Health and Medicine Essay Examples

Usually health and medicine essay is used by medical students, but such essays can also be written as a part of assignments in biology and other subjects. On our website, you will find successful examples of ready essays related to a variety of medical fields. They will help you simplify writing your own paper.

Why We're Not Able To Live Forever

Old age is an unavoidable situation that every person has to contend with since the life of the body cells of a human wear out and become old as time passes. While others have accepted the inevitable future of old...

Words: 534

Pages: 2

Views: 130

Cloud Computing Technology in the Healthcare Industry

Cloud computing is one of the most modern-day revolutionary technologies all over the world. Most organizations today are the use of cloud computing in their daily activities, the healthcare industry included. Cloud...

Words: 866

Pages: 3

Views: 119

Adaptive Behavior in Youth with Autism

The research question is how flexibility can help youth with an autism spectrum disorder to adapt accordingly and enhance their quality of life. It is an exciting focus given that individuals with autism are...

Words: 258

Pages: 1

Views: 462

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Malaria: A Global Public Health Issue

Introduction Malaria is one of the contemporary public health issues affecting approximately 40% of the world’s populace which amounts to 2.4 billion individuals. It is prevalent in tropical and subtropical...

Words: 834

Pages: 3

Views: 83

Reasons why Smoking Remains to be a Contentious Issue in many Workplaces

Reasons why Smoking Remains to be a Contentious Issue in many Workplaces Many people who successfully graduate from most learning institutions usually make the next bold step of seeking for employment in the formal...

Words: 824

Pages: 2

Views: 112

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Causes Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a digestive disorder caused by the reflex of the stomach content through the esophagus (Antunes, Curtis, Isaacs, Pennings & Gonzalez-Campoy, 2018). The disorder...

Words: 275

Pages: 1

Views: 88

Should Pregnant Women Eat for Two?

One of the important functions that science serves is that it helps to establish the truth and dispel unfounded and inaccurate notions. That pregnant women need to eat for two is among the notions that science has...

Words: 362

Pages: 1

Views: 118

Narrow-Angle Glaucoma Treatment

Narrow-angle glaucoma is a condition normally described by the build up of fluids in the iris, the build up finally ends up causing a fatal increment in the intraocular pressure. The condition is one of the causes of...

Words: 326

Pages: 1

Views: 60

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Are E-Cigarettes Safe?

The research proposal will focus on trending consumption of e-cigarettes which people are choosing over tobacco cigarettes. The purpose of this research will be to show the benefits or demerits of using e-cigarettes...

Words: 503

Pages: 2

Views: 393

Pneumonia Diagnosis and Management

Pneumonia refers to the inflammation of the air sacs, which are basic units of function in the human lungs. The inflammation may occur in one or both lungs regardless of a person's age, sex or gender. The condition...

Words: 576

Pages: 2

Views: 160


Assignment types
Academic level

Health Sciences Essay That Will Blow Your Mind

Such type of work as a health sciences essay is written when analyzing relevant topics in classroom for consolidation. Also, free essays are often used to highlight dissertation paper sections at a deeper level and to explore certain issues of scientific interest.

The author includes several theses in an essay – usually, no more than three – and further reveals them, expressing their personal opinion supported by reasoned arguments. Thus, this task is both scientific and creative. It demonstrates writer’s creativity and field-specific knowledge of a particular topic.

Health Essay Topics

Choosing health essay topics is the most important part in your work since text format and selection of theses for it depends on them. You can also visit our nursing essay examples in case you need more. Even experienced authors often have problems when choosing their topic, so we have selected several options:

  1. How important proper sleep regime is for a young body. 
  2. Bipolar disorder: psychological and medical treatment. 
  3. Paid vs free medical systems: advantages and disadvantages of the forms. 
  4. Is free medicine possible without compulsory insurance?
  5. Euthanasia over the globe: the approaches overview. 
  6. Methods of inducing vaccination: from democracy to constraint. (Read our vaccination essay.)
  7. Bulimia and anorexia nervosa: the plague of the 21st century. 

Above-listed topics are universally applicable and quite general ones. When writing them, you can express your ideas and highlight a broad view of a certain issue.

