History and Anthropology Essay Examples

Have you decided to puzzle out complex and often mysterious historical events? Yes, it can be very difficult at times, but with the history essay examples, everything falls into place. Everyone can easily figure out why any war started or how the world was rebuilt after it. Anthropology essays will tell about life experiences as well as interesting thoughts that eyewitnesses of the events wished to share with future generations.

Tracing Nationalist Ideology across the Decades

Nationalism and national identity in Japan assert that Japan is a united nation and promotes the maintenance of Japanese culture and history by citizens. It is a set of ideas that the Japanese people hold, drawn from...

Words: 899

Pages: 3

Views: 373

Pectoral of Princess Sithathoryunet and Gold Bracteate

Introduction Jewelry has been in use for many years, and this can be proven from existing ancient objects and artifacts. The first piece to be analyzed is the Gold Bracteate which has its origins in the culture...

Words: 1986

Pages: 7

Views: 355

Plato and Pericles

Plato and Pericles Ancient Greece forms the basis of many civilizations in the world today. Greece influenced art, literature, mathematics, and democracy among other things. Through philosophy and leadership,...

Words: 513

Pages: 2

Views: 364

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The Yalta Conference: What Happened and Why It Matters

Churchill and Roosevelt got into a gentle disagreement during the Yalta conference in opposition to Soviet plans to maintain Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia (Baltic states), and a vast eastern Poland section reinstating...

Words: 289

Pages: 1

Views: 95

Paganism in European Religion

Introduction In the ancient era around the fourth century, early Christians had widely spread their religion gaining a huge Christian population. Nevertheless, the Christian population never encapsulated...

Words: 1185

Pages: 5

Views: 89

The Louisiana Purchase: One of the Most Significant Achievements of President Thomas Jefferson

The Louisiana Purchase is among the most significant achievements of a presidency in the US. Executed by President Thomas Jefferson in 1803, the project encompassed the acquisition of approximately 830 million square...

Words: 1253

Pages: 4

Views: 125

The Civil Right Movement

Civil rights are a crucial section of democracy. There are five types of civil rights. The right to vote allows everyone to participate openly in the voting procedure and decide who is fit for a political position...

Words: 1048

Pages: 4

Views: 93

Masculinity and Cold War Politics

Introduction The Cold War era saw the sexual portrayal of American politics on a massive scale. Politicians and their followers used gender differences to describe opponents and their policies. The first issue...

Words: 608

Pages: 2

Views: 251

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End of Life Care: How to Care for the Dying

Death and dying can be a hard process to the dying persons, their families and loved ones and the care-givers of the dying persons. Dying is a process involving a series of stages. The first stage is the denial...

Words: 274

Pages: 1

Views: 265

Capitalism of Europe and its Impact on the Atlantic Slave Trade (1500 – 1808)

Capitalism of Europe and its Impact on the Atlantic Slave Trade (1500 – 1808) Introduction Slavery has roots in the sugar production that occurred in Palestine during the late middle ages. When slavery...

Words: 2052

Pages: 8

Views: 362


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History Essay: What You Need to Know

A history essay is a work that requires not only a statement of one's position but also a demonstration of knowledge of a selected historical period. It differs from analogs since it needs a preliminary analysis using various facts and their comparison with each other, without which it is impossible to summarize any work. As a rule, a finished essay should show a clear structure, use of historical data, and your ability to analyze and work with information. The basic rule is integrating more analytics and fewer words. It is important for the reader to see not only how well you know the material, but how to present it and convey your idea.

How to Write a History Essay

After having decided on the topic and finding necessary facts, you may ask how to write a history essay efficiently. To solve this problem, we have prepared some recommendations for you:

  1. Decide on the historical period in which you are well-versed.
  2. Highlight four or more major events thinking about how you will present them in your essay.
  3. Select a few key historical figures in a specified period.
  4. Analyze previously written works on this topic.
  5. Use only dates, names, definitions, and facts that you are completely sure of.
  6. Avoid grammatical or lexical errors, as they affect the overall quality.

Important! In case you have a hard time arranging and categorizing different facts, search for classification essays examples and use them as a guide.

Best History Essay Examples You Will Like

Can't figure out the facts that should be discussed in your work? No problem. We will be happy to help you solve this problem because on our website you will find more than a dozen history essay examples. Thanks to our service, you will no longer have to spend a lot of time looking for information you need. All submitted works are divided into categories for easy navigation. In addition, it is possible to filter works by their writing style:

  • description
  • narration
  • reflection
  • analytics
  • analysis
  • criticism.

After reviewing this information, you will have a clear understanding of the structure and writing rules. In addition, you will determine the writing methodology as well as the main mistakes that you should avoid while creating your work. Our samples will not replace your essay but will help you compare the practical material presented here with your personal observations.

