Biology Essay Examples

Professional biology essay examples are dedicated to living organisms and the processes in them. Writing them is a major assignment in schools, colleges, and universities. In order to help you with structure and information selection, we have posted a set of quality essay samples that are donated by students on the most relevant topics below.
17 Sep 2023

How the heart pumps blood

How the heart pumps blood The heart is a fundamental organ in the human body as well as in the bodies of all other mammals. For the human being, the heart is found in the thoracic cavity, centrally located behind...

Words: 454

Pages: 1

Views: 391

17 Sep 2023

Effects of Wolf Predation on Elk Group Size

Ecological studies suggest that the restoration or the introduction of wolfs into areas with large numbers of elks have led to the decrease in the size of elk groups as well as their general size. Elks respond to...

Words: 1698

Pages: 6

Views: 398

17 Sep 2023

Strelitzia reginae: the structure and function of the three types of plant tissue

Introduction The three main plant tissue types include vascular, dermal and ground tissues. The dermis of the plants serves the same function as the dermis on the animals. Its main role is protection of the...

Words: 2351

Pages: 9

Views: 232

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17 Sep 2023

Cystic Fibrosis, How it Affects the Respiratory System

Cystic Fibrosis, How it Affects the Respiratory System Introduction/Overview of the Respiratory System The human respiratory system is a crucial, yet extremely exposed system within the body. The exposure is based...

Words: 983

Pages: 3

Views: 184

17 Sep 2023

The role of the PH scale in the health of a person

The PH scale is numeric and always indicates the levels of hydrogen ions in a solution or a substance. It is used to ascertain the acidity or the basicity level of a substance. The level of acidity is always expected...

Words: 306

Pages: 1

Views: 143

17 Sep 2023

The analysis of the different organs injury: a case with two arrow wounds

The given scenario involves a patient that was brought to the Emergency Department and had two arrow wounds. The first arrow is on the left side and it entered anteriorly between the 7th and 8th ribs through a...

Words: 1596

Pages: 5

Views: 159

17 Sep 2023

A Pain in the Gut: resolving a scenario on gastric physiology issues

Section 1- The Accident Question 1 Before the accident, Frank experienced physical problems such as tiredness, shaky hands, and blurred vision. Question 2 Blurred vision experience by Frank might...

Words: 931

Pages: 3

Views: 233

17 Sep 2023

The evaluation of stem cell therapies

Stem Cell Institute is the website title I selected and its address is The mesenchymal stem cell is the therapy offered by the website and is used to treat...

Words: 846

Pages: 3

Views: 154

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17 Sep 2023

Factors that contributed to the plane crash that involved John F. Kennedy Jr.

John F Kennedy Jr. died together with his wife and other two people on board in a 1999 plane that crashed while attempting to cross the Atlantic Ocean. The NTSB report indicates that the aircraft took several random...

Words: 575

Pages: 2

Views: 119

17 Sep 2023

The expanses of dry mud in The Death Valley

The expanses of dry mud comprised of various mountainous features ( Kaliraj et al., 2015) . The Death valley, found in California is composed of dry mud was one of eh features that covered a larger percentage of the...

Words: 336

Pages: 1

Views: 62


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A Biology Essay: What You Should Know

When one speaks about a biology essay, one assumes a written work that is devoted to this subject and its particular areas. Essays are sometimes written as homework, containing the results of literature study and personal views on certain theses. Thus, such works improve the ability to express thoughts, increase creativity and develop some qualities of pupils. 

However, biological essays online are academic texts that are written as part of a more global study, such as a dissertation or a term paper much more often. Such texts should have a clear structure, verified information, and qualitative conclusions, but topic choice is wide enough and possibility of free material presentation is preserved.

Biology Essay Topics

There are thousands of biology essay topics we can offer to you. They focus on different fields of knowledge, from basic topics about living organisms and evolution to gene structure and recent advances in biology. Furthermore, we provide a few general biology topics that will be interesting and relevant:

  1. Ancestors of modern humanity: sea creatures. 
  2. Concept of "tree of life" in interspecies relations. 
  3. Natural selection in modern fauna.
  4. Dinosaurs and their distinctive features. 
  5. The detrimental effects of human actions on biodiversity. 
  6. Built-in immune system protection against viruses and infections. 
  7. How stress affects immune function.

