Essays for Government Studies

Need help with writing an essay about the government? Wondering where to start and searching for some good examples? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve got some real text samples written for student assignments.

The Financial Review - A Principles-Based Perspective

The Financial Review argues that the best approach to corporate governance is from the principles-based perspective. For instance, the principles-based approach to corporate governance permits companies to follow a...

Words: 887

Pages: 3

Views: 75

The Advantages of Immigration Reform in the United States of America

There are many advantages of immigration reforms in the United States of America. Some of the benefits listed by the member Congress include the increase in the USA economy's efficiency, an increase in...

Words: 993

Pages: 3

Views: 77

The Failure of the Policy Proposal to Curb Rising Housing Costs in California

California, just like many other states in the United States, grapples with the problem of rising housing costs. It is documented that nine out of the fifteen metropolitan locations with the highest median home...

Words: 2232

Pages: 8

Views: 407

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The American Healthcare System: A Unique Overview

Healthcare Amongst the World’s developed countries, the American healthcare is unique. The major characteristics are: the lack of a uniform health system, no universal coverage, a large number of uninsured...

Words: 586

Pages: 2

Views: 46

The Role of Congress in Strategic Intelligence

Congress is one of the legal arms of government. It contributes significantly to the current government. The primary role of the Congress is to pass laws, which govern the country. In addition, the Congress has a...

Words: 833

Pages: 3

Views: 93

Administrators Ate My Tuition

The article by Benjamin Ginsberg, Administrators Ate My Tuition , is divided into multiple parts. In the first fragment of the article, Benjamin Ginsberg investigates the rapid increase in the cost of advanced...

Words: 250

Pages: 1

Views: 143

The Van Orden v. Perry and McCreary County v. ACLU Cases: A Summary

The American Supreme Court on 27 June 2005 held that the Establishment Clause, as outlined in the US’ first Amendment allowed the Ten Commandments existence presented in the Van Orden v. Perry case. 1 The opinion on...

Words: 1325

Pages: 5

Views: 48

The Role of Government in Banking

There is a strong relationship that exists between the government and different financial institutions, especially banks. It is impossible for banks to exist without the help and the support of the reigning...

Words: 1071

Pages: 4

Views: 117

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Politics in Practice: How to Get Involved in Local Politics

In many ways, people mirror the government they choose. A sitting elected government depicts the hope, the aspirations, and the values of its electorate. Texas is one of the few states that recognize the need to have...

Words: 267

Pages: 1

Views: 51

Taliban: Terrorist Group Analysis

The Taliban has become a formidable group predominantly operating in Afghanistan. The Pashto dialect makes reference to the Taliban which translates into students. The participants began their activities at...

Words: 1489

Pages: 5

Views: 141


Assignment types
Academic level

Government Studies: Basics 

Government studies is an academic field that focuses on the following:

  1. Theory of government, including its structure, purposes, history of origin, and basic principles.
  2. Practical side of government's functioning, including political process, development and implementation of policies, performance of public administration, domestic & foreign policy, and so on.

These studies prepare students for careers in public sectors and explain to them the nature of governmental institutions and their interaction with political parties and various interest groups. Writing an essay about certain theoretical or practical aspects of government is a typical assignment for students majoring in this area. Those who study related areas (such as law) also might receive such tasks.

What to Include in the Essay About the Government?

Before you start writing your government essay, be sure you pick your thesis carefully, so that you would have enough data for describing selected problems and supporting your assumptions. 

When analyzing facts or trends related to a problem you’ve selected, you are usually expected to provide your own opinions and assumptions, especially when your topic is related to politics.

Another good tactic is using the comparison method. There are many aspects of governmental performance that help you do this, namely:

  • Compare your government with foreign ones.
  • Compare governmental practices with those of the private sector.
  • Compare principles or performance of government during different historical periods, etc.

Check out our sample compare and contrast essays to get an idea of how to do such a method.

Types of Government Essays 

Let’s examine several popular types of essays on government. Below we’ll describe three groups talking about:

  • Purpose of government.
  • Main branches and their influence.
  • Why do people need a government?

There are more government-related subjects to write about, so reviewing these three in detail could give you an idea of how to start with your own assignment even if you would choose another paper type.

What Is the Purpose of Government Essay

If your task is writing a ‘what is the purpose and role of government’ essay, you’ll need to review the principles behind the notion of government and describe its basic practices. These may include:

  • Values it promotes.
  • Groups whose interests it supports or opposes.
  • Trends it follows (e.g., territorial expansion or peacekeeping).

You might also want to conduct some analysis and compare its official goals with the actual results of its work. When making assumptions about that, make sure to support them with solid evidence.

If you need some ‘roles of government’ essay examples, please check our free paper samples section below.

Which Branch of Government Is the Most Powerful Essay

In a ‘three branches of government’ essay you should describe these branches and explain their significance:

  1. Legislative
  2. Executive
  3. Judicial.

Typically you are expected to examine how these branches interact with each other to form a general entity of government. If needed, give your opinion on which one of them is the most powerful but don’t forget to back your claim with facts. Our essay about law will be useful.

In addition to analyzing the efficiency of the three branches' interaction, you might also need to explain the origin of this system and review its pros and cons as well.

Why Do We Need Government Essay

Finally, let’s talk about ‘why do we need government’ essay. This topic has a philosophical nature so you should provide your own opinion first of all. You can choose to compose a ‘why is government important’ essay or to speculate about perks of a life without one. The following aspects are recommended to take into account when giving your arguments:

  • Security
  • Balance between political groups
  • Financial (starting with taxes)
  • Business regulation (consult: essay on business)
  • Law making and law enforcement.

In addition to analyzing facts and quoting well-known researchers on this problem, you may also refer to public opinion as well as your own experience.

Government Essay Examples

Searching for some student government essay examples because you’re not sure where to start from? Struggling with connecting main pieces of your text together? Or trying to come up with an effective conclusion? Well, you’ve come to the right place now! We’ve got several well-written, properly structured, and properly formatted samples to help you in case of any difficulties with your own writing. Feel free to search for inspiration or borrow some interesting ideas from them to complete your own paper. You can start with an essay on federalism. Our examples are completely free, so browse them and read.

Please click below and access our examples.


FAQ About Government Essay Samples

1. Are your government essay examples free?

Sure! All our government essay examples are absolutely free for you to search, read and analyze. Use them as an inspiration and jumpstart your creative process. Try following their style and argumentation to use some of these approaches in your own original paper. In order to help out our readers with their studies, we’ve picked the best examples by real academic writers.

2. Can I submit your essay on government as my own work?

No, you only can submit a 100% original text for your essay on government assignment. No published works can be copied for submission, neither fully nor partially. Such copying is easily detectable, especially when done from online resources, and would be considered plagiarism by your supervisors. Doing that would lead to failing your writing assignment.

3. What are some government essay topics?

Here are several helpful government essay topics for your convenience: 1. Does our country need a better healthcare system? 2. Is political compromise a good thing? 3. Federal government has too much/not enough power. 4. Your program to encourage voting in local/presidential elections. 5. Direct democracy vs representative democracy.

4. What to write in a government surveillance essay?

In your government surveillance essay you should describe the surveillance practice and analyze it, giving your own opinion on that if necessary. Here are the main angles to view this topic from: surveillance technologies, reasons behind surveillance, how it affects citizens’ freedom, and whether it is moral and justified.

Provide your own opinion especially when it comes to the question of morality.


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