Leadership Essay: Examples That Worked

Are you looking for leadership essay examples? No need to go any further. We’ve got everything students can dream of and so much more. We have actual examples of leadership essays donated to us that were graded excellent before. Does this sound like something you might be interested in? If so, read this guide and use our samples!
17 Sep 2023

Critique of Traditional Body of Leadership Literature

Leadership is a significant practice that helps to ensure that people work towards the achievement of a common goal. In leadership, practical skills and qualities of the leaders play a vital role in providing...

Words: 911

Pages: 3

Views: 102

17 Sep 2023

Commercial Real Estate Negotiation

Collaboration and Teamwork Negotiations are an integral part of our everyday life. Indeed, the exercise has been an eye-opener on how businesses operate, deals are made, and people interact to accomplish a common...

Words: 1058

Pages: 4

Views: 76

17 Sep 2023

Katherine Johnson: The Woman Who Helped Put a Man on the Moon

Katherine Goble Johnson was one of the pioneers of the American space movement and she was a research mathematician and physicist. She calculated trajectories and orbits for missions such as the first space mission...

Words: 1440

Pages: 5

Views: 85

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17 Sep 2023

Stanley McChrystal: The Military Mind

Stanley McChrystal discusses several intellectual traits that helped him throughout his leadership and challenges as a ranger. The three intellectual traits he discussed include intellectual courage, intellectual...

Words: 308

Pages: 1

Views: 333

17 Sep 2023

Skills Versus Traits and the Systems Perspective

In any domain, leadership is not only a factor of individual behaviors but also the skills, capabilities, and knowledge that they possess. However, in the past, scholars have majorly focused on theories that describe...

Words: 539

Pages: 2

Views: 314

17 Sep 2023

Effects of Military Leadership on Military Sexual Trauma (MST) Survivors

Introduction The integration of women into the military in the early 1980s provided women opportunities and increased sexual misconduct between males and females in the army. Sexual violence in the US forces is a...

Words: 5358

Pages: 10

Views: 451

17 Sep 2023

Complexity Science: What It Is and How You Can Use It

The emergent field of complexity science provides a substitute leadership strategy for a chaotic, complex business environment. Complexity science can be used as an essential management tool and can be applied...

Words: 553

Pages: 2

Views: 120

17 Sep 2023

Components of Leadership

Leadership is a process of guiding people towards a common goal. Leaders play a key role in influencing behaviors and attitudes of followers towards specific goals. They are expected to stimulate followers to perform...

Words: 2311

Pages: 8

Views: 373

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17 Sep 2023

The Leadership of James N. Mattis and Mark T. Esper

Leadership has to do with exercising of influence by the leader over the perspectives, feelings, attitude and actions of subordinates. Leadership influence the behavior of the employees within an organization in...

Words: 1666

Pages: 6

Views: 124

17 Sep 2023

Wal-Mart Corporation - "Save money, Live better"

Founded in 1969, Wal-Mart remains one of the biggest retail entities in the United States and the world. The American organization operates a chain of hypermarkets and stores internationally with its headquarters in...

Words: 539

Pages: 2

Views: 82


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Leadership Essay Example for Any Taste

Are you tired of looking through dozens of leadership essay examples pdf? They are simply not working for you. Probably because their format or prices are too inaccessible for students. That is why we have brilliant services to help you. With an example of a leadership essay you get:

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Learning to Write With Our Leadership Essay Examples in PDF

Leadership essays examples are very good, no, excellent sources of material. True, there are some people who can use structures they find online and theory. Besides, your professor just spends some time explaining how to write such papers. Still, there’s nothing better than a practical sample that one can access any day and any time. How can you use an academic essay on leadership example? 

  • Reference their structure and use it for your own article.
  • Seek some inspiration and motivation before you start writing.
  • Understand perfect academic voice and tone.
  • Check for interesting academic topics.
  • If vocabulary definitions and resources are not enough, one can also search for interesting ideas that might inspire you to write more.

As one can see, there are many uses for our samples!

Leadership Papers Samples From Experts

Leadership papers examples are written by professionals as well as students. Why do we always try to get articles specifically from students? Read the answer below.

  • All papers on leadership match the complexity and academic style of the specific great, either in high school or college.
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Our papers about leadership follow all the possible standards you might need. They are academic, professional, creative, and simply fun. So, in case you don’t know where to start, this is a good place!

