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General Questions

What is StudyBounty?

StudyBounty is a practical and dependable platform created to offer free essay examples and qualified help with academic writing. With us, you can acquire free samples as a guide or customized materials that you can use however you see fit.

Where can I find free essays?

In the upper left-hand corner or the middle of the main page, you will find the list of Categories, which are subjects on which the essays were uploaded. Just click on the needed category, and you will see various examples for that subject. You may also filter them by Subcategory, Paper type, Academic level, and Format.

Are your free essay samples plagiarism-free?

All of the free essay examples available on our website can serve as an inspiration for your writing. They cannot be used, copied, or duplicated because they are not original works.

Can I purchase the essays I see on your website?

Every sample is protected by free copyright. You can also have an entirely original essay produced from scratch. Locate the option that says "Hire Writer," and then fill out the Order form with all the details of your upcoming paper.

How did you manage to create such an extensive essay database?

You can discover scientific theories on your topic from the works displayed on our website. The students who created the essays in our database voluntarily did so since they desired to assist other fellows.

Can I submit a free sample as my work?

Every free sample is copyright protected. We strongly advise you not to use any essay examples as your work; doing so would be considered substantial plagiarism. You can use any of the given examples as a basis.

We work hard to give you a remarkable customer experience because we are enthusiastic about what we do.

How can students benefit from using your samples?

Each of us has experienced academic difficulty at some point in our lives. We know how frustrating it might be to attempt to complete a complicated paper. It can take you several hours or even days to finish the job on your own.

Our website's main objective is to help students with their academic work. An alternative is to use the samples in our database. You can browse through tens of thousands of essays there for free that might be able to assist you with your task.

Why do you need StudyBounty?
Reliability & Competence:
We hire our authors after a rigorous 5-stage procedure. We exclusively hire highly qualified people with solid backgrounds in several academic subjects.
Excellence & Uniqueness:
We create one-of-a-kind custom pieces of content that are produced to meet your specific needs and specifications.
Privacy & Secrecy:
Your personal information is never shared with or otherwise transferred to third parties by us. All confidential information is safe and secure with us.
Assistance & Guidance:
We take great pride in our staff of authors, who are available around the clock to assist you.
Can you write an essay for free on my topic?

Unfortunately, we do not offer free assignment writing. When you choose our writing service, you are investing in quality and competence. You pay to ensure that your paper is written exactly how it needs to be.

How can I order academic work at StudyBounty?

You should first complete the order form. Give instructions so we can remain in agreement regarding your assignment. When placing an order, an automated account is created for you. We cannot begin processing your purchase until we have received the complete payment. After your payment has been processed, you can follow the development of your purchase and get in touch with the writer.

We'll email you to let you know when your order is finished. The material is available for download from your dashboard as well.

Do the papers I ordered automatically get into the public database of paper samples?

No. Any essay you get from our writing service is unique and is created just for you.

Is StudyBounty legit?

StudyBounty is entirely legal. It is a trusted database of free essay samples and a customized writing service that follows strict guidelines and terms. We offer written pieces of content based on your requirements to serve as examples, reference materials, or research material.

Is it ethical to receive your help with my assignments?

Consider us to be your academic advisor. We hope that you benefit from our information to help you become a more educated and well-informed person.

Is my essay made from scratch?

Every paper we write is unique and free of plagiarism. Some fragments of text might have been used in some instances. Any quotations or references that are reasonable (or requested) to add to your order may also be not original. You can also add an analysis of plagiarism for $19.99. The report will be included in your purchase.

Writers & Language

Who are your experts?

We have a vast team of professional writers with university degrees and three years of experience in professional writing. A rigorous screening process is used for every writer we employ. This involves evaluating their writing abilities, a thorough understanding of their area of expertise, and the credibility of their academic qualifications.

Our team includes more than 80percent native English authors. We also have writers from other countries whose native language is different, but they can speak English very well. When you place your order, mention that you'd like to hire a writer who's not a native English user within the "Paper Details" area. The correct ESL specialist will be assigned, and our staff will ensure that.

Based on the urgency of your request and urgency, there may not be enough writers to take it on in a short time frame. You can contact our support team if you think your request isn't quite right or difficult. They will be more than happy to provide advice and help you find the ideal writer as soon as they can.

Can you always find a suitable writer for an order?

We only employ writers with the appropriate degrees and writing experience for every order. We can always find the correct writer because we have a vast pool of them. We will update you once a writer has been assigned to your order.

I need my paper written in a specific manner.

When placing your order, you should include your precise specifications in the "Paper Details" area or attach the necessary files. To accomplish your order per your needs, we will consider all the details you have provided.

Can I chat with my author directly?

Necessarily! When the specialist is assigned, you can communicate with them by going to the "Messages" part of your profile's "Order Info" page.

