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17 Sep 2023
Applied Sciences

Benefits of Microsoft Direct Access over VPN

Benefits of Microsoft Direct Access over VPN The evolution of technology means that others, which bear more advantages than previous versions, can replace various applications. The primary purpose of both Direct...

Words: 295

Pages: 1

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16 Sep 2023
Applied Sciences

Imaging Informatics and Operational Management

Present technologies in radiation oncology and medical imaging are highly complicated in a computer-driven world. Further, it is becoming more difficult for most specialists within the medical profession to...

Words: 1960

Pages: 8

Views: 156

15 Sep 2023
Applied Sciences

Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention

After the introduction of the internet, network security became a key bother for individuals and organizations alike. People were afraid of losing their personal and collective data to third parties. Although the...

Words: 1123

Pages: 4

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14 Sep 2023
Applied Sciences

Steps Required in Determining the Credibility of a Website

The internet provides an easy way of finding information on various topics but the problem is in the determination of the credibility of the information or the website which provides the information. However, there...

Words: 242

Pages: 1

Views: 461

14 Sep 2023
Applied Sciences

How to Effectively Communicate the Cyber-crime Message to the Elderly and Youths

For communication to accomplish its intended purpose, it must be effective to the audience. It is the passage of information from the source through the identified channel to the receiver (Gao & Huang, 2019). All...

Words: 300

Pages: 1

Views: 215

14 Sep 2023
Applied Sciences

Security Issues on Libya’s E-Government

Security Issues on Libya’s E-Government The world’s governance and all the sectors are becoming dependent on technology with the intention of moving from the traditional form of governance and service provision...

Words: 1171

Pages: 5

Views: 528

14 Sep 2023
Applied Sciences

Benefits of Ethical Hacking

Benefits of Ethical Hacking Similar to the activities of Anonymous, hacking does not simply represent an activity in which there is massive damage with purely detrimental effects. Hackers’ actions can be inspired by...

Words: 316

Pages: 1

Views: 530


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