Meaningful Leadership Essay Samples

If you check any sample of leadership essays, you will definitely notice that students try to use as much evidence as actually possible. Even though the concept on its own is practically easy, and we meet it every day in our life, explaining it is not a simple task. Here are several things you need to do to make your article meaningful and match the level of any sample of essays on leadership for students.

  • Try searching for extra resources, apart from the books you were given to study. 
  • Don’t forget to cite all the websites and materials you have found. 
  • Go ahead and use statistics and data as they make everything look bulletproof.   
  • Having a personal opinion is good. However, when it comes to academics, this opinion must be proved by scientists and scholars. Once more, use evidence. 

By combining personal thoughts, deep opinions, and actual evidence from scholarly resources, you make your article meaningful. That’s how all the students do and professionals follow!

Leadership Essay Examples for Students

Still in need of a leadership essay about yourself examples? Many ask whether there are certain standards you must follow when you complete an article. Every class, grade, professor, or teacher will grade differently and thus have different standards for your paper. Still, there is a certain distinction between papers you write for school or college. Below you will find the requirements that are needed for every paper, later will explain each level individually.

  • Make sure you’re actually staying on your main idea.
  • One can use personal examples if they’re balanced with scholarly research.
  • The tone and voice must be academic.
  • Select a format that works for this topic.
  • Try to dig deport than a simple definition of a term.

High School Leadership Essay Examples

Essays on effective leadership in school can be a bit different from the ones you’re expected to write in college. The differences are subtle and one will definitely notice them. First and foremost, it’s all about that style. But we do have a breakdown one can find below that will explain to you a bit more.

  • You might be asked to provide some evidence, but not as abundant as your would for college.
  • Here personal opinion might be valued more than when you are in a university.
  • It definitely quotes a term from a vocabulary.
  • You’re not likely to be asked to provide a lot of examples, apart from your own.
  • The topic in itself may not be as complex.

In other words, think about what this term means personally to you. Use definitions from vocabulary, provide a personal example and talk about a person who you think can take charge.

Effective Leadership Essays Examples for College

Leadership college essay examples will be slightly more complex. They will definitely require more evidence, more preparation, and definitely more examples. It doesn’t mean that they are complicated, but they do have higher standards and expectations.

Any college essay about leadership should definitely have the parts mentioned below.

  • Several, or at least one good example of a leader.
  • That person can be someone you know or any celebrity, historical figure, or anyone who was proven to organize or control people.
  • Anything you claim to be true must be supported by scholarly evidence.
  • Simply stating what your selected term is will not be enough. Therefore, combine personal thoughts, scholarly articles, books you were given in class, and even vocabulary.

College essay on leadership thinks about it still on a deeper level. One can definitely go for several perspectives on this notion. What does it mean to control people? Is everyone able to do it? What qualities should you possess?

250 Word Essay on Leadership

A leadership essay with 250 words seems short but there are still several interesting things one can actually fit in. Here’s a quick list and a structure one can definitely follow if you’re writing this article.

  • What is it? Do you have a straight definition from a scholarly source?
  • What is your personal opinion on it? 
  • What qualities should a person possess to become good at managing others? 
  • Do you or any person you know possess these qualities? (Optional)
  • Conclusion and final thought on control and management.

As there’s not a lot of space, one should definitely be brief. By the way, this article will be at least 3 paragraphs long.

500 Word Essay on Leadership

500 word leadership essay is already a bit more complex and can fit into a traditional 5-paragraph structure. Here the standards will be higher. Consider the following things:

  • Use extra sources like scholarly articles
  • Add more examples
  • Go as far as to talk about historical figures like Presidents.

Such an article can also follow these word count requirements:

  • Introduction – 10%
  • Main body – 80%
  • Conclusion – 10%

By the way, 500 words is an average length for this kind of article. It works both for college and high school. It allows it to remain simple, while also raising the academic value of this piece. Who knows, maybe you can get scholarships with it.

1000 Word Essay on Leadership

Lastly, we also have a 1000 word leadership essay. This one is best for college students. Here one should definitely start with an outline and think twice before writing. As there’s a high word count, you need to analyze what elements can go into the work.

  • Hook
  • Basic explanation of a term
  • Thesis
  • Academic definition of a term
  • Unpacking the definition 

(use articles and books preferably on different subjects)

  • Any controversial opinion of the notion
  • Analysis of a famous person and their archetype 

(How did they manage to control so many people and succeed, be admired?)

