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We know that you’re looking for perfect words count to minutes reading time. Stop whatever you were doing and use this word to speech converter. It is free, excellent in quality, and definitely easy. It will only take you several seconds to get the results you need.

Are you searching how many pages should one use for a short presentation? Do you need to check whether students can read an article in three minutes? You can do this and so much more using this platform. Don’t be shy and enjoy all the benefits!


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Convert words to minutes online in 3 simple steps

Using this words to minutes calculator is very easy.

  1. Input number of words or time You only need the number of pages or minutes for using this tool. If your professor asks for a two-minute presentation, students can convert that time into pages.
  2. Choose your score of reading You can adjust the speed of reading depending on your style. Some projects may need slowing down or speeding up, everything depends on requirements.
  3. Click on the button "Convert" It will take you seconds to convert words to time. It is easy and one will hardly have time for blinking. As students can see, there are even more reasons why they should use it.

Benefits of our words to time calculator

We recommend this word to time converter to every student for several reasons. Professionals who worked on it ensured that it is not only free but also accessible and easy for navigation. Below students will find several benefits that you’re getting by using this tool.

  • Free use

    We never charge students for changing words to time speech. It is definitely 100% free. We don’t need credit cards, personal information, or practically anything else from our users. You should not waste your time with registration by spending money on something that students can have totally for free.

  • Simplicity

    Apart from being free, this website is also very quick for navigation. You should not be a specialist in computer science or IT for using these words to speaking time calculator. It only takes several seconds till you navigate through the website and get the results you actually need. So, use it and gain your advantages.

  • Accurate results

    This platform is not only simple and free. You are also getting accurate results. We can guarantee that with your chosen speed of reading, the results will be bulletproof. So, following the speed, you will have the exact time you received before.


Free word to time counter: word count to reading time

We tried highlighting that this word count to speech time tool is universal. Here we mean that not only students will benefit from using this tool. There are thousands of people who use this website daily for many reasons. We listed some of them below.

  • Students

    Students are our first candidates. Initially, this platform was created precisely for academic writing. Many students use our website for transferring word count to speaking time for their presentation. They can see whether there is a need of making it longer or shorter.

  • Scriptwriters

    Students have a hard time knowing whether the book or the script they have written can be shot in just two hours. Starting with this website is a good way of seeing the overall run time of the movie.

  • HR

    HR professionals also can use this word count speech length timer. If they have a need of presenting their company in just one minute, understanding how much text they require is a must. It makes their job more simple and quick.

  • Translators

    Lastly, translators also love this platform. They use our word count to time spoken tool and check whether the text they have successfully translated is a good fit for the video. When you are translating in subtitles, time is important for you.


Words to speech time calculator: speech to minutes online

This speech length calculator is available for many texts and purposes as we think you already know. It is not only perfect for academic articles and papers. There is so much more that students can experiment with and succeed using this platform. Our users usually check the following texts listed below.

  • Presentations

    Often, presentations are given without a page limit. Nevertheless, it is challenging to decide how long your paper should be when you only have minutes. So, it is pretty easy — convert two minutes into pages and adjust the speed of reading with these words to speech minutes length tester.

  • Articles

    If you need a brief summary of a paper or read the whole thing, students should definitely know how much time it will take. Type in the number of pages using your text and see whether students should speed up your process. That is another use of speech to words counter.

  • Briefs

    Lastly, this words to minutes speech counter is not only used by students. Many professionals, especially HR and managers like this tool for presenting their companies to clients or employees. It gives them full control over how much they can say in only just one minute. Our tool also helps make their message more clear and concise.

Text to speech time calculator

There are more things students will be surprised about this text to speech minutes timer. No one can mess it up as it's practically impossible. Nevertheless, we assure you that students will have a pleasant time on the first try. That is why we have even more information worth checking before actually using this tool.

Every single page that you put here will be kept safe. We will not share it on other platforms. We guarantee full confidentiality. Remember, your information is in the good hands of this text to speech time estimator. Without getting into details of encrypted data, students can rest assured that it will be secured every time one converts text to speech time length.

Moreover, students should not register for using this text to speaking time tool. We have ensured that it is simple, useful, and definitely free. We do not require your personal information, email, or even your name. Use our converter as much as you’d like and improve your academic writing. Besides, recommend it if your friends or colleagues need help. After all, it is free of registration or charges.

As students can see, you are not losing anything here. So, use each and every benefit of this platform with us without spending too much time!