Argumentative Essay Topics About Mental Health

The used health argumentative essay topics are a popular research field, especially in the mental health area. We have selected promising topics from this category:

  1. Homeless people – a special risk group for mental disorders. (Take as an example our homeless essay.)
  2. Soldiers’ post-traumatic syndrome – an insurmountable problem. 
  3. A person’s eagerness to cause pain is genetically inherent. 
  4. OCD patients need a special approach from a psychologist. 
  5. Mental disorders are getting younger: statistics of mental diagnoses.
  6. Inefficiency of an existing care system for patients with mental disorders. 
  7. It is impossible to self-diagnose mental disorders: the main arguments. 

Such essays should convince readers of an author’s point of view. Therefore, it is important to build a strong evidence base and write high-quality conclusions, without which your paper will be incomplete.

Significant Health Care Legislation: Essay Topic Examples

Statistics show that related to significant health care legislation essay topic examples are becoming increasingly popular. Laws are constantly being updated and adapted, new precedents appear, so we have compiled a list of interesting topics:

  1. Problems of assessing health risks by physicians in attendance. 
  2. Protecting people with diagnosed HIV/AIDS and guaranteed state support. 
  3. Legitimacy of medical experiments on humans. 
  4. Current liability of doctors for negligence. 
  5. Opportunities for medical institutions' autonomy in the USA. 
  6. Legislative healthcare reforms of the 21st century. 
  7. Legal obstacles to cloning creatures. 

An author of an essay is to analyze legislation and check out additional sources, as well as provide some personal interpretation of regulatory acts.

Mental Health Essay Topics

Above, we have suggested topics for argumentative essays on mental health issues; however, those related to mental health persuasive essay topics are no less common. If you feel like writing about it, you should pay attention to these topics:

  1. Problems of poor quality of school psychological care. 
  2. Injuries and drug use as mental disorder causes. 
  3. Strengthening mental endurance – every person’s duty.
  4. Women’s high susceptibility to depressive conditions. 
  5. Peculiarities of education in specialized schools for children with mental disorders. 
  6. Art as an effective method of psychiatric treatment. 
  7. Prerequisites for growing number of mental disorders in society. 

To demonstrate your expert knowledge on this topic, immerse into it and find weighty arguments. To broaden your mind, browse our art and humanities essay examples. Should the need arise, consult practitioners to get their professional opinion for your essay.

Health Essay Examples

To find the right way to compile your text, you will need health essay examples, which clearly demonstrate good quality content. On our site, you will find many samples that are always available for free and regularly updated.

Essay examples are used to get acquainted with paper structure and its contents. From introductory texts, beginners can learn sources and approaches to revealing their topic, as well as adapt theses to suit their opinion and research directions. More experienced authors often use samples to find inspiration and new vectors of progress in works they are writing.

Convenient topics and essay types sorting make it possible to find a necessary sample in a few minutes. This means that you will start working on your text without unnecessary delay and perform it as efficiently as possible.

Health Sciences Scholarship Essay: Undergraduate Example

A separate work type is health sciences scholarship essay undergraduate, which is subject to high requirements. In a written paper, it is required to develop a high-quality structure, completely reveal your topic according to your thesis and draw decent conclusions by convincing a scholarship provider of your talent. 

Thanks to our scholarship essays examples, you will understand how to write a scholarship essay and find promising topics. It is important to support your theses and make your paper convincing by adhering to reliable information. In this case, your text will be successful, and you will get a scholarship for further research, as well as find useful acquaintances in scientific circles.

Free Essay About Medicine

Unlike a health topic, an essay about medicine is written by medical students or practitioners in the field since a research subject requires field-specific knowledge. They are written for consolidation of some certain educational topic or to reveal an issue detected during practical activities. 

If you are working on a dissertation paper or a course project, such an essay can be used to publish intermediate research results on a certain section, for example. Anyway, an essay on medicine is serious and creative content that should be written by an expert in this field – only in this case, you can ensure high quality.

Medicine Essay Topics

One of the main sticking points is choosing the right direction since there is a wide range of medicine essay topics available. We will suggest a few basic options that give every author the utmost freedom:

  1. Medical consequences of caffeine addiction. 
  2. Treating insomnia with homeopathic medicines. 
  3. Poverty and poor health: the related phenomena.
  4. How uncontrolled antibiotics use affects mass immunity. 
  5. Risks of alternative medicine.
  6. Palliative medicine: the current state of the industry. 
  7. Abortion bans: arguments and decision risks. (Consult: abortion essay examples.)

