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17 Sep 2023

The Baptist Church Effect on Intercultural Communication

In the contemporary world, certain groups of people distinguish themselves in terms of beliefs, norms and traditions. Certain geographical environments have different cultural spaces that enhance intercultural...

Words: 1179

Pages: 4

Views: 471

17 Sep 2023

Hospital discharge report and main types of reports used by radiologists and pathologists

Discussion Question 1 Summary The (n) patient, a 60-year old (n) woman, was admitted because of respiratory distress. A comprehensive clinical examination of (pn) her condition indicated the need for...

Words: 524

Pages: 1

Views: 64

17 Sep 2023

Emblems, illustrators, regulators, adaptors, and affect displays and messages they convey

Communication is seen as one of the essential parts of human life, as it creates a platform through which people can interact. Communication is not always represented through verbal communication but can also be...

Words: 762

Pages: 3

Views: 482

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17 Sep 2023

The importance of communication between patient and doctor

Response 1 As you explain in your post, trust between a physician and a patient is a critical issue in providing quality care. You notice from your post that a lack of proper communication would reduce the level...

Words: 319

Pages: 1

Views: 143

17 Sep 2023

Communication accommodation theory and its negative effects on self-satisfaction

The communication accommodation theory posits that people generally adjust their communication techniques, based on the situations and the people with whom they interact. The ability to mould oneself in any social...

Words: 735

Pages: 3

Views: 88

17 Sep 2023

Motivational speech on risk-taking: how it affected my life

I remember during my second-grade graduation ceremony, where one of the guests delivered an inspirational speech that touched everyone. The topic was taking a risk to achieve a specific goal. The speech was a...

Words: 313

Pages: 1

Views: 87

17 Sep 2023

The analysis of Hall’s cultural taxonomy

To develop confidence in a multicultural society, one has to understand differences in cultural patterns. Factors such as values, norms, social practices, and beliefs are essential patterns that cause cultural...

Words: 321

Pages: 1

Views: 75

17 Sep 2023

The reflection on the speech I gave

I have delivered a well-organized speech on why it is not essential to keep exotic animals as pets. There are, however, some opportunities for me to improve my speech. I should have pointed on some benefits of...

Words: 280

Pages: 1

Views: 114

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17 Sep 2023

Staying out of your Inbox

After reading the article about working with Jeff Bezos, I would not want to work with him as my boss because of the adversarial, uncomfortable, and Darwinian struggle for survival organizational culture that he has...

Words: 323

Pages: 1

Views: 499

17 Sep 2023

How communication privacy management is applied to family and work contexts

Communication Privacy Management (CPM) is a theory that centers on why and how individuals conceal and reveal private information. The theory is useful because it makes comprehension of the significance and...

Words: 507

Pages: 2

Views: 63


Assignment types
Academic level

What Is Communication Essay 

Need to write a communication essay but got a ‘writer’s block’ at the start? Let’s start our tips with defining what essay on communication should actually talk about. Obviously, your goal would be to touch some element of the general notion of contact between people, i.e. the process of exchanging information between individuals or groups via various means. You can examine the following major areas related to our topic:

  • Meaning, its difficulties, and the problems it solves.
  • History of this issue and its role in the evolution of humankind.
  • Specifics connection between different groups, cultures, or ethnicities.
  • Connection between animals, and so on.

Communication Essay Introduction

Let’s explore the typical structure of such papers. We’ll start with writing an introduction to a communication essay. You should clearly state your thesis in it, providing necessary details and context. It is often useful to provide a definition of the term to your audience, explaining that this is about exchanging ideas via various means, involving two or more individuals. Your definition should highlight the aspect of the phenomena of connection between people or the process your research is focused on so that your readers get better prepared for your arguments. 

Don’t make your introduction too detailed. Most of your explanations should be provided in the main part.

Communication Essay Body

Now let's find out what to put in the main body of communication essay. As usual, you need to provide all necessary details for your thesis. Write all arguments you need to support your position and don't forget about using proper sources. 

Your argumentation and your sources should be aligned with the general field your topic belongs to. For example, an essay about communication technologies should use technical literature. But if you're writing about the psychological aspect of information exchange, better refer to articles and books in this scientific area.

Keep your main body logical and make sure you don't miss to address any question that was mentioned in the introduction.

Conclusion for Communication Essay 

Finally, let’s talk about communication essay conclusion. Typically you are expected to summarize all your explanations and argumentation which were provided in the previous part. A clear answer should be given to the main questions stated in the introduction. You can also highlight here the necessity of further research on this topic.

