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Best grammar check you can trust

It can be challenging to find advanced grammar checkers online. How can you know that all your sentences are correct? Have you made any mistakes? Even if you are the best professor of the English language out there, double-checking is always a good option. And yes, we can also ensure that everything is not only grammatically but also morphologically correct. Try our best grammar checker online free now!

  • Detect grammar and spelling errors

    First and foremost, here you can check grammatical and spelling errors. Seems pretty easy but even the best of us can miss some things. Trust our free online tool to notice those things for you and find grammar mistakes. Complicated vocabulary will no longer be an issue for you. The text will be proper like a well-educated British lady.

  • Improve your writing instantly

    Do you need something quick and skilled to "fix my writing"? We are glad that you are here. This tool allows one to check for errors in writing, in the English language specifically. This tool will do its best to offer some suggestions. Without a doubt, it is a useful source of synonyms and tips. Besides, your readers will be excited to read a clear and concise text.

  • Check for punctuation errors

    Apart from improving grammar, we can also help with free grammar and punctuation checks. Are you not sure where you can put a comma? Do you want to finally figure out the deal with Oxford commas? Yes, this English with its punctuation. But no worries as our punctuation corrector is here to save the day! It's better to be sure that you have everything under control. Write with no worries or doubts in mind with our free grammatical checker.


How to use free writing checker correctly

Trust us: it's the best grammar scanner out there. Besides, as we said, it's free and completely online. How can one use our free grammar checker tool?

  1. Paste your text You can work anywhere you'd like. Just paste your text when you want to proofread. It is as easy as it is. After all, this command is learned and mastered by everyone.
  2. Push the button You will see "Check text" at the right bottom of the frame. By pressing it, the tool will start working and searching for all possible mistakes. It might take a bit of time but it will do its work nicely!
  3. Get flash results A few seconds wait and you have all the suggestions right in front of you! Grammatically correct sentences, intricate wording, exquisite vocabulary are just a few clicks away.

How our online grammar checker works?

What can our online grammar editor do for you? Many things indeed. But we noted some of them to get you started.

  • Red for spelling errors Do you see red in your text? This color indicates that our spell checker found a spelling error. You might have used the wrong consonant or vowel somewhere in your overly complicated word. Our grammar and sentence checker knows what's best and can fix it.
  • Yellow for grammar improvement What about yellow? To fix grammar mistakes our handy website finds grammar errors. These include subject and verb agreement, confusing times, or anything remotely similar.
  • Green for writing suggestions Green color will allow you to check your writing for free not only when it comes to simple writing and grammar. We are sure that you know what you want to write. But it just might happen that our handy machine might have advice or two about the choice of wording. Give it a try!

Why is it important to avoid grammatical errors in writing?

Why should one use grammar checks online? We have plenty of reasons, honestly. Even this text you are reading was checked using this machine. But here's a quick list:

  1. Correct English grammar will help you in clarifying your message. Sometimes we know what we want to say but how we can say it is a completely different matter. Therefore, rechecking everything once or twice is a direct road towards success and a clear message.
  2. By checking essays for errors free of charge you can also nail the overall mood of your piece. Do you want to sound confident? Reassuring? Light and fun? We can help you with that.
  3. Even informal language requires some tuning. It doesn't matter if you are a blogger or a student — proofreading and editing is a key.

Features of our online sentence grammar checker

You can not only check sentences for grammar or fix sentence grammar but look for some more morphological suggestions. Better wording, less complicated structure, or a more clear message are our priorities.

  • Auto-suggestion examples

    When you use our professional grammar check for papers, you also get auto-suggestions. They can be words that fit the context better or advice that can improve the flow of your text. Our machine analyzes your language and offers personalized help depending on your message and needs.

  • Online grammar editingThere is also no need to move anywhere or bring your papers to use our English grammar editor. Check and edit everything online! We don't need you to send a letter using an owl or a pigeon. Save that for your Hogwarts Admission letter.
    P.S. Maybe even that letter needs some editing, don't you think so?
  • Free use

    Your proper English grammar check is now available for free! No charge or hidden fees. Just copy and paste your text and it will be checked. It couldn't have been easier than this. And, yes, no card is needed too.

  • Unlimited

    There is no limit as to how many times you can fix grammar online. You can start with one page and continue even with your diploma. Are you writing a book or a novel? We can check that too. In other words: free, unlimited, and fast. Not a clickbait — a simple truth.

  • Highlighting

    We use colors to highlight errors when you check for comma errors. Simple mistakes, grammar errors, or misused words will be highlighted depending on the type of issue. It's even entertaining using our text corrector.


