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Writing a journalism essay or a mass media essay? Stuck at the beginning or struggling with deadlines? We’re here to help! A number of great writing tips, topic suggestions, and real paper examples are available here for both these subjects.

What Makes an Effective Executive?

Contrary to popular opinion that all executives are leaders, Peter Drucker presents a different view pointing out that not all executives are leaders, but most of the executives are only made effective through eight...

Words: 705

Pages: 2

Views: 419

Student Satisfaction in Higher Education

Advanced educational institutions are perpetually keen on the improvement of instruments that empower them to assess and deal with the desires of their students with the reason for drawing in and keeping them...

Words: 1336

Pages: 5

Views: 126

Importance of friends in an individual’s life

Friends are seen as vital components of an individual’s life because they come to the rescue when one is in a crisis by providing emotional and physical support. The relationships made between lovers, friends, and...

Words: 580

Pages: 2

Views: 63

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Regulatory and Imaginative Functions of Language

I use the regulatory and imaginative functions of language mostly when I am at home. The regulatory function applies when I am asking someone to do something. For instance, statements such as; pass the salt, turn on...

Words: 258

Pages: 1

Views: 157

Quality Journalism Ridiculed as Fake News

All Fourth estate institutions have a level of biasness when it comes to different stories that are disseminated to the public domain: this level of bias dictates whether a media house will take a conservative or...

Words: 1346

Pages: 5

Views: 413

Mean Girls: The Movie That Defined a Generation

The Victorian era saw the start of feminism that would proliferate in the 1970s. Feminists were fed-up with the continued gender discriminations that depicted them as inferior to their male colleagues (Han, 2017)....

Words: 1508

Pages: 5

Views: 157

Case Study: The Impact of Social Media

Collaborative and open communication prove to be vital in ensuring a continuous improvement process at Google. Agarwal & Garg (2012) go out of their way to explain how effective communication results in a...

Words: 279

Pages: 1

Views: 76

History of Mass Communication

Different scholars have defined mass communication in different ways depending on their understanding and views. Some of the profound definitions that I find to explain mass communication well are "the mechanism...

Words: 2005

Pages: 8

Views: 180

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Interpersonal Communication Event Analysis: How to Improve Your Communication Skills

The communication event under analysis is the “Reservoir Dogs” film, a 1992 film that Quentin Tarantino directed. The film features six criminals unknown to each other assigned with the task of stealing diamonds by...

Words: 294

Pages: 1

Views: 54

Communication Skills: The Ultimate Guide

Communication plays a crucial role in the initiation, development, and maintenance of human relationships. With this fact in mind, I have made efforts to ensure that I have healthy relationships with my colleagues...

Words: 337

Pages: 1

Views: 103


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Journalism Essay: Basics

Before starting to write a journalism essay, it is useful to find out what an essay about journalism and communication should talk about in general. 

Typically, you’ll need to provide the definition of journalism at the beginning of your paper. Explain that this activity involves collecting information about important news, events and individuals and organizing it in order to propagate it throughout society. Journalism is a key element of mass information. It is also a social activity, often closely connected to political movements.

So, your paper is expected to examine some of these aspects:

  • Mass information technology.
  • Journalists’ cultural and social role.
  • Techniques of information collection and propagation.

But, of course, apart from the aspects given above, the analysis of journalism works implies a deeper study of different events. So if you are about to write this type of paper, then you can focus on anything you are interested in, from just news to global social issues journalists shed light on.

Journalism Essay Examples

We’ve collected a number of helpful journalism essay examples for our readers who are struggling with their deadlines. All of them are available for free. You can borrow some ideas or styles from them or just use them as inspiration when writing your own original works.

Texts about all main aspects of journalism are available here. For example, we have the following categories here:

Feel free to browse through these categories and pick the one that matches your own specific theme best. Click below to access our free essay samples.

Journalism Essay Topics 

If you are still struggling to choose a good topic that will be interesting both for you and your audience, here are a few journalism topics to write about. They include ethics in public relations and journalism essay topics:

  • Specifics of international journalism.
  • What skills, knowledge, and training does one need to become a good journalist?
  • Define journalism ethics and highlight its importance in news coverage. (As an example take our essay about fake news.)
  • Elaborate on why modern media channels tend to largely focus on celebrity gossip instead of vital problems.
  • What is the role of journalists in reducing crime?
  • Are there any media outlets that are politically neutral?
  • Can journalism effectively seek the truth without breaking the journalism code?
  • Discuss the representation of women journalists in the worldwide media community.
  • Can a journalist be objective when reporting on war?
  • Possible impacts of misdirection and misinformation by reporting in the media.

Mass Media Essay in Detail

Wondering what to write about in your essay about mass media? Let’s take a look at basic concepts an essay on mass media should address. First of all, you’ll need to provide general context by explaining that mass media is an array of information technologies able to reach broad masses of people within a very small time period. As an example, take our essay about information technology. Mass media can be regarded from different aspects:

  • Technological
  • Cultural
  • Ethical
  • Psychological, etc.

It is closely related to journalism, so in your mass media paper, you may talk about ethics or information propagation as well. Just make sure to back your claims with proper sources.

Mass Media Essay Samples

Writing an essay on influence of mass media or on its technical aspects? Not sure where to start from or stuck in the middle? No worries, we have several real student paper examples here, free to browse and free to be used for inspiration. You can examine their style or structure and then reuse them in your own original texts. Or borrow some interesting ideas or unusual approaches to problems from them.

We have collected several examples addressing various kinds of problems, from ethical to technical. Pick the one that is related to your assignment and feel free to check it closely.

Mass Media Essay Topics

Before choosing a mass media topic for your paper, make sure you are familiar with the field you want to shed light on. Whether it is the impact of mass media on different age groups or mass media in economy and politics, you have to clearly understand what you are going to write about. If you are conversant with the chosen question, it will be easier to produce logical content and coherent ideas. Here are several helpful media topics for essays you can choose from:

  • Role of technologies in mass media evolution.
  • Impact of mass media on economic growth.
  • Discuss the negative implications of media in influencing violence.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of mass communication laws in the US. (Consult: the law essay.)
  • Role of mass media in democracy.
  • Explore connections between mass media and politics.
  • Discuss why radio still commands a huge following.
  • Role of mass media in the growth of the music industry.
  • Impact of mass media on the course of the Vietnam War.
  • Global impact of social media marketing campaigns.

Journalism Essay: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these journalism essay examples unique?

Our communication essay examples cannot be considered as unique texts to be submitted for your assignment. They can be used for reference, a better understanding of a topic, or writing inspiration. Please note that you can use only your own original texts for your assignments. Don't copy any published texts for that purpose, neither fully nor partially.

2. Can I use these journalism essay samples for free?

Sure! All our journalism essay samples are completely free to search or read without any restrictions. The same goes for other content samples published on our website. We’ve collected them in order to help out students struggling with their assignments so that they could use them to boost their creativity. Hopefully, this will assist you in writing your own creative and original texts!

3. What will happen if I submit these journalism essay examples?

All our essays on journalism and communication are publicly available texts and therefore cannot be used in any kind of scholarly work. Please take into account that your teacher might easily detect plagiarism in such a case. All samples which are published on our website are searchable and thus can be traced back when analyzing your submission.

4. Can you write an essay on journalism and mass media?

Absolutely! If you need us to write a journalism and mass media essay for you, feel free to contact us right here! Our professional paper writing team sees its mission in helping students with their work. Our writers have significant experience in various academic areas. We create high-quality works, format and proofread them carefully and deliver them before deadlines!


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