What does the "Premium writer" function entail?

For just 30% of the total cost, the "Premium writer" option ensures that your paper will be written by one of our seasoned experts. This specialist has worked with us for years and has consistently demonstrated their steadfast dependability and subject-matter expertise.

Do not be fooled by this; even if you decide not to use this function, you will still receive a well-written, persuasive paper.

The "Preferred writers" option is what, basically?

If you are logged in to your account on our website, the Preferred Writer option may be found below the Deadline part of the order form. It indicates that you can choose a writer you have previously worked with to complete a task. If you select more than one writer from the list, there is a better possibility that one of them will be able to complete your job in the required style and manner.

I prefer to change the author.

You should rarely presume that your writer doesn't fully understand the subject. If such an unpleasant situation occurs, contact our aide right away. They will choose the best alternative to ensure the final product is completed appropriately.

Quality & Satisfaction

How well-written will my project be?

The written materials you receive will fulfill high standards in language, syntax, wording, content structure, depth of research, etc. because we work with real academic specialists.

Whether you choose writing, editing & proofreading, or presentation, the writer will always proofread the final copy of the work before sending it to you.

You can request an Extra Quality Check in any of your orders if you require the document to be proofread by a member of Our Quality Department's skilled staff.

Can I submit the author's work directly?

The papers you download from our database are examples of the works other users have kindly contributed for you to be inspired by or find excellent solutions for your upcoming assignments. Since thousands of our users download them daily, those writings are not original. We highly advise against copying those papers and submitting them as your own.

As for the papers you order to be written from scratch - those are completely original, so you may use it for any purpose.

Will my assignment earn me an "A" grade?

Because your instructor makes the ultimate determination, we cannot guarantee a certain grade (considering your relationship with them, their awareness of your academic performance, your writing style, etc.). We promise to finish the task expertly and precisely as per your directions.

Will be a plagiarism report included?

Please choose the "Originality Report" option when placing your order if you want to obtain the plagiarism report and your completed job.

We employ various plagiarism detection tools to check the originality of our articles before sending them out, searching through numerous databases to do so. Our company only offers unique, plagiarism-free writing.

My paper has to be revised or redone.

If the job you received fell short of your expectations, we deeply regret it. In this case, you can submit your paper for revision by accessing the "Order Info" page on your account. The writer will make any required edits to your purchase.

The corrections will be made if you do it within 14 days after receiving the finished paper. Your revision guidelines must not hamper the primary instructions. You can speak with our support staff, who will devise a plan for your particular circumstance.

Please give any feedback to us within 14 days of the completion of your paper, even if your professor sends you any. We shall also make the necessary corrections in such a case.

What is a quality assurance department?

This group is in charge of monitoring the caliber of the work that our authors deliver to our clients. When a customer submits a claim, the Quality Assurance Department professionals inspect the parts to ensure that the order conforms with the order specifications. As a result of the department's members' extensive academic backgrounds in the majority of academic subjects, its case judgments are well-founded and aim to protect the client's capacity to produce a high-quality output.

I wish to express my opinion or criticism.

You can provide feedback by clicking the 5-star icon in the "Order Info" section or the "My Orders" section underneath the particular order. We will immensely benefit from your candid and detailed input as we try to enhance our services further.

If there is anything in our work that you don't think is appropriate, please contact us so we can address it. Even though errors do happen, we always do our best to resolve them diplomatically and make sure you are satisfied with our services.

Pricing & Payment

Are your services free?

Our services cannot come for free. Our authors make money as writers. Along with marketing and website-related expenses, we promise that working with us will be a pleasure.

However, browse our free samples if you want free assistance or motivation for your assignment.

How can I pay?

After completing the order form, click "Express Checkout," enter your payment information, and confirm your payment.

The credit and debit cards we accept for payments include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Union Pay, and other cards. We can also give you the link to use Apple Pay or Google Pay to make a payment.

When the payment has been received, we will send you an email to let you know.

I live outside the United States. Can I still order an essay?

Sure. We help students worldwide, no matter where they are located. Fill out the Order form and choose any card to use for payment if you require a paper written in English.

Do I have to pay before or after I submit my order?

We work on a premise of upfront, complete payment. Therefore, we need a 100% deposit before we begin working on your order.

Total payment up advance enables us to guarantee a consistent wage for our specialists.

Is such upfront payment secure?

We are professionals with several years of experience in the field. We ensure that our customers obtain high-quality services by offering our services under our Terms and Policies. Although it's unlikely that we won't occasionally fall short of expectations, you can always count on our Money Back Guarantee.

Are there any additional fees or costs?

There are no fees associated with our end. However, your financial institution may levy extra fees.

How secure is my payment?

The company only chooses trustworthy, PCI DSS-compliant payment processors. As a result, your payment information is entirely secure.

What will the cost of my order be?