What kinds of grammatical errors can a grammar corrector find?

Are you wondering what our free grammar checker and corrector can fix?
We have a list!

  • Commonly confused words

    Our machine can correct grammar for sentences when it comes to commonly confused words. It's pretty easy and don't worry if you're not sure how something is spelled. We got you and your paper!

  • Grammatical mistakes

    The English grammatical check online will help a lot in figuring out grammatical errors. When it comes to tenses and agreements — our favorite language is very rich and abundant. Knowing and being sure of everything is almost impossible. See if this tool can help you with that.

  • Punctuation errors

    Oxford commas are the words so the free punctuation corrector is the best tool out there. Even though English is not particularly known for complicated punctuation, it can get tricky sometimes.

  • Spelling errors

    Our last cherry in this desert is spelling mistakes. We've all been there: typing out our research or article in the middle of the night, tired and not being able to see all the errors. It's a good thing that it can be fixed now with this machine. Don't spend hours looking for errors — give our free writing checker a minute to find them for you.

The #1 free essay checker for grammar

Our powerful grammar checker for essays can distinguish all popular errors. You might find yourself in these situations:

  • Have you missed classes on a subject-verb agreement?
  • Have you tried remembering all the English tenses and their usage but you just cannot deal with them?
  • Do you have too much information to process and no time to waste or thorough proofreading?

What a coincidence! Precisely this tool for free essay checker and corrector will solve those issues: from complicated rules to those things you simply missed. But we don't want to claim such a thing without providing some examples or evidence. They can be found below!


Common examples of grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors

Here are some mistakes we find when one checks papers for grammar online:

Subject-verb agreementHis brother like swimming.His brother likes swimming.
Singular vs. pluralThey all wanted to get apple.They all wanted to get apples.
Possessive plural nounsThe singer's instruments were lost during the customs.The singers' instruments were lost during the customs.
Plural Nouns of greek originWe have studied these phenomenon.We have studied these phenomena.
HomophonesTheir going to land soon.They're going to land soon.
Spelling errorsThey must here them out.They must hear them out.
Adjectives vs. AdverbsI ran quick to the pool.I ran quickly to the pool.

Who can use our online grammar checker?

Our best free grammar checker can be sued by anyone, literally! It doesn't matter what or who one is. This tool is a quick solution for many people out there.But we try to include as many examples as possible. So take a look at the list below to see whether we can help with your writing.

Writing checker online for students

Students are our top priority as they are truly the ones needing free essay checkers for grammar. We've been there too: Can someone please help me edit my grammar? Now we can proudly say: Yes, we can help with that.

Starting from essays and finishing with Graduate papers, they all can be improved right here. You will no longer hear from your professor that your piece requires proofreading. Spelling and grammar will be on point from day one.

Paper corrector for teachers

Teachers who check their students or write on their own definitely should use grammar tools. The possibilities are limitless. They can check if a sentence is grammatically correct or if a student made an error.

Even knowing that stuff perfectly, human eyes may miss some points, especially after long working days and nights. Don't strain your eyes and put your trust in this little helper.

Free grammar editor for SEO writers

It is also an effective content grammar checker online. Are there any SEO writers here? If it's you, then this online grammar and punctuation check free will do one good. Noticing those little errors or making your writing clear is our job now.

Here's a quick deal — we offer some suggestions and you decide for yourself if they are good enough. Spoiler: they will be.

Free grammar correction online for freelancers

Last but not least, our dear freelancers will be glad to see that online English correction is now free and simple. This grammatical errors checker can be used by anyone without changes made depending on the region. Just use it and check writing online!


Other tools to ease your life

Having a thesis statement generator at hand is just a beginning. StudyBounty offers you to take a look at a plethora of various tools that can simplify, if not improve altogether, your writing process.

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FAQ about StudyBounty's grammar checker

In case you still have some questions about professional grammar check, we have all of the answers here.

Can I check my grammar and spell errors at once?

Yes! All your grammatical mistakes will be checked at the same time. Just relax and enjoy. We never limit the opportunities of our machine so you can use it to its fullest.

Can your grammar tool be used as a spell checker?

This is a spell check tool that combines several functions. It does include spell check along with other options. In other words: if there's any possible mistake in your text — it will find it.

Is StudyBounty's grammar check tool free?

Yes and million times yes! It can fix grammar for free. There are no charges or credit cards needed. Paste your text and use it freely.

Can your tool check my paper for errors?

THere you can check one's paper for grammar and all other errors. Spellings are included as well. Basically, anything that the website sees, you will be notified of. It is your personal Eye of Sauron but for texts.


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