in any university came up with restrictions a student can use in his dissertation. And it forces students to concentrate thoughts, to cut ideas so they could fit into that limit.

A dissertation is not a small article, it features tens of sections and thousands of words. So counting them all is a hard task. We are sure, the assistance of a word count scanner will come in handy. And there will be no regrets choosing our service. Upload your work, get your numbers, make some adjustments, and you’re good to go! Your professor will regret putting a limitation!

Text word counter software

Limits, boundaries, restrictions - that’s what universities are all about. There is a constant need to know how many words a text includes. Tons of texts, papers, reports require a specific amount of symbols and locutions to be used. So you have no other choice but to ask yourself: how many words did I write? Enough? Too little? Too much?

Time and time again you do the same thing - you open our website, check a box, insert your writings, and see results. There will never be another way for you to do it fast and easy, without unnecessary complications. Simple website for simple needs. And each time you check, make changes, you’ll elevate the quality of writing and “storytelling”. Do your best for perfecting a writer's craft.

Paragraph word count check

What if you don’t need the statistics for the whole work? Just one paragraph or one chapter, fast measurement, yet detailed. Paragraph word counter online free would help! Any size of paragraphs, the whole section - just paste it and get the number. Our machine will do beep-boop and show all necessary information without skipping a beat!

Irreplaceable instrument for every student or professor works tirelessly for a greater good. Now, the question “how many words in this paragraph” has a clear and direct answer. Again, it is created with students in mind. Our tool is perfect for providing accurate calculations anytime for texts of any size. Word counter calculator is a new word in automation and streamlining the creative writing process. Lightning-fast results, highly precise data (no symbol is ignored or missed), and 24/7 availability - isn’t that what you were looking for all along?

Sentence word counter tool free

After you assess the overall size of your work, it is time to shift your attention to readability. Counting words in a sentence is a great way to increase it. Make your ideas easier to understand. What is better? Two separate sentences covering the same idea? Or a complex one, bearing a general idea in a compact form? Length is important, no matter what they say about it. Bigger is not always better.

Stop worrying yourself and making inaudible questions like “how many words are in this sentence”. Just check it! No need to be a nuclear physicist or programmer - basic computer knowledge is enough. If you can find a “copy” button and a “paste” button - you’ll have absolutely no problems using our sublime tool. Word counter - helping troubled scholars or students in a time of need!


Other tools to ease your life

Having a thesis statement generator at hand is just a beginning. StudyBounty offers you to take a look at a plethora of various tools that can simplify, if not improve altogether, your writing process.

  • Illustration
    Words to pages converter

    Convert words to pages or vice versa. Perfect if you don’t know how many words one page should have.

    Convert word to pages
  • Illustration
    Conclusion generator

    Paste your text and get a great conclusion that wraps up all key points in the paper.

    Create conclusion
  • Illustration
    Assignment calculator

    Use our assignment planner to manage your time and submit works in time.

    Plan assignment

FAQ about our word count software

If you still have some uncertainties or precariousness about our word counting software, please browse through these frequently asked questions, and you may find the right answers there.

Do I need to register to check how many words do I have in my essay?

Do you see a button marked “Register” on our website? No! You don’t need to register to count how many words in an essay or paper there are. We don’t charge any money for word counting, and you don’t need an account, thus you will never see spam in your mail! No registration - no fuss!

Can I use your word count generator without limitation?

Of course! There are no limitations to the size of the text you can paste into the word counter generator whatsoever. Article, diploma, dissertation, report, review, even a book - all of that can be checked in a blink of an eye. Million characters, billion, trillion - you can do that. Do you really have a trillion characters to count? Do you? Really?

Whom is this word counting tool for?

Our online word counting tool was developed for students, teachers, researchers - anyone who works with texts. It’s vocables counting, for god’s sake! Anyone can use it! We even tested it on monkeys - no problems noticed! Feel free to use it any time of day and night, no matter what type of text you need to get assessed.

Does your word count estimator checks for grammar mistakes?

Sure, it does. Our word counter and grammar checker not only counts and calculates but also underlines mistakes in your spelling. It won’t suggest how to fix them but underline faulty ones. But don’t worry if your surname will be underlined. Our program has extensive grammar so literally any world you can think of will be found and checked for spelling errors.

Can I check my word count for free?

We would very much like to pay you to check the word count on our website, but it isn’t a very good business model, right? No worries, it is utterly free-of-charge, forever. No hidden payments or subscriptions - simple instrument for simple needs of complicated people. Any text, any size - not a single penny will be spent.


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