Environmental Science Essays & Papers for College Students

With the rising environmental crisis, students get tasked with an environmental essay in English. Creation of such pieces requires superb writing as well as analytical skills that not every student has. Repurposing already existing papers helps save time and nerves, and improve scores.

HACCP: A Systematic Approach to Food Safety

HACCP entails an organized preventive undertaking to food safety from chemical, biological, and physical hazards in the processes of production which can make the finished products unsafe. A collaborative effort...

Words: 268

Pages: 1

Views: 142

Sampling: The Selection of a Particular Sample or Group to Represent an Entire Population

Sampling involves the selection of a particular sample or group to represent an entire population. Sampling techniques are categorized into two major groups that comprise non-probability and probability sampling. In...

Words: 564

Pages: 2

Views: 187

GIS Uses in National Wildlife Refuge Management

GIS is also known as the geographic information systems; these are computer systems that are used in the manipulation of data. These computer systems include both hardware and software systems, working together for...

Words: 679

Pages: 2

Views: 112

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Factors That Least Affect the Global Environment

Introduction Kutz (1) defines environmental degradation as the destruction of habitats and ecosystems and the depletion of natural resources. The destruction of the environment arises from a combination of both...

Words: 1188

Pages: 4

Views: 89

Restoration of the Chesapeake Bay

A desirable ecological balance is one in which the factors that make the given environment what it is desirable. The Chesapeake Bay is one of those ecosystems which has lost the desirable balance and hence, has...

Words: 259

Pages: 1

Views: 133

Hazard Analysis Techniques for System Safety

A hazard is the potential of a risk occurring if a particular machine, item, or process is left uncontrolled. Workplaces have several hazards which may be caused by machines, energy sources, raw materials, chemicals,...

Words: 679

Pages: 2

Views: 144

The Construction of Wind and Solar Farms

Spencer Foust of the McDonough County Voice notes that FEJA plans to provide 180 million dollars per year with the prospect of growing it to 220 million dollars to fund the construction of wind and solar farms in the...

Words: 274

Pages: 3

Views: 125

The Process of Production of Gold Using Mercury

The process of production of gold using mercury is one of the oldest gold extraction processes. The process is considered dangerous to human beings, animals, and the environment. However, extraction of gold from...

Words: 1665

Pages: 3

Views: 165

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Science: What It Is and What It Isn't

Science is the collection of knowledge of the physical world through making observations or conducting experiments. It can also be defined as the facts or principles obtained from carrying out a systematic study. ...

Words: 780

Pages: 3

Views: 143

Professionalism, Accountability, Best Practices, and Ethics in Emergency Management

Two Standardized Actions and Ethical Practices in Emergency Management Ethics is the study of standards of conducts and moral judgment among people or situations. The determination of right and wrong are all...

Words: 1384

Pages: 5

Views: 370


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What Is an Environmental Science Essay

Asking for a personal definition of environmental science essay pieces expect receiving a unique angle. Depending on the article's topic, students either start with a brief term and move on or write the whole article only about the definition and main aspects. Articles on ecology often require conducting research beforehand and building strong argumentation strategies.

Authors present unique, original opinions regarding life sciences. Those get supported by credible information, facts, and numbers. Each paper of this genre is a small research work. It provides a decent level of specific info leaving space for personal thoughts or emotions. Read proposed paper samples attentively to make it easier.

Environmental Science Essay Examples That Worked

Quick hack: to create a compelling environmental essay just use free paper samples as a template. Our website offers numerous examples of academic pieces on ecology absolutely for free. Study them, pay attention to details, and extract helpful insights. Implement those insights in custom pieces for a dramatic improvement in final grades. Here’s how these samples of environmental science papers can help:

  • Structure improvement

Gain skill of pre-planning. Design narration, pacing, and positioning of arguments. Make transitioning more fluent, natural, and organic.

  • Better vocabulary

Learn new subject-specific words and appropriate ways of using them. Add morphological variability to sentences for improved readability.

  • Enhanced argumentation

Make reasoning and description more believable. Use dedicated sentence formatting and narration pacing to achieve an ultimate convincing effect.