  • Restated thesis
  • Summary
  • Recommends or possibilities for future research

Hint: Try words to pages converter at StudyBounty to calculate how many pages your essay should be.

What Is a Leadership Essay

Let’s go back to the definition of a leadership essay. What even is this thing? 

It is an article that analyzes the meaning and importance of leadership using practical examples and evidence. For us, this term means managing a team, yet being part of it nonetheless and taking responsibility. What do you think? 

Like any other essay, it normally has a 5-paragraph structure. Here’s a basic format one can trust.

Introduction Paragraph

  • Hook
  • Topic background
  • Thesis statement

Body Paragraph 1-3 

  • Topic sentence
  • Supporting explanation
  • Supporting example based on your topic sentence and explanation
  • Summarizing or concluding statement


  • Rephrase your thesis 
  • Summarize and connect your key points
  • Leave a final impression with recommendations

Importance of Leadership Essay

We cannot avoid talking about the importance of leadership essay. Why does anyone care? It’s because any good essay on leadership manages to:

  • Unpack a complex notion in a simple yet academic manner.
  • Showcase practical examples of how one can succeed.
  • Teach those wanting to manage as they will definitely learn a lot.
  • Inspire future opportunities. 
  • Motivate to learn more about a personal understanding of this term.
  • Improve logical thinking and writing skills.

In other words, it’s not like anyone thinks about this stuff voluntarily. That is why it doesn’t hurt to analyze knowledge you already possess and read other samples too.

Types of Leadership Essays

Let’s review the most widespread types of leadership essays. If you are to research this general subject, one of these types will more likely be yours. Below you’ll find some details on each of them:

  • Leader: general concept of leadership, who are leaders and how to distinguish them.
  • Your or your friend’s experience of leading others.
  • College application essays about leadership. (Browse our college application essay examples.)
  • What makes good/bad leaders.
  • How to develop a leader's skills properly.

In case you need inspiration for your writing, we’ve got a real sample essay on leadership for each of these types. And all our samples are completely free!

Essay on Leader 

If you're writing an essay about leaders, you should start with describing the general concept of leadership. Explain what does it mean to lead others and how can one do it:

  1. Using charisma.
  2. Using authority.
  3. By demonstrating a clear understanding of problems and goals or by providing a vision that is appealing to others.
  4. Through leading by example, etc.

Students are often suggested to write ‘a good leader’ essay, i.e. to explain which qualities are crucial for leading others and reaching common goals efficiently. This topic would require you to focus on good qualities – and explain what makes them good. You’ll need to evaluate the efficiency of the leader's actions. So be sure to pick some sources which would support your assumptions.

Leadership Experience Essay 

If you need a leadership experience essay sample, please scroll down to the section with examples and pick the one you need. Check out our tips in this section as well.

This type of essay requires providing an example of leadership. Typically you would be expected to describe your own experience: at work, in a game, or when doing a group assignment at school. List the challenges your group has faced, explain why you step forward to lead others, and describe how your leadership helped your group to achieve common goals.

Sometimes such assignments require you to describe someone else’s leadership. This could be someone leading a group you participated in. Or a historical figure whose experience you’ve examined in detail. Take as an example our essay about George Washington or Abraham Lincoln writing.

Leadership Application Essay Examples

You can find specific college application leadership examples on this page too. Please scroll down to the section with leadership examples for students and pick the one you need for your assignment. If you need more tips for this subtype, please continue reading.

An application essay should help you present your skills and qualities and thus promote your application. Sometimes you may be asked to describe your leadership skills or your experience of leading others. If you’ll be able to explain goals and objectives your group had to achieve and show how your guidance helped to achieve them, it might contribute a lot to your application’s success. Be sure to align your story with the specific area you plan to major in.

What Are the Qualities of a Good Leader Essay

Various examples of leadership skills essay are available in our examples section. Please scroll down to it and pick the ones most interesting for you. If you need tips about writing this kind of paper, please continue reading.

When arguing about a good leader’s qualities, you need to explain what actually makes someone’s leadership good or bad. First of all, this is about achieving common goals. Obviously, it is good if you achieve them within an appropriate period of time and by spending a reasonable amount of effort and resources. Good leaders should be able to ensure such performance of a group by motivating others, reasoning, planning, and supporting them. 