Medical essays should be defensible and contain reliable information. At the same time, a personal opinion, which proves or refutes the specified theses, is allowed. You can create a creative and interesting topic considering different issues connected with medicine. For instance, take euthanasia essay examples.

Technology and Medicine: Essay Topic

A written technology and medicine essay is an interesting experience for the author since it is in the healthcare field that the latest innovations are used and secret technologies are tested. We have come up with a few promising topics for writing the paper:

  1. Special requirements for medical equipment manufacturers. 
  2. Problems of mastering new technologies by the “old school” doctors.
  3. Medical technologies save lives: summary statistics on the industry.
  4. How does bionics give a second chance for a full-quality life?
  5. Telemedicine as an opportunity for high-quality medical care in Third World countries. 
  6. Complementary technologies for diagnosing the patients’ condition. 
  7. Incurable diagnoses transformation under technology development. 

You can also find a topic yourself – you just need to scroll through the latest news from the high-tech world. Many innovations are experimentally used in medicine, so there are more than enough topics.

Essay Topic on Traditional or Holistic Medicine

An essay topic on traditional or holistic medicine will be a niche trend since this direction is often denied by scientific medicine but has a lot of supporters at the same time. And if you are one of them, further topics will be perfectly suitable:

  1. Holistic medicine – perfect prevention of health disorders. 
  2. Capabilities of traditional medicine in the context of overcoming incurable diseases. 
  3. Evidence base of traditional medicine: skeptical points of view.
  4. Comparison of scientific and traditional medicine by efficiency indicator. 
  5. Traditional medicine as a counterweight to the pharmaceutical companies’ monopoly. 
  6. Efficiency of Asian traditional medical directions in the modern world. 
  7. Elements of traditional practices in modern scientific medicine. 

When working on such topics, you should keep a balance of opinions and prepare weighty arguments. Prepare for criticism – this direction is known to be quite controversial.

Research Essay Topic: Chinese Medicine

If you choose a research essay topic Chinese medicine, study this area to the full. Ancient knowledge is a trend and is widely used around the globe; further, we will suggest a few interesting topics:

  1. Chinese healthcare evolution: from traditional medicine to the status of the world’s best system.
  2. Traditional Chinese medicine in the context of modern practices. 
  3. Treatment with herbs and natural medications in Chinese medicine. 
  4. Features of teaching Chinese traditional medicine. 
  5. Role of massage and physiotherapy in Chinese medicine. 
  6. Yin-Yang rules and their relation to the treatment principles. 
  7. Problems of attitude to traditional Chinese medicine. 

Worthy works on these topics are extremely rare, so your essay can become a successful page in your scientific career. But prepare weighty arguments, because there will be a lot of disputes.

Examples for Essay About Medicine

To help with compiling an essay about medicine, we have prepared a lot of examples from other students for you. The examples have been tested in the real scientific community and got positive reviews, so you can feel free to use them as a basis. 

A correctly organized structure makes it possible to present the topic gradually and fully, with high-quality argumentation being a perfect example for independent use. The ready paper samples help you to achieve a positive result and compile an essay that will be in demand in scientific circles. To get new and interesting ideas browse articles about different diseases. For instance, look at a cancer essay example in our database. 


FAQ About Health and Medicine Essay

1. Are your medicine essays free?

Of course, any medicine essay that you find on our platform is absolutely free. You will get inspiration and a solid basis for future research without spending your personal funds.

2. Can I use your essay on medicine for submission?

We don’t recommend doing this since all of our essay on medicine have already been published by students and are posted on our website for reference purposes only. An internal check performed by your teacher or research department will show plagiarism, which can result in certain problems. Therefore, use the samples as a basis for your personal research only.

3. What can I write in "Why are you interested in the medical field" essay?

The essay type that explains why are you interested in the medical field essay is quite simple. Here, express your personal opinion and tell the readers why you have decided on the medical field and what plans to achieve. The essay is especially important for future doctors since it is an opportunity to become additionally inspired for training and systematize all the advantages and disadvantages of the profession.

4. Can you write an essay about medicine for me?

Yes, since we are a professional service for writing student papers, including essays. Our writers are highly qualified and possess experience in preparing such texts. The facts originate from authoritative sources only. Therefore, you will get high-quality work on time, without delays and controversial points.


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