Several things affect the cost of your order:

  • Type of service: custom writing, editing, and proofreading your previously submitted project or presentation.
  • The deadline-related urgency of the assignment. As the deadline approaches, the price rises.
  • Page count, or how many pages your task is. The total price will vary according to how many pages you require.
  • Order prices will rise if additional features are added.

The price of your order will be calculated for you when you fill out all the form’s lines and fields. If you need assistance with the price calculation, contact our support team.

I need a discount.

We offer a specially created loyalty program for our consumers. Please see the "Personal Discount" page under "My Bonuses" on your profile for further details.

Along with discounts, we frequently provide appealing specials and promotions to mark special occasions or holidays.

If you are a new website user, don't be hesitant to get in touch with us. Our customer service agents will give you comprehensive details regarding our discount policy.

Can I pay in installments?

Usually, we want full payment upfront. Please contact our support staff if you'd like to pay in installments so they can assist you.

My transaction wasn't processed.

If there's a problem with your payment or if you're unsure whether it went through, don't be afraid to contact our support team. Any case will be investigated right away and dealt with.

What is the status of my payment?

We'll send you an email to confirm when the payment has been received. Alternatively, you can monitor the order status on your account's "My Orders" page. Whenever the status is "Paid" or "In process," the payment has been made.

Please contact the support staff for additional assistance if the status is still unpaid.

Order & Delivery

How do I place an order?

To order an assignment, click the "Order Now" button in the top right corner of the page. Once there, fill out the order form with your requirements and the deadline for the order. Use "Express Checkout" to finish the payment after that. There are no other steps required; the order has been submitted and will be processed as soon as payment has been confirmed.

What is the status of my order?

You may keep track of the order's progress on the "My Orders" field of your account. Alternatively, you can get order updates anytime by contacting the Support staff.

My order is really urgent.

You may still benefit from our assistance. You can set a deadline as minimal - 3 or 6 hours and be confident that your work will be finished on time. However, don't plan a doctoral dissertation that will be provided within this period.

Do you deliver on weekends as well?

We are available around the clock, so your paper can be delivered on any desired day of the week.

How will my order be delivered?

When your paper is complete, we will provide you with a link to your dashboard so you can download the finished product.

You can also check your account to see the status of your order. The uploaded file will be available on the order's page if the paper has already been done.

When will you start working on my order?

Typically, it takes us 15 minutes to find a writer for your assignment. You will receive an email as soon as our expert starts working on your paper. The order status will be changed to "in progress" as you check your account.

The time it takes to locate an experienced writer will depend on your work's complexity. However, if we need to extend the deadline, we'll let you know and get in touch with you immediately.

When will my order be delivered?

One of our top priorities as a business is on-time order delivery. If we can complete your order earlier than anticipated, you will be notified through email. Whether an unexpected event requires a longer time, we will contact you to determine if an extension is possible.

I made an error or missed something. How to correct it?

We're available to help you at all times. To discuss the modifications that must be made, kindly contact us immediately.

Depending on the kind of changes and the order's final date, we might need more funds to fulfill your specific request.

Can I send additional information once my order has been started?

Please contact our Support team to discuss the modifications that must be made. Note that additional material must not contradict the initial details of the order. Also, additional payment may be required if the new instructions require more time for the research.

The ultimate deadline has to be changed.

Please contact our support team and let them know the desired delivery date if you need to make any changes to an already-paid item. Please be aware that additional payment may be required if you require your document sooner.

I want to cancel my order.

If you no longer want us to assist you with the project, get in touch with our support team as soon as possible. They advise the writer to stop working on your purchase after assessing the prospective return %. This score is based on how much previous work your writer has produced.

My order is late.

If your order wasn't done correctly or your assignment was delivered after the deadline, you might be eligible for a refund. In the event of a full refund, we would like to take this opportunity to inform you that we reserve the right to post your essay on our blog. It will come across as being unoriginal as a result. In order for us to help you, kindly get in touch with us.

What are the "Editing & Proofreading" services?

Your writing will go through a comprehensive proofreading process, and any grammar, punctuation, or spelling issues will be corrected.

We may also revise or change up to 30% of the original text if appropriate. When submitting your order, please select the "Writing" type of service if you wish to edit or rewrite more than 30% of the original material.

I need assistance with an unusual order.

We suggest that you contact our support team and thoroughly describe your project. Then they will definitely offer a suitable solution.

I want to receive a draft of my paper beforehand.

In the section for paper specifics, please let us know if you need a draft of your work. As many parameters as you see essential should be included in your draft.

Additionally, get in touch with Our support team to discuss the draft's formatting requirements, completion timeline, and deadline date. They can also provide you with a complete grasp of the circumstance.

My paper has to be done using specific materials/sources or should be formatted differently.