Another leadership aspect is about gaining trust. Good leaders are trusted by the majority of their groups and can rely on others as well.

Leadership Development Essays

And the last subtype in our collection: leadership development essays. Such papers are usually examining the leadership problem on a higher level. They involve data collection, analysis of leaders’ qualities and their usage in different situations, and suggestions of solutions for promoting such skills.

Developing leadership qualities in yourself or in other people is complicated and requires detailed explanations backed by solid evidence or data. You would need to provide examples for such guiding rules. Make sure to explain how your examples depend on their specific circumstances and whether they are applicable to a specific situation you’re writing about. Since you’ll be using many sources to support your conclusions, you’ll need to pay extra attention to proper referencing and general formatting of your text.

Leadership Essay Outline

Below we also offer you a leadership paper outline. One can create an outline for yourself. However, make sure you don’t actually write an essay there. Don’t use full sentences and stick to the evidence. It is only a map and not a whole book.


  • Hook: Offer a quote about success or being in charge.
  • Background: Talk more about the phenomenon and its meaning.
  • Thesis statement: Introduce one's main points.

Body one-three

  • Introductory statement: Which point will you talk about?
  • Evidence: How can you prove it?
  • Conclusion statement: Yes, you're right. So what?


  • Revisit thesis
  • Summarize main points
  • Have you proven anything?
  • Closing statement: What advice or recommendation can you give to your readers?

Leadership Essay Introduction

We will go part by part, starting with an introduction for leadership essay. The former is the first thing your reader sees on the page. Make it count!

The introduction of leadership can include the following elements:


We would recommend using a quote here from someone who described what it means to manage others. There are plenty of those!


Save definition for the main body. Instead, give a brief explanation of a term without citing resources.


We always say that the thesis statement is the most important part of any paper. State precisely what you argue and all your points.

Funny enough, professionals recommend writing an introduction after body paragraphs. This way you know exactly what to write and claim. This system works. Check yourself! 

Leadership essay introduction examples

Leadership refers to the exercise of influence and control within an organization. Therefore, providing leadership implies giving one’s followers the right direction and influencing them into doing the things required of them. According to my understanding, leadership entails formulation goals and measurable objectives, which then guide the leader in providing the needed direction and control over the followers.

Leadership Personal Statement Examples

An excellent sample of leadership statement has a perfect thesis statement. What is a perfect thesis? We’re glad that you asked. Read and know how to build this kind of thesis.

  • Briefly summarize one’s main point.
  • Do not include evidence.
  • Be clear and short.
  • Be divided into several points all corresponding to one’s body paragraphs. 

See it in all our samples. But we wanted to have a separate section about this part. 

One should also consider that the thesis is always with you. It is a part of your outline. Hold it somewhere nearby to look at all the time. It will help with staying on topic. 

Look at an example we suggest.

Leadership is about showing one's personal emotional intelligence, motivating others, and putting the team above individual needs.

We have plenty more samples for all students. They are free and always here!

Leadership Essay Body Paragraph

Next on our list is the main body and thus how to write a good leadership paragraph. We have mentioned before that a normal essay has five paragraphs. But everything will depend on your degree, requirements, or your class, professor. Therefore, we will repeat once more that the main body is 80% of your work. Calculate how many words you need depending on the requirements. 

What can you usually use for the main body?

  • Examples from either people you know, celebrities, historical figures, or anyone else you see fit.
  • Quotations, statistical data, and extra sources.
  • The actual analysis.

Even though you do have a lot of space to work, don’t overuse that. You have a specific topic here and a thesis statement. It all means that one should follow the points you have mentioned in the personal statement. One can always find a sample below. 

Example of paragraph on leadership 

It must be noted that leaders possess a number of skills and traits, which make them effective in terms of leading within the organization. I believe that an effective leader must be understanding. The leader should be a person who has empathy hence can know and feel the situation, which his or her followers are experiencing. Being considerate makes a leader able to give instructions and orders that are achievable to a human being. Moreover, I personally believe that a good leader must be a person who values partnerships, but not patriarchal. A good must move the organizational culture from a patriarchal one to partnerships. It is important to be proactive in terms of making decisions as a leader, but not reactive. I believe that a good leader is quite creative and innovative. Additionally, a perfect leader loves and thrives on criticism and corrections from others. 