Speech words to minutes calculator


Are you still not convinced that you need this tool for transferring minutes to words? Wow, it is a good thing that we can offer you many reasons why every student should definitely try our service. Even though it is free, easy, and quick, there is so much more all students can use right here. You should try this tool if you:

  • Must complete a three-minute presentation but you don’t know how many pages it can take. So, use our tool and transfer words into minutes!
  • Struggle with your presentations and don’t know how fast you should read them.
  • Prepared a small presentation about yourself but so far you only recorded long videos. You should shorten them by using this platform. Enjoy its convert word count to minutes spoken service.
  • Prepare a presentation for your boss, but it must be short and intriguing.
  • Don’t know ways of dividing your project between all the teammates for making all parts equal. Therefore, try changing words to minutes speaking.

There are so many uses offered by this small tool! Save your time and get exactly what you need with ease.


How our words to minutes for speech works

Our word to speaking time estimator is easy to use, yet it has scientific ground behind it. Even though the users will definitely enjoy its simplicity, be assured that there is nothing easy about how it works or how it was developed.

Every time you google “time my speech,” we are already prepared to do that for you. An average person has a standard reading rate. We use it as well as its version to transfer time to words. However, we will not get into more details about how everything works. It involves a lot of effort and knowledge for improving this tool.

Nevertheless, our students get the best possible results and enjoy this tool without limits. No one believes that this can be so easy. But we are here and telling you that it can be. Improve your academic writing now and be one of the best doing your task!

Words to speech time calculator

This talk time calculator gives students even more benefits than we mentioned above. But before you actually use our tool, we can offer you a small summary of the results students usually get. But remember – actions speak louder, after all. See our little table below for more information. We believe it will help our users get useful answers.

How long will it take to say this?

How many words is a 1 minute speech?

Our answer will obviously depend on how fast a student can read.

Usually, 60 seconds will be quite enough for 100 words.Nevertheless, you should speak quicker or slower under varied circumstances. Everything is approximate, even here.

Nevertheless, try aiming for 150 words every 60 seconds. Making it easier, students should definitely use this tool though.

How many words is a 2 minute speech?
How many words is a 3 minute speech?
How many words is a 4 minute speech?
How many words is a 5 minute speech?
How many words is a 6 minute speech?
How many words is a 7 minute speech?
How many words is a 8 minute speech?
How many words is a 9 minute speech?
How many words is a 10 minute speech?
How many words is a 11 minute speech?
How many words is a 12 minute speech?
How many words is a 13 minute speech?
How many words is a 14 minute speech?
How many words is a 15 minute speech?

Words to speech online converter

Are you in need of transferring written words to speech time spoken? We can definitely do that too, right here and now. Keep in mind that the actual results depend on how fast every student reads. We all have different styles and patterns. That’s why results may vary.

How long does it take to read 250 words?60 seconds might be enough, yet we do advise aiming for 100 seconds
How long does it take to read 500 words?How long does it take to read 500 words speech? 200 seconds will be a perfect fit.
How long does it take to read 700 words?It should take around 4 or 5 minutes.
How long does it take to read 800 words?You can read this quantity in 5 minutes. If it is about 850 words, it should take a little longer.
How long does it take to read 1000 words?How long does it take to read 1000 words out loud? Well, we would say around 6 minutes.
How long does it take to read 1200 words?Try doing it in 8 minutes. It should be your best bet here.
How long does it take to read 1500 words?Aim for 10 minutes, but it can be longer as the students will get tired.
How long does it take to read 2000 words?Finally, around 15 minutes, and you are all done. You might want to take a break for this one though.

Other tools to ease your life

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FAQ About Words to Speech Calculator

Do you still have questions about this essay time calculator? Rest assured as students can find all the answers in this section!

How to select the right speaking speed?

This tool is very easy for navigation. You only need the number of pages in your article or the number of minutes you require. You can get text to speech timing or the other way around. If your professor asks for a two-minute-long paper, use this website as a student has a hard time knowing how many pages you will read. Besides, students can also adjust the speed of talking for convenience. Enjoy!

Is your speech rate calculator free?

Yes! Our favorite word to speech counter is definitely free and limitless. You can enjoy its bonuses as much as you’d like without paying anything extra. So, leave your credit card for other expenses and don’t waste your money on academic writing. It is something that students can definitely enjoy for free, especially right here, on this platform.

How many words can be spoken in a minute of speech?

Use this text to speech counter and one will find out. Still, everything will depend on how fast students can read. Normally, we say that 100 words per minute are a standard speed. Nevertheless, depending on your style, it can be more or less. So, adjust the rate depending on your style and requirements of the event.

How long should be my speech?

Still wondering how long is this speech? You have two choices here. If your professor asked for a two-minute presentation, then use this tool if you have a hard time knowing how many words you need. You will have an average of 200 words. You can also do it the other way around and transfer words into time.


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