Tips for Writing an Environmental Science Essay

You can’t just get a free environmental science essay in English. You have to write it yourself. It can be tedious, time-consuming, or even nerve-racking. Introduce some changes to the writing process for streamlined creation and improved quality. Look through any short environmental science paper in pdf examples. An environment protection essay will also come in handy. We’ve compiled a list of helpful tips that will assist in creating good work. Try following them closely for a full effect.

  1. Choose trustworthy sources. Only credible data sources should be used in such academic pieces. Check correctness and relevance of materials before mentioning them.
  2. Create an outline. Never ignore text structuring! Design articles beforehand for better transitioning, improved readability, and overall enhanced quality.
  3. Study samples. Try reading free essay examples before writing, examining each sentence diligently. Such action will provide additional ideas and knowledge. 
  4. Ask for opinion. If possible, ask someone to read your paper before submission. Additional opinion helps find weak spots in narration and argumentation.

Environmental Science Essay & Paper Topics

Topics on environmental science leave enough space for interpretation and creative thinking. Topic selection is the first stage in the writing process. Young authors should select interesting, engaging subjects. Title must hook attention not only to readers but to authors. Writers must be eager to write about it. Only this approach yields great, high-scoring, impressive articles. Here are some general environmental essay topics for you:

  • Describe impacts of technology on nature and climate of the Earth.
  • How do plants and living organisms get harmed by humans?
  • Explore the effects of recycling on a personal carbon footprint. (Read our recycling essay.)
  • Which political and economic factors prevent us from becoming “clean”?
  • Explain modern measures for climate change prevention.
  • How does climate activism affect social perception of this issue?

Environmental Essay Related Topics

Additionally you can choose from topics related to environmental science. Such subjects leave even more options to present knowledge and highlight writing and analytical skills. Look at these paper titles:

  • Remote working – effects on population and ecology.
  • Science advancements of the 21st century that help our planet.
  • Name 10 countries with the cleanest air and describe each one.
  • What to choose: paper bags or plastic ones?
  • “Life will always find a way” – discuss by taking Chornobyl as an example.
  • Change in people’s behavior towards forests in the last decade.
  • Nature protection with law, effective or not?
  • Will there be a decrease in global water supplies?

Interesting Environmental Topics for Paper

Were all previous topics for environmental science papers not good enough? Or do you want to tease readers’ brains? Then you need specifically designed text subjects. Those will do dirty on minds taking them somewhere unexpected, unseen before. It’s better if authors create such subjects themselves. If no ideas come to your mind, here are some titles you can use:

  • What are the primary local reasons for climate change in Antarctica?
  • Describe negative effects of leaving dead bodies on Mount Everest.
  • What are your efforts to make tree leaves greener?
  • Does EU politics have any effect on ecology in Madagascar?

Would you like to get some fresh ideas? Browse other examples that are close to environmental science, such as an essay on chemistry.


FAQ About Environmental Science Essays

1. Are your environmental science essay examples free?

Every student can download countless environmental essays for free. Proposed examples demonstrate unique approaches to this topic and full compliance with regulations. Donated by students they are a perfect opportunity for anyone to improve writing skills without losing too much time. Read samples online or download them as pdf files freely.

2. Why is an environmental science essay so important?

Describing the importance of environmental science essay pieces focus on positive effects. Studying nature and ecology has numerous benefits and students must analyze them. Conduct research beforehand and gather useful information. Arrange arguments carefully. If nothing works out or you have no ideas – free paper samples are ready to assist!

3. Can I use one of your environmental papers?

Each sample paper about environmental science on this website was donated by other students. They were already submitted and graded. Any plagiarism checker will confirm that. If you are aiming at completing this task you better create unique pieces. Use paper examples as inspiration and source of ideas, arguments, and descriptions.

4. How to start an environmental essay?

Each essay on environmental science starts with a definition. It can be the one from the dictionary or created by the student. After that, try hooking the reader's attention. All background information and questions must fire up readers’ interest, engaging them in reading. Use shocking facts, quotations, or even alarming statistics.


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