Modern Technology Essays & Papers in English

For modern students, a technology essay in English isn’t something new. Most of them are familiar with the latest advancements in tech and are eager to discuss them. Range of topics spans tremendously, allowing everyone to explore interesting subjects. Even a simple essay about technology must be written in compliance with regulations, rules, and expectations. Teachers expect to get work structured, paced, and written in a certain way. Not all requirements can be received or even thought of. Students usually wander in the dark trying various techniques and methods until something works out.
17 Sep 2023

Implementation Roadmap

AT&T is a telecommunication company that has a platform for selling phones and provision of internet and other services. Implementation of big data analytics in the company requires the completion of a particular...

Words: 545

Pages: 2

Views: 70

17 Sep 2023

Big Data in Fraud Detection: How It is Used and What to Expect

Chameleon Carriers The replication of trucking companies and trucks under different business names has grown rampant, as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) program reports. A large...

Words: 508

Pages: 2

Views: 437

17 Sep 2023

The 5G Networks: How They Work, and What They Mean for the Future

The world of technology is rapidly developing with the reliance of the internet at its core. 4G has been the primary platform of the internet but based on the slow speed, and the high dependence of technology has led...

Words: 284

Pages: 1

Views: 112

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17 Sep 2023

How to Write a Successful Business Case

A successful business case is based on a need. One of the most disturbing problems in the health sector is cybercrime. We intend to develop a strategy that will leverage IT-based techniques and measures to reduce...

Words: 263

Pages: 1

Views: 63

17 Sep 2023

The 5nm Transistor: The Future of Computing

The November 16th, 1904 invention of the vacuum tube was the humble beginning of the modern-day transistor. The first working transistors were developed at Bell Labs by William Shockley, John Bardeen, and Walter...

Words: 2221

Pages: 4

Views: 56

17 Sep 2023

Wireless Communication Technologies

Wireless communication taken analogically simply refers to the channel of telephony communication that does not apply the use of wires (Bose, 2010) . Such a channel makes use of electromagnetic waves available in the...

Words: 1046

Pages: 4

Views: 159

17 Sep 2023

What is Software Quality Management (SQM)?

Video and voice calls over the internet has become an integral part of most business companies, especially during this coronavirus pandemic period. Indeed, video call applications have increased in popularity over...

Words: 745

Pages: 3

Views: 192

17 Sep 2023

San Francisco's BART Subway System

A subway is an underground railway system that is used for transportation of commuters within the suburban and urban areas. The first rapid transit subway system that was fully automated is the San Francisco’s Bay...

Words: 528

Pages: 1

Views: 76

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17 Sep 2023

The Rise of Homomorphic Encryption

Technology growth has prompted concerns about data safety and privacy. Today, different parties have access to personal data. Hackers and third-party companies are using internet users’ to create fake profiles and...

Words: 1340

Pages: 2

Views: 449

17 Sep 2023

Secretary of Transportation

In the next ten years, the key driver of the transport sector will be technology. Apps will be used to manage the truck system. Technology will change month-long deliveries to a day or two deliveries. Customers,...

Words: 289

Pages: 1

Views: 109


Assignment types
Academic level

What Is a Technology Essay

The definition of technology essay for students may vary from one text’s subject to another. Such articles are descriptive, informational, or argumentative in nature. Some papers have a goal of proving something while others are to convince readers. With each new genre, the definition warps and shapeshifts changing its focus.

Rules and regulations regarding similar pieces are often provided by mentors or teachers. If no such information was given, we advise using the proposed paper examples below as guidance. Written by students, they demonstrate full compliance with all major regulations. Writing a similarly-sized or structured article will result in checking out most of the boxes.

Modern Technology Essay Examples for Free

Often students get tasked with a modern technology essay 150 words limitation. Such a small paper size challenges students’ abilities to formulate ideas shortly without losing informational value. With competent, easy-to-follow paper samples, an essay on technology in 250 words or less can be written easily. Here’s what every student can expect from proposed pieces:

  • Strong structuring

Each paper presents a unique approach to the article's outline. Well-designed structure results in better narration, pacing, and transitioning. It improves readability and academic value.

  • Convincing argumentation

Reasoning is based on credible data sources. All facts or numbers were arranged in an effective way. Texts effectively fulfill their goal in each paragraph.

  • Advanced vocabulary

Subject-specific wording is used extensively for samples’ academic correctness. Papers demonstrate the author's masterful expertise in writing.

Argumentative Essay About Technology in PDF

For creative, believable pieces, use an example of free argumentative essay on technology as guidance. Argumentation-targeted articles take a scientific approach providing informational support to a certain idea. Creation of such papers is impossible without in-depth research and careful data presentation. Students must study various data sources and design a strong argumentation strategy.

