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Feel free to check out the linguistics essay examples we’ve prepared for you. All examples are samples of student works written according to standard guidelines and formatting requirements. In case you’re stuck with your writing, it may help you to jump and start your creative process.
17 Sep 2023

Present Progressive Tense lesson plan

Introduction The present progressive tense is also referred to as the present continuous tense since it indicates an ongoing or continuing action (Morenberg, 2009). For example, the statement “I am sleeping,” is...

Words: 1922

Pages: 7

Views: 146

17 Sep 2023

The morphosyntactic alignment of Korean language

The nominative languages such as Korean have a form of morphosyntactic alignment. In this language form, the subjects of transitive and intransitive verbs are differentiated from the other subjects by the word order,...

Words: 431

Pages: 2

Views: 72

17 Sep 2023

How socialization impacts our beliefs, behaviour and actions

Introduction This paper aims to reflect on how to socialize by exploring how I was taught to make friends, develop social behaviors, and form my opinions about social justice issues. Socialization refers to the...

Words: 588

Pages: 1

Views: 144

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17 Sep 2023

Indo-European: Italic (Romance) Language Family Supplementation

This paper will major on the italic romance language a member of the Indo- European Family. The paper will mostly focus on the morphology and phonology of the italic romance language. The paper will prove that the...

Words: 1239

Pages: 5

Views: 94

17 Sep 2023

The analysis of Pihara language

In language , the universal standards are expected for ethnologists’ differences to rise. Through the analysis of Pihara language, there is a lack of sound structure, recursion, quantification, and numbers and...

Words: 653

Pages: 2

Views: 87

17 Sep 2023

A comparison of Japanese and English languages

Question 1 Making the /l/ sound requires moving the tongue forward and then the tip of the tongue is pressed at the roof of the mouth just behind the top teeth. In some instances, it may come between the teeth....

Words: 501

Pages: 1

Views: 68

17 Sep 2023

The story of importance of nonverbal communication from my life

The other day my roommate and I had an argument about the current political climate and the role of the president of the United States in it. We’ve lived together with Megan for quite some time, and through our...

Words: 1348

Pages: 5

Views: 145

16 Sep 2023

Morphology in English and German Languages: Similarities and Differences

German and English are West Germanic languages. The English language family, while German comes from a family associated with other languages, such as German (Corston-Oliver & Gamon, 2004). While the two languages...

Words: 1013

Pages: 4

Views: 95

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16 Sep 2023

How ability to communicate is influenced by emotional intelligence

Introduction Interpersonal communication occurs between two people or between individuals in two groups and can be influenced by various factors. Among the factors that influence communication is one’s ability to...

Words: 542

Pages: 2

Views: 64

16 Sep 2023

Regional Dialectology versus Social Dialectology

Sociolinguistics is fundamentally interested in how language tends to vary from one social group to another, hence regional dialect being one of its main concerns. Regional dialectology can be best defined as; a form...

Words: 558

Pages: 1

Views: 391



Assignment types
Academic level

Linguistics Essay: What Is It?

You can receive a linguistics essay writing assignment if you are majoring in Linguistics (obviously), or in Language Studies, International Studies, Anthropology, or other related academic fields. Such assignment should revolve around some of the following subjects:

  • grammar
  • language peculiarities
  • history of languages
  • words’ and sentences’ structure
  • vocabulary peculiarities
  • phonetics and so on.

In order to help you get some valuable ideas, we’ve collected a few helpful topic suggestions. They were divided into separate categories for your convenience. Select the category that matches your assignment, check out the topics in it, and pick the easiest or the most interesting one. Let’s go!

Linguistics Essay Topics

Here are a few general linguistics essay topics. They may include talking about learning languages, basic communication concepts, cultural influence, etc. So, check out examples of a communication essay and a culture essay.

  • How does meaning work in language analysis and interpretation?
  • What makes different people speak different languages?
  • How do different speakers get a sense of meaning?
  • Does one’s mother tongue always interfere with pronunciation?
  • What makes language translation possible?
  • What are the attitudes to language among different cultures?
  • A critical evaluation of language and ethnicity.
  • Persuasive language strategies and techniques in political speeches.

And our list doesn’t end here. Below you can find more topics on linguistics divided into categories. You are more than welcome to browse through the offered topic ideas and choose one for your own paper.

Argumentative Essay Topics About Linguistics

Here are several argumentative essay topics about linguistics, which imply arguing certain points:

  • What makes some languages more challenging to master over other languages?
  • What can learning a new language do to help one's cognitive abilities?
  • Nobody can claim to know a specific language in its entirety.
  • Does a brain injury impair one’s language ability?
  • Can we regard the language as a simple symbol system?
  • Does literary translation cause more harm than good in communication?
  • Are translations the reason for confusion between languages?

Historical Linguistics Essay Topics

Historical linguistics essay topics mostly revolve around the evolution of languages exploring, history of certain notions, etc:

  • The contribution Greek philosophers made to language.
  • 30,000 Preserved cuneiform writings and their importance in language.
  • Early theories about the history of the language.
  • Tracing languages history in mythology.
  • The origin of the language is a mystery that cannot be solved.
  • A critical examination of theories that explain the source and evolution of language.
  • Resemblance between many English and French terms.

Interesting Linguistics Essay Topics

Here are several more linguistics essay topics which involve talking about unexpected facts or controversial opinions:

  • What can cause ambiguity in the language?
  • Factors that cause changes in the language and death.
  • What makes the written word more accurate than spoken ones?
  • Ambiguity during language translation: Issues and solutions. 
  • Do the social ramifications of language affect society or vice reverse?
  • The efficiency of language support and subject teaching.
  • Signs of language disorder and how to cope with them.
  • Relationship between translation and popular culture: Overview.

Linguistics Essay Examples

If you’ve selected your topic, you can find helpful linguistics essays examples above. We’ve published several real students’ works on languages and other topics in order to help our readers better understand academic writing tips and find new ideas for their own original works.

All our examples are completely free to browse and read. You can check out their structure or how their different parts are logically connected with each other. All of that can help you when writing your own paper. Just keep in mind that our published samples are not for copying, neither fully nor partially. Click on any link to access our sample.


FAQ About Linguistics Essays

1. Are your linguistics essay examples free?

Sure, all our linguistics essay examples you can find here are completely free for browsing and reading. You are welcome to check them out and examine their structure, style, or ideas behind them. Afterward, you can use the results of examinations as a source of inspiration when composing your own original work. The same applies to other publicly available samples in other sections of our website.

2. Can I look for a title for linguistics essay on your site?

Yes, of course! If you are interested in a specific linguistics essay title or topic, you are welcome to search and browse through our website. We’ve collected lots of helpful content in order to support you with your studies and help you get rid of the ‘writer’s block’. Hopefully, you’ll find new ideas or get some inspiration from the examples available here!

3. Can I use your linguistics essay sample for submission?

No, you cannot copy any linguistics essay sample publicly available here or somewhere else to submit it as your own work. This will be considered plagiarism and won't be a good thing in your studies. Only original texts are to be submitted because your teacher can easily check any submitted work for plagiarized content.

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