Environmental Protection Essay Examples

Does your school require you to write an environmental protection essays? On our website, it is easy to find many high-quality and interesting examples that will help you create a unique work. You can explore available essay options and choose the closest topic.

Should Single-Use Plastic Bags Be Banned?

Single-use plastic bags are bags that are made primarily from petrochemicals and are meant to be disposed of once they have been used. Single-use plastic bags are often used for packaging. Since the manufacture of...

Words: 570

Pages: 2

Views: 201

Hurricanes and Global Warming

There is insufficient evidence that hurricanes and global warming are linked. In the contemporary world, the rate of greenhouse gas emissions has increased significantly with increasing industrialization. The...

Words: 296

Pages: 1

Views: 469

Animals Also Have Their Rights

Nick Jonas is a local animal officer who fights for the rights of animals. According to Mr. Jonas, animals, just like human beings, also have their rights which demand respect. In an interview regarding the doctrine...

Words: 249

Pages: 1

Views: 145

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Environmental Pollution: Types and Effects

Environmental pollution is a global problem and its ability to influence the physiology of humans and their surrounding environment is detrimental and thus deserves attention. Descriptively, environmental pollution...

Words: 1174

Pages: 4

Views: 211

Poisonous Water from Flint River

Synopsis Water is life, but it is poison to over 99,000 people of Michigan. The economic condition of the people uses to thrive very well until General Motors downsized the plant forcing over 42% of the people in...

Words: 1425

Pages: 4

Views: 394

The Riddle of the Apostle Islands

Should Apostle Islands National Lakeshore become part of the National Wilderness Preservation System? To answer the question with the word "yes" is a means of avoiding the challenging riddles that concern the...

Words: 600

Pages: 2

Views: 170

Should Business Corporations Protect the Environment?

Every business corporation has the potential to influence environmental issues. A business organization should develop sustainable practices within its system to protect the environment for future generation....

Words: 1701

Pages: 3

Views: 162

The Impact of the Environmental Crisis on the US Urban Community

Significant environmental issues have continued to be a devastating factor among many communities. All human beings depend on nature, the environment, and the ecosystem. As a result, no one can do without these three...

Words: 696

Pages: 2

Views: 141

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Protecting Endangered Species from Extinction

Species have existed and naturally gone extinct since the beginning of time. Many people credit the extinction of animals and other species to natural selection and “survival of the fittest.” Although it is a natural...

Words: 527

Pages: 2

Views: 123

The Sacred, Reverence for Life, and Environmental Ethics in America

Taylor (2016) explores the sacredness of the surroundings and how they relate to religion. The author achieves this through a historical analysis of nature and human relationships in North America. Considering the...

Words: 319

Pages: 1

Views: 127



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Environmental Protection Essay: What Is It About?

Ecology and environment require special attention nowadays. So students of similar specialties should write environmental protection essay. In order not to experience difficulties while searching for materials, study sources on the web or books. When there is enough information, try to break it into several sections and structure it.

You can use papers published on our portal as an example. You will understand how many paragraphs should be in each part of your work and how they can be logically connected to each other. Choose the most striking arguments that support your point of view. Give relevant facts so that your teacher does not doubt your competence about the chosen question. Talk about environmental problems from different points of view.

Essay Topics on Environment

Essay topics on environment are very diverse. You can find interesting topics on our website:

  1. Climate change is associated with the growth of industrial plants.
  2. Relevance of noise pollution.
  3. Plastic and other waste in the ocean, their impact on the animal world.
  4. Changes in the world over the past 100 years.
  5. Benefits of using solar energy.
  6. How to protect endangered animal species? (Look at endangered species essays.)
  7. Consequences of earthquakes.

Good topics and interesting examples will help you create a unique work. Find free essay samples in our database! 

Topics for Essay on Importance of Environmental Protection

You can write an essay on importance of environmental protection by choosing from topics we provided below:

  1. Problem of health of wild animals in captivity.
  2. Consequences of decreasing precipitation.
  3. Ways to preserve natural water bodies.
  4. How does air pollution affect nature?
  5. How to protect the ocean from pollution?
  6. How to save rare plant species?
  7. Ways to protect wild animals from poachers.

Choose topics and give compelling arguments that will support your point of view.

Topics for Short Essay on Environmental Protection

Short essays on environmental protection are no less interesting. The main thing is to choose entertaining topics:

  1. How to create favorable conditions for the life of animals in zoos?
  2. How to minimize impact of a tornado?
  3. Importance of maintaining cleanliness in protected areas.
  4. Is it worth keeping animals in captivity?
  5. Impact of pollution on human health.
  6. Are humans responsible for cleanliness?
  7. How does deforestation affect environment? (Consult: environment science essay.)

To get the highest score, try to cover a topic you’ve chosen as much as possible.

Topics for Technology vs Environment Essay

You can write a technology vs environment essay:

  1. Safety of using solar energy.
  2. Technologies for cleaning water bodies.
  3. How to solve a problem of illegal dumps?
  4. Impact of waste processing on environment.
  5. Ways to minimize emissions from industrial plants into water bodies.
  6. Impact of cars on air pollution.
  7. Best ways to dispose of garbage.

Our site has a large list of topics that you can use for your essay. Before doing it, browse technology essay examples we prepared for our users.

Examples of Essay About Environmental Protection

Writing an essay about environmental protection is often difficult. This is because of the fact that students cannot choose the right topic, give arguments, and bring their point of view. In order not to have problems while writing your work, you should familiarize yourself with examples. These pages contain many templates that you can read for free. You can study them on our website or download them to your computer.

All works are written in compliance with the requirements for such papers. You will see a clear structure that you can navigate. The main question of a paper is fully answered. Arguments do not allow to doubt the competence of an author. However, you cannot use such works as your own – they will be checked for uniqueness, so you should write a paper based on your own thoughts.


FAQ About Environmental Protection Essays

1. Can I use one of your environmental protection essay as my own?

Environmental protection essays published on this site may only be used as examples. You can study this information and make a rough plan for writing your own work. If you hand over our paper to your teacher, they will check it for plagiarism. The work is published on the web, so it will have low uniqueness. You will have to redo your task and face a number of difficulties. To avoid such problems, start writing your own paper on a current topic.

2. Are your samples for essay about environmental protection free?

If you can't find inspiration to write an essay about environmental protection, go to our catalog and choose any interesting topic. They are published and offered for free. You can study any topic you like and use it as a basis for writing your own paper. Don’t rewrite our text, choose other arguments and describe your own thoughts on a topic.

3. Can you write my environmental protection essay for me?

We provide professional assistance in writing an environmental protection essay. Our team involves experienced writers who are well versed in the topic of ecology. You should indicate the name of your chosen topic and the deadline for writing your assignment. We will provide high-quality text that will be unique and fully cover issues connected with your topic. Your teacher will appreciate your paper because it will have an ideal structure and interesting facts about environmental protection.

4. What can I write in a "how to help the environment" essay?

If you are writing a how to help the environment essay, check out examples on our website. Your work can mention the rejection of the plastic use and the preference for recycled products that cause less harm to the environment. Make sure you are using up-to-date facts backed up by authoritative opinion. Offer your own solutions and eliminate environmental disasters. Such a paper will receive the highest grades, especially if it contains your personal opinion on environmental protection.


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