Argumentative essay topics about technology cover multiple aspects of this area. Students get asked to present pros and cons of technological development, explain how something works, etc. Range of possibilities is almost endless providing creative freedom to writers.

Further in the article, you’ll find multiple technology argumentative essay topics. Use them as inspiration or copy them directly. For more information, examine the proposed paper samples. Extract new tricks and ideas – implement them in custom-written pieces.

Persuasive Essay on Technology

Technology persuasive essay topics take another route. Titles often suggest convincing readers of something. It can be a “stop all research and development” type of articles. Such papers strongly rely on critical thinking, evaluative skills, and the ability to convey a message.

A persuasive essay about technology uses previously researched materials to prove a point. It takes one side and effectively supports it with developed argumentation. Articles of this genre rarely require substantial research. They rely on students’ writing skills and test them extensively.

Numerous paper samples available on this website will greatly help in tackling this task. Creative pieces from former students give inspiration and new ideas to all authors. Studying examples of persuasive essays will improve writing skills, enhance convincing abilities, and increase final grades.

Informative Essay on Technology

An informative essay about technology is unlike any other article. It strays from convincing and argumentation preferring only scientific look. Informative papers have one goal – it is providing all the necessary data. Each sentence, word, or paragraph serves this purpose. Style is emotion-free without strong ideas and wording.

Papers are purely academic and aimed at in-depth topic coverage. Careful, in-depth research is needed to successfully complete this task. Wording, transitioning, structuring – everything has a regulated form.

Save time by exploring free samples of an essay about technology pdf. Available pieces were created by students and got awarded with the highest scores. Samples demonstrate the pinnacle of writing any student should aim at. Perfect personal writing skills and improve grades by repurposing already existing works. Create unique scholarly pieces by using samples as guidance!

Technology Essays & Papers for Getting Better Grades

Examples of an English short essay on technology on this website have positive effects on a student's life. In addition to the advantages of writing a short essay about technology, following samples adds more power. Here’s a short list of improvements you should expect from using these samples:

  • Better grades

Small improvements in each skill or article parameter end up in complex paper enhancement. Better articles force teachers to give higher scores.

  • Improved contents

Learn data selection and presentation from these examples. Samples propose effective ways of info-management any student can implement.

  • Research skill boost

Proposed free scholarly pieces showcase a diligent, attentive approach to data mining. Look how other authors gathered information and presented it in engaging, captivating ways.

Technology Papers to Help You Get Straight A's

Download hundreds of well-scoring papers on technology absolutely for free. We’ve accumulated countless examples of high-quality scholarly pieces by smart, creative students. Presented papers are perfect for self-education providing an impressive range of covered technology paper topics. Samples demonstrate impressive writing styles, smart approaches to argumentation, reasoning, and convincing. Each student must get acquainted with them for the ultimate paper quality.

All sample pieces are available for free without registration. Get them as pdf files or read them online. Now everybody can freely improve personal articles without spending a penny. Try indirectly copying these texts and learn new tips and tricks. Get fresh ideas and inspiration from them effectively enhancing texts’ complexity level. Study information technology essays and create unique, custom scholarly pieces!

College Essay About Technology to Earning Awesome Grades

To create an awesome essay on technology in English, every author must follow certain rules. We’ve compiled a short list of useful tips young writers should follow.

  1. Read the instructions carefully. Manuals provided by teachers often include all grading criteria. Read them to find out what you must do. It’ll make everything much easier to create compelling, competent pieces.
  2. Brainstorm and forage data. Think of technology essay ideas before writing. Try picturing the final article in your head. What emotions should it generate? Read some technology essay pdf examples for more data.
  3. Keep it brief. Include only relevant information and topic-related data. Don’t deviate from the central article’s topic in argumentation or reasoning. Maintain consistency in narration and article’s coherency.

How to Write an Essay About Technology Quickly

The process of essay writing on technology at its core is familiar to every young author. Algorithm and general advice do not change. If it’s your first article ever, we’ve made a step-by-step guide. Follow it to create better, high-scoring academic pieces.

  1. Topic selection. Start writing about technology by choosing an interesting text subject. It must be captivating and engaging both to readers and the author.
  2. Data collection. Search for subject-related information. Read journals, magazines, publications, etc. Focus on credible, trustworthy sources.
  3. Sample examination. Make technology essay writing easier by repurposing existing works. Study available pieces on similar topics to define important success-bringing elements. Any essay on computer science should come in handy.
  4. Outline creation. Carefully structure your article before typing. Well-developed, detailed outline must be created providing guidance at each step. 
  5. Draft writing. Write the first version of the article and follow the outline. Never submit the first version until you perfect it. If needed, create two-three variants to choose from later on.
  6. Proofreading. Re-read the article. Look for spelling errors, grammar mistakes, and repetition. Edit them out and polish each sentence. Your paper must be spotless before submission.
  7. Plagiarism check. All submitted scholarly pieces must feature a high percentage of original content. Rewrite sentences or entire paragraphs if needed to achieve the desired score.

