Engineering & Construction Essay Examples

Students who plan to become specialists in the construction industry must know the theory and practice of construction thoroughly. They confirm their qualifications by preparing engineering essays, as well as construction essays, the examples of which you will see below. Our list contains only relevant and important topics, they will allow you to show your knowledge and creativity to the general public.

How to Resolve Team Conflict

As a group, our main aim is to stay focused on doing the task at hand with minimal distractions. However, we are cognizant of the fact that the journey will not be entirely smooth; conflicts are bound to arise from...

Words: 312

Pages: 1

Views: 174

Motivating Qatari Youths to Study Engineering

Motivating Qatari Youths to Study Engineering After being an engineering student at Qatar Foundation for a while, I have made some interesting observation about uptake technical disciplines among Qatari youth,...

Words: 633

Pages: 2

Views: 418

Rectifier Systems: Everything You Need to Know

Executive Summary Rectifier systems are integral in converting alternating current to direct current. In a bid to understand the impact of rectifier systems in a circuit, it is integral to consider the...

Words: 372

Pages: 1

Views: 177

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The Grand Challenges for Social Work

The National Academy of Engineering (NAE) has been pondering how best to improve human life on earth. As such, it has outlined some possible challenges that engineers must focus on to enhance the quality of life...

Words: 375

Pages: 1

Views: 135

Problems and Solutions Regarding Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (AM) is a recent revolutionary trend in manufacturing, also termed 3D printing. It entails approaching production endeavours using digital processes that stack up layers of a product using...

Words: 730

Pages: 3

Views: 480

Affinity Law Model: The Future of Legal Services

The affinity laws determine a pump's characteristics parameters of impeller diameter, pressure (p), rotational speed (N), flow rate (m), and power (Hp). The laws predict the relationship between these parameters,...

Words: 679

Pages: 4

Views: 60

Examining the Structure and Dynamics of the Modular Housing Construction Industry

Examining the Structure and Dynamics of the Modular Housing Construction Industry Overview and Background In recent years, the modular construction industry has made significant advances that qualify it as a more...

Words: 794

Pages: 1

Views: 91

The Different Types of Communication and Their Importance

Q1. Communication of information through effective ways plays a significant role in driving the success of most organizations regardless of being verbal or nonverbal communication skills. Most companies put aside a...

Words: 834

Pages: 3

Views: 110

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Techniques and Principles in Welding

Understanding of welding technology is critical for all workers in the welding industry. In a preview of its wielding course, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers posited that the process of welding affects...

Words: 838

Pages: 3

Views: 204

Considerations for Addendum

Ergonomic hazards are easy to overlook because the work environment may change from day to day. Therefore, it is important to regularly inspect and monitor the workplace to ensure a safe environment. The following...

Words: 783

Pages: 3

Views: 388


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Engineering Essay in Detail

Construction field and especially engineering are constantly developing, in particular since this direction is on its rise. Engineering essays are dedicated to it, they often contain modern construction technologies reviews and are used to justify new approaches and processes.

At the same time, engineers can work in electronics, aviation (consult: aviation essay), automotive industries, textile industry, mechanics as well as many other human activity domains. In all cases, engineering involves planning, calculating, and implementing complex systems that work to improve human life.

Each engineering essay example is unique because it contains a similar structure, but very different content and, of course, a block of calculations. Any essay has novelty and personal conclusions. Therefore, below you will see only those topics that you can develop in any direction. In case you have troubles with your essay, check our custom essay writing service.

Engineering Essay Topics

Most often, essay topics for engineering students are dedicated to new technologies that concern virtual reality, simulation, and launching production processes with programming elements. In addition, engineering college essays talk a lot about design methods and vulnerability studies, since an engineering field deals primarily with improving current processes.

Next, we offer you several promising engineering topics:

  1. Machine learning methods in automated email marketing.
  2. Difficulties and prospects for perpetual motion machine development.
  3. Engineering construction methods in areas with high seismic activity.
  4. Petroleum engineering in the era of energy resources depletion.
  5. Involvement of AI technologies for predicting the vulnerabilities of mechanisms.
  6. Biometric systems and ways to improve them.
  7. How genetic engineering helps to prevent incurable diseases.

Thus, engineers are engaged not only in building structures but also in other science areas, where clear calculations and predictions are required. Next, we will delve deeper into some engineering areas and suggest special topics for research.

Genetic Engineering Essay Topics

Common research areas are included in genetic engineering essay topics, which deal mostly with biology. They involve genetic code study as well as methods of its editing, especially in genetic diseases field. Browse different biology essay examples in our database.

We offer several good topics in this field:

  1. Methods for genetic modification of grain crops.
  2. How GMOs affect the human body and biological processes.
  3. Parkinson's disease: recent developments in genetic treatment.
  4. Genetic scissors and plants adaptation to climate change.
  5. Embryos genetic editing: moral issues.
  6. Increase in productivity due to genetic engineering.
  7. Cloning individuals: modern problem.

