Easy case converter tool: capitalize your text online

Use our convert case online to finally erase a never-ending issue of retyping caps or fixing titles! It’s never been easier than it is now, especially with us.


Change case online in 3 steps

So how can this tool convert uppercase to lowercase? It’s very simple and quick and so you should change text to all caps. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Paste the text You can work with any word engine you’d like — copy and paste your text. But our case tool doesn’t read formats like bold text, italics, or highlighted elements.
  2. Choose a case Check the privacy check box near the button and then press it. It’s as easy as it can get. The button will glow blue once it’s ready for you to click.
  3. Get your converted text Wait a couple of seconds while our case converter tool processes your text. After that, you’re all set — copy your text back into your paper or any way you really like. Enjoy!

of essay title capitalization converter

There are many reasons why you should definitely capitalize your title here and not anywhere else. Of course, we’re not bragging, but we selected a couple of them to get you started and inspired:

  • Fast

    If you want to capitalize text online, there is no quicker or better engine out there. It will do everything for you automatically in just a spin of a couple of seconds. In a flash, you’ll be ready to copy-paste your text back like a speedster from a comic book.

  • Easy

    It’s not always easy to convert text to uppercase, especially if you do it manually. That’s why we have created a user-friendly interface that is quick and easy to navigate. You don’t need experience or a degree in computer science for that. There’s just one button.

  • Free

    Have we mentioned that it’s actually free? Yes, you don’t need anything — no registering or signing your card here. We don't even need your private information or anything like that. Just paste your text and the machine will do everything automatically.


The easy way to convert case for perfect essay!

We want to give you a couple of hints — how you can change text to all caps and what specific features we offer. Read about them down below!

Uppercase generator

First and foremost, it is an uppercase tool. As a consequence, it allows you to transform or change text to uppercase online. In what cases anyone might need this function?

  • Online uppercase might help those needing a title for their paper. In several formats, such titles are written in all capital letters. Why transform them manually or retype everything when you have this handy case converter tool at your disposal completely for free?
  • Copywriters or anyone who deals with text might also need it. There are several types of texts that are written only in capital letters. So knowing ways of finding such online tools is always a great advantage that saves you a lot of time. Convert text to caps easily with us!

Sentence case generator

Have we mentioned that one can also capitalize your sentence? Yes, that’s right, it is possible to change sentence cases online. Many similar tools can only help you to do so with all your text. You either must choose small or big letters. But it’s not always what you want, is it?

  • This handy sentence case tool will still help you in targeting only the beginnings of each sentence.
  • For those typing on their computers and not finding this is especially relevant. It takes time as one must press all required buttons and change sentence cases.
  • Use this store and don’t bother doing that anymore. Copy and paste your homework and change it in a span of a few seconds.

Lowercase generator

Here one can also change caps to lowercase online. We’ve all been there. But we will still give you some hints as to when one can apply these handy functions of ours and now yours:

  • Has one ever forgotten to turn off your caps on the computer? We cannot stress enough how annoying that is and how many times that has happened to anyone. So use this lowercase online tool to get rid of that issue.
  • A lot of people also copy some text online that can be capitalized. They shouldn’t ever try to retype it themselves and waste so much time that they can actually spend on writing. Therefore, this too can also help them automatically complete this process and it’s very quick.
  • Have we convinced you yet? We think we did but keep on reading for knowing more and turn capital letters into lowercase!

Title case generator

Last but not least, this machine is also a title case tool. Here is how one can use it:

  • Paste your title into our automatic title capitalizer
  • Choose a service you require
  • Select function that can change title case
  • The machine will automatically do that for you

When we talk about title cases we mean that only important words in the sentence are capitalized. Therefore, this tool will target nouns, verbs, adjectives, or other meaningful words in your sentence. Its accuracy is immaculate — you won’t even believe it. It’s some type of magic that even some of our writers here don’t understand, but they love our all caps generator!


Uppercase to lowercase converter: a tool you’d like to have!

Yes, we get it. You want to know why exactly you should use this capital letters generator. There are dozens of them online and we understand that. So let us tell you exactly why only this case converter tool will satisfy all your needs:

  • Convert to capital letters. Those needing “capitalize my title” will especially love this option and not only because it’s free.
  • Transform the capital to small letters online. Of course, no one should retype their text if they accidentally pushed that annoying caps button on their keyboard.
  • Change letters to all caps. One can also choose other options like creating a title. The machine will automatically select meaningful words and change their initial letters into big ones.

What a magical case converter tool indeed. It’s not even our words, but our customers and writers who use it daily. So why aren’t you with them?


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FAQ about title case converter

In case you still have some questions about our text case converter, we answered them below.

Is your online capitalization tool free?

Yes, our favorite caps tool is completely free of charge. Let us repeat that: you should not pay for using this service. We don’t require your credit information, your card, any cash, or payments, there are no hidden bills somewhere or a limit as to how much one can convert. Just use it for as long and as you’d like as many times you like it!

Do I need to register to use StudyBounty’s text case changer?

No, you should not register to convert all caps into something else. As we mentioned before, this service is free and available online for anyone, not only our writers or customers. Whoever you are and whenever you are, one can simply click on our website, paste your text and you can use it instantly. A simple procedure that takes only a few clicks of your mouse.

How to use your capital case converter correctly?

We made this caps case converter very easy and completely user-friendly. This means that you won’t take long for one and one will figure it out. You require three steps. One must copy their text, paste it into the box, check the privacy checkbox, push the button and wait for the results. With all honesty, it only takes a couple of seconds or minutes tops to do all that. So don’t be afraid and try it, right now.

How do I convert all caps to lowercase in Excel?

A procedure that allows you to change text to lowercase is similar to the ones we have already discussed. You must copy and paste your text, check the required box, select what you want (change into lowercase), and wait for the results. Please, note, that our tool does not preserve any formats, including bold, italics, highlights, or tables.


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