Include this information in the "Paper Details," please. We will try our best to locate the necessary source and hunt for any online versions that are available for free.

Please feel free to attach files using the "Attach Files" button when placing your order if you'd like to send them to us while we work on your assignment. Emailing the files to support@studybounty will allow us to add them to your order.

I need some help with my online assignment.

If your online assignment is not time-sensitive, we can assist you. You are free to give us any instructions or inquiries. When placing your order, select the "Assignment" kind of paper and enter all the instructions in the "Paper Details" form. Our specialists will complete the assignment and deliver the solutions for you to upload the answers to the required internet page. To go over every aspect of such an assignment, please contact us by email or live chat.

I need help with my multiple-choice test.

We might be able to help you. For further information, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

I need a PowerPoint presentation.

Choose the "Presentation" kind of work when placing your order, and then fill out the "Paper specifics" section with your instructions. Please note that the fee is based on 100 words per slide and 50 words in the notes section.

Customer Care

How and when can I get in touch with you?

We accept calls, emails, and live chat inquiries. You can also get in touch with us via the "Messages" function on your account page.

More detailed information may be found on the Contact Us page.

We are available to you 24/7. Please reach out to us whenever it suits you.

How soon will my request be addressed?

We make an effort to answer incoming requests right away. If you get in touch with us by phone or live chat, you can count on a prompt response from us.

If you contact us by email or through the "Messages" area of your account, you can anticipate a response within 20 minutes.

Security & Confidentiality

What types of personal data do you acquire?

Among the personal information we collect are your first and last names, email addresses, and phone number. We don't need to know your actual name, so feel free to use a made-up name or a pseudonym. You can change your consent options by choosing "Privacy settings" from your "Account preferences" page.

Your email address is essential to the personal information we need to create your account. Verify that your email address is up to date and usable on your end. It is our primary means of getting in touch with you.

If there is an urgent matter that needs your attention, we might phone you. So, please provide us with your most recent phone number.

Is my personal information safe with you?

We guarantee that your personal information won't ever be disclosed to outside parties. Additional information is provided about this in our Privacy Policy.

Is it possible to remain anonymous?

All we need to know about you personally is your email address. You may provide any email address to that you have access.

Your phone number is requested, but it is only used in an emergency.

Additionally, we created a unique security mechanism for our writing service. We remove your name from the order once you submit it before sending it to the writer. We deliver your completed paper to you after the writer sends it to us. If you need to contact the author working on your paper, only the “Client number” will be depicted in the chat. Your name won't be disclosed!

If I give you my email address, will I get spammed?

All of our customers receive letters from us with various discounts on our products or include helpful content, including links to blog posts and how-to articles.

You can always unsubscribe from our email newsletters if you think these emails are superfluous. Each letter will have a link with "Unsubscribe" at the bottom. When you unsubscribe, we stop emailing you right away.

Will anyone find out that I used your service?

Your personal information will not be disclosed without your agreement per our Privacy Policy. Additionally, we adhere to stringent guidelines while using your personal data.

Nobody will ever know that you were here unless you tell others.

Nevertheless, we recommend using dependable devices to access our website.

How to delete my order?

Select "Hide order" on the "Order Info" page to hide the specific order's details. Once you click it, the order is no longer visible in the list of all your assignments and can only be retrieved in the "Hidden" section.

If you require the permanent deletion of your order for whatever reason, kindly contact us.

How to delete my account?

You can deactivate your account by choosing "Deactivate account" from the dashboard settings page or "I wish to remove my account" from the "Personal Profile" page located in your privacy settings.

You can also get in contact with our support team if you need any help.

Please be advised that restoring any of your account data or files will be impossible after your profile has been deleted. As a result, you will have to create a new account in order to continue using our services.

How to recover my password?

You can quickly change your password by selecting the "Forgot password" option in the top right corner of the "Sign In" page. After being directed, visit the "Forgot your password" page to change your password. The freshly generated password will be sent to you through email. You can also access your account using the magic link (valid for 12 hours only), which is generated on the same page.

Money-Back Guarantee

What if I want a refund?

You have up to 14 days from the completion day of your order to get in touch with our support team and request a refund if you're unhappy with the materials you received. Your thorough analysis of the problem will help our Quality Assurance department undertake a thorough investigation. The order information and your claim will be examined to ascertain the potential refund amount. The resolution may take up to 48 hours in accordance with the terms of our Money Back Guarantee.

Once a refund claim has been resolved, and you have been given the approximate amount, our financial department will provide a refund within 24 hours. Transferring the transaction to your account usually takes up to 5 business days.

What if I submit a chargeback?

We advise you to communicate any quality issues with us directly. We will make every attempt to come to an agreement that benefits both sides.

However, if a chargeback is started, we reserve the right to post your order on our website. After that, our website will be listed as the text's original source in any tool that checks for plagiarism.


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