Leadership Essay Conclusion

Of course, we are finishing this little guide with a leadership conclusion. Remember it is better to write it right after the introduction. Obviously, one shouldn’t start with a conclusion. There are several other important beats and pieces students should definitely learn here.

  • The first statement is always a restated thesis. So, there is not much space for creativity.
  • After using a thesis, summarize your main findings.
  • Remember not to use extra evidence, quote material, or add data you haven’t mentioned before.
  • Finish with a strong closing statement. It can be a question to your reader, something that will make them think. Or use your personal thought.

The conclusion is just as important as your introduction. Think wisely and revise! 

Besides, one always wants to make sure that the readers leave with a good impression. The best way to be remembered hides behind making a memorable conclusion. 

Example of leadership essay conclusion

I realized that any failure within the organization is always attributed to the leader. When a manager causes the failure of his or her department, the whole responsibility is put on the overall leader of the organization. It is, thus, vital for any leader to ensure he or she monitors every department so that systems are put in the right manner.

How to Write a Leadership Essay

Writing a college essay on leadership will also be much easier with our handy tips. Yes, we have given you more than one good example of leadership essays. The more help you get, the better. So, you will find an essential guide on how anyone can perfect their leadership essay writing.

  1. Define good leadership before you start. We’ll have different definitions of this word. You not only need to find an academic one, but the one you actually like. Before starting to write, think about what you consider to be good management.
  2. Create an outline. Many actually skip this part, but we would not advise you to do so. Outlining and having a structure right in front of you will help you to stay focused. It will not only save you time but improve the overall result. 
  3. Tell the story. You’re not only writing a simple article. You’re telling a story and convince your readers that the story is truthful using evidence. Craft your paper as if you would approach any other story or narrative. You have much better and more convincing results.
  4. Read and revise your leadership essay. We always highlight the need and importance of proofreading and editing. It’s one of the steps many students skip. However, you really want your paper to be error-proof and grammatically correct. So double-check before submitting. 

Are you still here? Check all the samples and start writing your next masterpiece!

Brilliant Leadership Essay Topics & Prompts

We have some excellent leadership topics for you. We know how hard it is to select them. So, we created a small list of topics about leadership. Use them as leadership writing prompts or actual leadership paper topics. Do as it works for you and check them out.

  1. Alexander Hamilton: His characteristics.
  2. Would you make a good leader?
  3. What are some common traits between two American presidents (choose any)?
  4. Can a manager be friends with their team members? (Consult: essay on business management.)
  5. Should you be tough to lead? 
  6. What are some core differences between controlling and being controlled?
  7. Responsibility: What it takes to be in control.
  8. Do’s and don’ts of a good leader.
  9. What common mistakes do some leaders make?
  10. Tell about a life of a famous leader you personally admire.

We hope that some of these topics can inspire you to write here on paper. It is always good when your selected topic resonates with you. Even if you're given a strict notion to discuss, one can still get creative with it. Never stop having fun. Good luck!


FAQ About Best Leadership Essay

1. Are your leadership essay examples free?

Yes! Our free essay on leadership does not require anything from you. We don’t need:

  • Payments
  • Charges
  • Credit cards
  • Personal information or registration
  • Fees.

So, access the platform anytime and as many times as you need. Feel free to download, read and search for more samples. We also don’t have a limit. All free and limitless!

2. How to start a short essay on leadership?

Short essays on leadership should start in the same manner as a long one, with a hook. A hook is a device that is used in literature to intrigue your readers. You will not find people reading your paper if it’s not interesting and intriguing from the first statement. To hook someone use the following elements:

  • Quote
  • Statistics
  • Rhetorical question
  • Interesting fact.

It is your choice, but whatever you use must be relevant and interesting for your audience.

3. What makes a good leader essay?

All good essays about leadership have several core elements that connect all of them. Do you want to know what elements? There are clarity, attention to detail, clear structure, academic voice, and cited sources. If you have all these elements, congratulations! You have a very good paper. Good luck!

4. What are the characteristics of a good leader essay?

There are several characteristics of good leadership essays. This paper should definitely:

  • Describe the notion you’re talking about.
  • Offer practical examples.
  • Be clear and concise without being dry.
  • Be interesting to readers.
  • Follow a traditional structure of introduction, main body, and conclusion.

As long as you stick to academic standards, you definitely have wonderful skills and a good article.


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