Technology Topics for Essay for College

Technology essay topics offer a wide variety of options to choose from. Every student can choose something interesting to write about. Depending on paper genre, subjects vary in their focus. Some target deep subject exploration, while others cover controversies. If you’re struggling with ideas, here’s a short list of topics about technology:

  • How does the modern tech industry shape our lives?
  • Influence of the internet on humankind.
  • Rising automation of production – pros and cons.
  • Discuss modern robotics and three laws by Isaac Azimov.
  • Explore the machinery of our middle age ancestors.
  • Can modern tech become sustainable? How?
  • Negative influence of tech – future overpopulation.
  • Should we stop development and become closer to nature?
  • Present positive effects of being tech-savvy.

Technology Essay Related Topics

Sometimes students get limited by only topics related to technology. Such articles must examine the connection between tech and various aspects of life. Similar assignments have less dependence on in-depth research resorting to widely-known data. These subjects rarely ask for accurate tech descriptions focusing mainly on connections and “cooperation”. Look at these subjects that have slight connection to tech subject:

  • Reshaping humans with social networking algorithms.
  • Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as the future of financial technologies.
  • Possibilities of human-robot coexistence in science fiction.
  • Discuss the negative effect of shifting towards messaging instead of calling.
  • Use Avatar to explore connections between tech and nature.

Interesting Technology Topics

Looking for engaging, controversial essay topics about technology? Want to play with readers’ brains and modern ethical concepts? Choose interesting, weird, strange paper subjects – leave a long-lasting memory of your article. Such subjects propose an unusual angle and fresh perspectives. Here is more than one topic on technology that twists readers’ minds:

  • Connect religion and robotics and discuss ethical aspects of playing god.
  • Machines are the next stage of evolution. Prove this point.
  • Explore Theseus’s paradox in human body augmentation.
  • Can humanity digitalize consciousness? How is it possible to treat the digital minds of dead people?
  • Discuss possibilities of Matrix creation and provide corresponding studies.

Technology Writing Topics

Topics about technology for writing sometimes really focus on technical aspects. Purely technical subjects require in-depth research of internal processes and mechanisms. Such texts usually take a scientific approach to describe strictly practical information. Such articles improve data-foraging abilities and improve description as well as argumentation skills. We’ve compiled some technology writing prompts for you. Look below to find captivating technology topics to write about.

  • Car gearbox – describe complex mechanics.
  • Explain how the internet works and why it can’t be turned off.
  • Nanorobotics as the medicine’s future. (Consult: essay on medicine examples.)
  • How does an optical eye work? Include possible implementations.
  • Present the hydroelectric power plant and describe its work.
  • Internet of things – tech behind it. How can it improve lives?
  • Describe the work principles of mobile music-selection algorithms.

Good Titles for Technology Essays

How to differentiate great technology titles for essays from bad ones? Good subjects are equally interesting for writers and readers. Mutual interest significantly improves author’s dedication, argumentation quality, and depth of research. Not many students manage to find such technology essay titles themselves. Here are a few creative titles about technology:

  • Artificial intelligence – possible future for mankind?
  • Are outer space travels possible? What’s limiting us?
  • Is it ethical to genetically modify embryos, eliminating diseases?
  • Under-skin NFC tags – future or past?
  • Pros and cons to modern tech product abundance.
  • Describe increasing dependence of humanity on life-saving tech.
  • What’s your favorite tech piece from the 1950s?
  • Discuss cybernetic implants from a practical point of view.
  • Should we be afraid of Terminator-like war?

FAQ About Technology Essay for Students

1. Are your technology essay examples free?

Every student or teacher can download a free essay on technology here. We offer countless variants of free paper samples covering any topic imaginable. Creatively written articles present an interesting look at this topic describing it in detail. Download samples any time to study them – create memorable, captivating scholarly pieces!

2. What are the benefits of modern technology essay?

Benefits of technology essay requires a detailed explanation of the positive impact tech development has. If you’re short on ideas, here are some: prolonged lifespan, higher work effectiveness, and generally easier life. Each author selects custom benefits, relevant to them. Browse through free paper examples – see what other students have selected.

3. What is the importance of technology essay?

The importance of technology essay pieces engages analytical and critical thinking. Such articles ask for argument-supported justification of technologies. Students must consider various angles of this advancement presenting each one briefly. Keep it short, informative, and on point. Look at proposed samples to deeper understand the task's peculiarities.

4. What are the positive and negative effects of technology?

Describing the negative and positive effects of technology essay relies on in-depth subject analysis. Authors must analyze how machinery improves our lives or worsen them. Students can take a scientific or more personal approach. If you have zero ideas – look at the arguments in the proposed text samples. Copy what’s necessary to create a unique, competent article.


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