Another important thing is aligning your conclusion with the academic area of your general subject. In case it is about historical or cultural aspects of information exchange between people, use humanities essay terms to summarize your findings. Otherwise, you might need to use technical terms or use other means to put it together properly, depending on the area you’ve chosen.

Communication Essay Examples

Need some good communication essays to take a look at? Got stuck with writing yours or worried about your deadline? You’ve come to the right place as we’ve got plenty of helpful suggestions for essay writing, particularly for this academic area. Real scholarly papers written for real student assignments are available here for free.

In order to help our readers get inspiration for composing their essays on specific topics we’ve picked free essay samples from various categories, namely:

  • Interpersonal communication
  • Intercultural communication
  • Communication and technology (consult: essay on technology)
  • Psychology of communication, etc.

And this, of course, is not the whole list of categories you can find in our database. Please click below to access all the examples.

Communication Essay Topics

Still not sure what to write about? We’ve also prepared some communication topics suggestions for you. To make it even more convenient, we’ve divided them into three major categories. 

In case you haven’t received a specific topic in your assignment, you can select the most interesting category and search for the best topics inside it. Feel free to take any topics you find here for your own essay. Even if you don’t pick any specific one here, some of these suggestions might give you some fresh ideas for coming up with your own unique topic.

Interpersonal Communication Essay Topics

Here are several interpersonal communication essay topics. Please note that they come from different academic areas:

  • Latest updates in the methods and rules of interpersonal verbal communication skills.
  • Role of body language and gestures in business communication.
  • How to be a good orator by contacting people verbally?
  • How can we make our gestures in coordination with our words?
  • Context impact on interpersonal dialogue quality.
  • Interpersonal dialogue simulation methods.
  • How do our facial expressions reveal our thoughts to the person on the other side?
  • Competence concept & its applicability to interpersonal dialogue.
  • Dysfunctional interpersonal communication concept.

Intercultural Communication Essay Topics

Now, some helpful intercultural communication essay topics for you:

  • Role of language knowledge in making intercultural communication more efficient.
  • Translation as a form of intercultural dialogue.
  • Main aspects of intercultural information exchange.
  • Practical approaches to intercultural dialogue.
  • Medium role in intercultural connection between people.
  • Main artifacts in intercultural information exchange.
  • Studying abroad as a factor contributing to intercultural dialogue competence.
  • International student adaptation to American campuses.
  • High-context cultures versus low-context cultures: intercultural perspective.
  • The importance of intercultural dialogue for international businesses.

Mass Communication Essay Topics

Finally, here are mass communication essay topics for you to consider. These suggestions include both technology-related themes and mass psychology related ones:

  • How social media has shaped the patterns of information exchange in the 2000s / 2010s.
  • Social media contribution to social movements.
  • Effects of social networks on effectiveness of political campaigns.
  • How video blogging shapes contact between people in the 2020s.
  • The role of radio/TV in the spread of political agenda.
  • Political rhetoric on local, state, federal, or international levels.
  • Specifics of communication in virtual reality.
  • Communication in games and gamer communities worldwide.
  • Propagation of fake news and its impact on political activism.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Communication Essay

1. Can I submit these communication essay examples?

No, all communication essay examples available on our website cannot be considered unique if you just copy them and submit them as your own work. They can be used for reference or inspiration only. Please keep in mind that you only can submit 100% original texts, otherwise, your tutor can easily find plagiarism in your work.

2. Are these essays on communication free?

Sure! All samples of communication essays that can be found on our website are free to search, browse and read. They were published here in order to help our readers get fresh ideas. You are welcome to examine their structure, style, or logical connections between their parts to reuse this knowledge in your own original works, whenever needed.

3. Can you write a communication essay for me?

Need a communication essay but don’t have time for writing? We’ve got your back! Feel free to contact us any time. We are a team of skilled academic wires with vast experience in various academic fields. Our mission is to help students out with their assignments. Our works are properly formatted, 100% unique, proofread, and always delivered before the deadline.

4. What to write a communication essay about?

As explained above, a communication essay should focus on some important aspects of the information exchange between humans, groups, or other entities. Depending on which domain you are interested in, you can choose to write about: communication technologies, the psychology behind communication, the history of communication, its role in culture/politics/economy, etc.

For more ideas please check out our topic suggestions.


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