Usually, such essays are accompanied by a block of calculations or your own research results, but descriptive works exist too. Above topics are designed for a high level of knowledge, therefore, they are more likely to be found in colleges and educational institutions of higher rank.

Mechanical Engineering Essay Topics

If you are planning to work in an automobile manufacturing area, aircraft design, machine tools, various mechanisms, mechanical engineering essay topics are your best options. They review existing structures, their vulnerabilities, modernization methods, as well as track progress in mechanics.

Recommended topics include:

  1. Reducing fuel emissions in maritime traffic.
  2. Methods of electricity production modernization at nuclear power plants.
  3. Comparison of the productivity of enterprises of the largest economies in the world.
  4. World’s largest economies of enterprises: productivity analysis and comparison.
  5. Using AI to increase equipment’s service life.
  6. Metallurgical mechanisms: risks of failure.
  7. The rolling mechanism in parallel-kinematic machines.
  8. Mechanical engineering and its further development: historical evolution.

Mechanics is a popular area that involves results testing in real production enterprises. That is why such essays later become true research and move science forward. Our math essay examples will definitely come in handy.

Civil Engineering Essay Topics

Civil engineering field works with things that people use every day. Civil engineering essay topics cover new materials, design features, and approaches. Here are some topics in this area that we have chosen:

  1. Progress in storm sewers and modernization methods.
  2. Civil engineering in the era of digitalization of society.
  3. How civil engineering affects the environmental situation.
  4. Risks of global housing stock renewal: quality decline aspects for the sake of mass production.
  5. Realistic scenario modeling with GIS applications.
  6. Civil engineers: their differences from other construction professions.
  7. The building materials market review: the introduction to new technologies.

Discoveries are rare in this area, but writing a quality essay is a great choice for improving existing materials and processes.

Examples of Engineering Essays

It will be much easier to write your own work if you have a real example of finished text before your eyes. We have prepared engineering college essays examples that every user can view for free. This does not mean that you can use this text at once: rather, it is a basis for inspiration and analysis with further individual development.

To view an engineering paper example, simply search for the topic you want and open the page. We regularly update our information bank. We also look for new areas of research to give you more opportunities for scientific creativity.

Construction Essay Explained

As the name suggests, construction essays are all about the construction industry and its aspects. In fact, the range of topics is very diverse, you can track general trends in the direction, do research on narrow topics and develop new approaches.

Recently, construction essays have focused on new technologies, such as virtual reality in the simulation of construction processes or energy-efficient building materials. The fundamental essay structure does not differ from other scientific works, only the content of work has significant differences. You will find more than one essay about technology in our database.

Construction essays often have drawings and calculations to make the research clearer. Purely theoretical texts are very rare even at the elementary level of knowledge, for example, in secondary school.

Construction Essay Topics

Construction is a broad topic, but in general, it concerns the civil buildings construction, infrastructure facilities, and other areas. The construction essay topics we've collected look like this:

  1. Design of highways according to modern standards: advantages and disadvantages.
  2. Methods of protecting employees from falling from a height.
  3. Disposal of construction waste in different countries of the world.
  4. Carbon dioxide in construction processes and its promising analogs.
  5. Analysis of the decisions of preparation for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.
  6. Calculation of the economic outlook for construction investment.
  7. Cybernetics and construction: points of contact of industries.

Thus, the list of topics is quite diverse, and it concerns economics, jurisprudence, informatics, and other domains.

Construction Essay Examples

If you plan to rely on thoughts of other researchers or find a basis for your own deductions, you should find quality sources. Any example of a construction essay is free on our website, you can view it and highlight important nuances.

These works are especially useful if you need an example of a structure or an introduction that turns out to be quite complex when developed on your own. Thus, you get quality information for free, which makes your work more efficient.


FAQ About Engineering Essay Examples

1. Are these essays on engineering & construction free?

All essays on engineering & construction on our website remain free. You can use them for inspiration or fresh thoughts without strings attached as we strive to advance and improve the scientific world.

You can use a convenient rubricator on the site, choose the topic you need, and also work with information from any device, even from your phone. This means that fresh ideas are always two clicks away from you.

2. Can I submit these engineering essay examples?

This is not possible, because we have collected examples of engineering college essays that have already been used by students. This means that any anti-plagiarism checker will find matches and your attempt will be quickly disclosed. We do not recommend submitting these essays as your own work, as you risk getting problems in this case.

At the same time, you can use published works for reference and inspiration without restrictions, we have opened all written works and offer them to you for free.

3. What can I write in "Why Engineering" Essay?

“Why engineering” essay is usually devoted to explaining your chosen direction and further training prospects. This is subjective material, which involves the presentation of the student's thoughts, supported by facts. For example, they can talk about the choice of the profession of an engineer, think about the prospects, and even suggest what they can give to science.

4. Can you write a construction essay for me?

Yes, we are happy to write a construction essay to order, because our service has brought the most professional writers in this field together. If you have problems with inspiration or thoughts, our essay writing service will provide you with a unique text in a short time, which is guaranteed to be accepted by any commission. This will be a structured and competent work with conclusions, and you can order any research topic.


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