History Essay Topics

When choosing a history essay topic, pay attention to the fact that you will be able to fully reveal the essence of events by providing verified information. Accuracy of facts, dates, and names is the key to successful work. Bad examples most often contain chronological inconsistencies or other unacceptable errors. Can't explore the rise of Caesar? Refuse this idea and consider describing another historical figure. 

When choosing a historical period, it is best to rely on the events of past centuries and eras. Relatively recent events are interpreted by historians in different ways, which leads to great inconsistencies. Therefore, we recommend that you avoid such facts in your work.

Here is our list of suggested topics for writing a history essay:

  1. Unknown civilizations: Contributions to world history.
  2. Reasons for the fall of Rome: Contribution of the last emperor.
  3. Political communication of allies during the war: Friendship or competition?
  4. Development of science in ancient periods. (Read what is science essay if you need it.)
  5. Devastation in Byzantium: Internal factors.
  6. Development of society in medieval Europe.
  7. Results of the First World War for participating countries: Social aspects.
  8. Characteristics of the Spartan state system: Image of the "ideal polis".

When choosing a topic for your work, rely on materials that you can find and analyze. If there is not enough information or you doubt its reliability, leave this topic and try another one.

Anthropology Essay: Definition

Over the past decades, anthropology has become known as the study of humans. It deals not only with general characteristics of human beings and their development. Anthropologists also try to clarify the relationship between these aspects. With this knowledge, it is possible to understand the behavior of individual members.

When writing an anthropology essay, it is expected that you are not only able to use proven facts but also can present arguments and counterarguments about a particular problem. In anthropology, not many topics are well-studied. Therefore, there is no exact information about what you need to know and where to find reliable information. As in other related disciplines — sociology, political science, or philosophy — in anthropology, there is an internal tension generated by opposite opinions.

How to Write an Anthropology Essay

You may ask how to write an anthropology essay? In fact, everything is quite simple and straightforward if you understand the main aspects. The main thing is to remember that your essay should be structured. It must show the logic of your reasoning and include data from various sources as needed. Paragraphs are the organizational building blocks of your essay, and each paragraph should have an idea or topic. Key recommendations for aspiring authors are:

  • Start with an introduction that provides argumentation.
  • Disclose the problem sequentially.
  • Make sure sentences and paragraphs are logical.
  • Write a conclusion that will answer the questions posed.

Important! Writing a quality essay is achieved through careful and frequent proofreading.

Find Best Anthropology Essay Example: Free Samples for You

To make it easier to write a good essay, use ready-made templates on the topic. Our service offers anthropology essay examples that are available to any user. You can visit our site and open a category with anthropological essays.

Not sure which topic to choose or where to find verified information? All this can also be found on our web resource. In addition, all the information provided is absolutely free and doesn’t require additional investments. Our editors try to regularly update our list of samples.

Anthropology Essay Topics

Anthropology is a systematic study of mankind in order to understand the evolutionary origin, distinctive features, and various forms of social existence in different periods. Most of the work in this area is based on three key concepts: society, culture, and evolution. Together they form basic ways that help anthropologists describe, explain, and understand human life.

We offer a list of anthropology essay topics that can become excellent research for your future academic work:

  1. Thesaurus on philosophical anthropology. (Take as an example our philosophy essay sample.)
  2. Broca's aphasia: Story of a French physician.
  3. History of Bigfoot.
  4. Family ties: Reincarnation of kinship in America.
  5. Jane Goodall: Biography.
  6. Ethnobotanical knowledge about the Onge tribe.
  7. How have humans evolved over the last 1000 years?

When choosing a research topic, you must be sure that you have enough information to uncover.


FAQ About History and Anthropology Essay

1. What cultural anthropology essay topics can you recommend?

Cultural anthropology is based on a variety of theoretical views and focused on both traditional and new topics. Essays on ethnographic methods, as well as methods of cultural analysis are also welcome.

Here are some topics for writing cultural anthropology essays: 1. Race and causes of racism. 2. Differences in death rituals. 3. Marriage traditions in different cultures. 4. Mythology and its influence on modern culture. 5. Connection between political organizations and anthropology.

Each of these topics is unique in its own way and reveals new information about unknown sides of human existence.

2. How to write Black History Month essay?

Black History Month is an event that involves a return to historical heritage and an analysis of its significance for certain groups in society. When you start writing a Black History Month essay, think first of those people who have gone through it, and try to discuss the severity of events. We recommend that you do three steps to fully immerse yourself in this topic: get acquainted with life and achievements of the Black innovator; study their opinions; collect it all in one place.

3. Can I submit these history essay examples?

The history essay examples provided here are just introductory information and templates for writing your own work. When using our services, you should remember that copying ready-made texts leads to a high percentage of plagiarism, which may affect your reputation.

4. Do you have history extended essay example in your database?

Have you decided to use our services and find a history extended essay example? Great! You can do this by scrolling through the samples available above. All submitted articles are divided into categories and topics, which greatly facilitates the process of searching and reading them.


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