Below we will give more specific topics from biology field, which will be useful in more advanced learning stages. However, above topics can also be used for profound study by highlighting their scientific aspects. Make time and browse more than one essay about chemistry. It is closely related to biology.

Interesting Essay Topics for Biology Bases of Behavior

It is quite easy to find an interesting essay topic for biology bases of behavior, as it is a broad research field that studies various species’ behavior. Promising topics in this field are:

  1. How family principles affect a child's behavior.
  2. Biological preconditions for bad habits emergence. 
  3. How IQ and EQ scores affect human behavior. 
  4. Male mammals behavior during mating. 
  5. Character traits that animals and humans have in common. 
  6. How behavioral attitudes affect gender. 
  7. Manifestations of depressive disorders in human behavior.  

Sometimes a theme can be found simply by observing humans’ or other creatures' behavior in their natural environment. This section is closer to psychology (look at examples of psychology essays) but is very popular in biology.

Sustainability in Biology: Essay Topics

At the moment, sustainability in biology essay topic is a popular field primarily due to human activities. If you are thinking about realizing work in this field, these topics will help you:

  1. How globalization affects marine and natural resources.  
  2. Nature-safe sustainable development practices. 
  3. Conservation of endangered species populations in a resilient environment. 
  4. Panda extinction: methods to prevent a disaster.
  5. How industrial fishing affects seas and oceans.  
  6. Useful bacteria in recycling issues. 
  7. Aspects of bird migration in a changing climate. 

Thanks to topics listed above, you can work at intersection of science essays, because biology is related to ecology here. It also doesn't hurt to do your own research, at least a basic one, so that an essay will be revealing. Our microbiology essays should come in handy too.

Biology Extended Essay: Topic Ideas

If you are confident in the subject, then biology extended essay topic ideas are the right thing that you need. You can dive into a particular topic and consider its narrow aspects thanks to them. The following topics will help you to do this:

  1. Genetic predisposition to sexual orientation. 
  2. The phenomenon of twin mental bonding: historical research findings. 
  3. Methods and means of defeating incurable diseases of the past. 
  4. Artificial photosynthesis: myths and risks.
  5. The complexities of the process of finding a cure for old age.
  6. Changes in blood composition after a transfusion. 
  7. Biological advances in fighting eating disorders. (As an example, take an eating disorder essay at StudyBounty.)

It is important to prepare the thesis statement, write and prove the arguments, as well as make a competent conclusion at such an essay level. That's why it doesn't hurt to consult experienced colleagues who will advise you on the best way to write your essay.

A Biology Essay Example

Finding some topic to write a paper on is only the first step, biology essay examples will come in handy for the following steps. The support material is a real sample paper written by an experienced student, so you will get a great opportunity to use the methods of information presentation, the evidence base, and of course, familiarize yourself with the correct structure. 

Our website contains sample papers on all biological topics, the list of which is regularly updated. All samples are available at any time, you don't even need to register to get inspiration and some fresh ideas to write your own essay.


FAQ About Biology Essay

1. Are your biology essay examples free?

Yes, our website posts only free samples without charging anything for browsing study materials. You will not only get quality biology essay examples, but you will also save the budget you need for further research thanks to this. Despite the free model of work, the quality of our content is always good as all the essays were passed the quality before posting them on our website.

2. Can I use your biology essay samples as my own?

No, this is the only restriction set on biology essay samples on our portal. All submitted papers were written and published by students, so if you use them as your own, a plagiarism check will show dishonesty. You risk losing your reputation and getting a bad grade, so it is not worth doing that.

3. What can I write in "Why biology" major essay?

Most often, a biology major essay is informal, so it is possible to show creativity and knowledge of the subject. To begin with, tell why biology attracts you, highlight the main areas of interest and mention your plans for work in this field. If you have aspirations for development in biology, write that as well. Add some interesting facts and predictions about your future in the field of biology.

4. Can you write a biology essay for me?

Of course, we will help you to write a biology essay, because the professionalism of our writers and their reputation among clients allows us to perform works of any complexity. When writing an essay, we study the field, determine a promising and interesting topic, think through the thesis statement and structure, and only then start writing. As a result, you get a full-fledged unique work that will be delivered on time.


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