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Check spelling online in 3 simple steps

Getting good grades for an essay is impossible if you make any kinds of mistakes in your writing. Fortunately, free spell check online is only three steps away from you! Follow our guide to check for spelling errors in no time!

  1. Paste your text Type manually or copy and paste your essay text into the box.
  2. Push the button One press is all that stops you from getting all your mistakes highlighted.
  3. Get the results Lightning fast outcomes and smart suggestions are there for you.

Benefits of using a free online spell checker

Congratulations on finding the best spell and grammar checker on the web! To those of you who doubt it, here are some proofs that our tool is superior:

  • Free

    Not a single penny will be asked from you anytime soon. You can do online spell check free of charge without being afraid of hidden payments, subscriptions, and leaked credit card data. Completely free, forever.

  • Unlimited

    Our tool is truly limitless. No size limit for input texts, any number of checks. Spell checking without limitations – that’s what a modern student needs and wants. And we are giving all that to you and even more!

  • Confidentially

    No data is stored on our servers, not a byte will leave our connection channel or get intercepted. Our English spell checker is a fortress when it comes to user data protection.


Importance of a check spelling tool

How can you write a text without an English spelling check online free and not make a single error? Every time a teacher asks to write an essay or research paper, students are forced to generate hundreds of words. Typing so many words can be a hard task. Doing it without any mistakes is nearly impossible.

Surely, no one forces you to go the extra mile and check spelling errors online, correct them afterward to get a better score. However, if you really want to elevate not only your marks but also your writing skills, you need help from a spelling checker free. Simply use a tool, totally free, without regulations and limitations. Isn’t it the best place to type your essay? Typed a sentence – checked. Another one – checked. In the end, you have a professionally written and grammatically correct paper that deserves the highest score.


Online free spell checker for everything you write

Automatic spelling checker and correction has never been so easy. For years, students of the world have struggled to fix spelling. They used English vocabulary, various reference books, asked relatives, and educated people to check for them. The process was long and thorny. And the yielded result was not always as good as scholars have hoped.

Luckily, with the development of modern information technologies, looking for misspellings became a laughably simple thing to do. We are proud to announce that no matter the text you are putting through an online free spelling check, you will still get every mistake and flaw underlined.

Essay spell checker online

Essays are one of the most popular tasks a teacher can give. So, essay spelling and grammar checker is our most requested tool. Thousands of essays of different kinds, sizes, and on various topics go through our online essay spell checker every minute. Each one gets respectable treatment and professional quality of checking.

Since the core idea of an essay is to present your thoughts, it comes naturally to assume the highest number of mistakes in such assignments. Thoughts of people are thorny. Releasing them onto paper (into a computer in this case), can be tricky. Time arrangement, new words, long sentences – those are just some errors that students have. Spell checker essay leaves none of them unnoticed!

Paper spell checker online

You can also spell check paper! As we said, any type of written text is eligible for analysis. Papers, once again, are a real source of errors. Even when interpreting scientific information and facts students make mistakes. For such assignments, the quality of a paper itself is a huge marker. The better your paper is, the higher grade you get. Misspellings are not allowed!

To answer your “can your tool fix my spelling mistakes?” – not directly. We can’t change your text, because you need to manually look at your typos first. Spell checker free only highlights them, suggests changes. And you have to fix them. What if some mistakes were intentional? We have no right to modify your work.

Sentence spell checker online

Even the sentence spelling check is covered – isn’t it magical? No need to come up with a big long text. Just input a single sentence. It will work like a charm. One-word sentence out of context – no problems. One sentence sometimes can mean more than a huge novel. No matter what you are trying to achieve with that single sentence, you can verify spelling on the go, from your phone or tablet!

Special algorithms were developed to make it possible. You can check spelling words free of charge by inserting your sentence in the box above. Then – one click and you’re golden! Anywhere you go, one click is all you need to find all errors. Then, like Terminator, just terminate them.


Free online grammar and spell checker

Such a daunting task as writing essays can be made significantly better, especially with the grammar and spell checker free. Surely, making mistakes in words is something unthinkable. And for regular students, it is the reality of life.

Even the smartest writers of our time are resorting to spell and grammar checker free online. It helps find all little mistakes and every error they might have made. Even the best of us wonder “should I fix my spelling and grammar before publishing?” Presidents analyze their inauguration speeches, tweets, public announcements. Are you better at it than presidents?

If you were afraid to try it – don’t be. No data will be leaked, no one will shame you for your mistakes. Total confidentiality and anonymity.


Online grammar & spelling corrector

The online spelling and grammar correction is available only with an internet connection since the information from you should be received by our big-brain algorithms. Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, all benefits of information technologies were embedded in this spell checker and grammar corrector software. It does sound like total overkill, but you never know.

The database consists of millions of words, collected from countless vocabularies. Millions, even billions of words and their variations, depending on the nationality, writing peculiarities of individuals, etc.

Comparison to books and publications online works too, so the quality of checking is more shockingly great.

Each day a group of experts and programmers work tirelessly to update and perfect the tool. All that – for the best experience a writer can get. The interface of English grammar and spelling corrector free was specifically designed to streamline your interaction with it, to make it easier and more intuitive for you.

Fix your spelling mistakes with StudyBounty!

Some things are inevitable, like orthography. So spelling corrector online free can come in handy. Flawless typing is something not widely common. We are more than sure that a person reading this is not a master of the word. We are more than confident that your essays and papers have problems with mistakes.

A good free checker should have appeared on your radar, as soon as you got your first “F”. Misspelling is not something to be ashamed of. It is natural for humans to make mistakes, that’s how nature intended us. However, you can always improve yourself and your personal language.

For every teacher, misspelling correction is important. One small flaw in orthography can ruin an impression of a whole paper. So, before submitting anything, check for correct spelling using our spelling correction free tool. Just spend a few minutes on it and increase your possible grade tremendously! You will be satisfied with the result!

How does a spell checker online work

Many of you are wondering, how spell checker online for free is possible. If you are looking for technical information, source code or copyright protected information – there will be none of that.

The secret of spell check algorithms for us is like missile launch codes for Russians. Top secret. Like a secret recipe from kung-fu panda, but unobtainable. You will never get it, and anyone who will try leaking it to the press will be eliminated. Joking! We have no killers or assassins. But there will be an invitation to the court!

All we can reveal is that it may or may not be based on the comparison of small data to big data. Neural engines, quantum computing, all that. The power hidden under a sleek and minimalistic interface is frightening! Typo checker of our design is a work of art, the art you can hang in your room and enjoy! Use it, review your articles, make us happy!


Other tools to ease your life

Having a thesis statement generator at hand is just a beginning. StudyBounty offers you to take a look at a plethora of various tools that can simplify, if not improve altogether, your writing process.

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    Words to pages converter

    Convert words to pages or vice versa. Perfect if you don’t know how many words one page should have.

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    Conclusion generator

    Paste your text and get a great conclusion that wraps up all key points in the paper.

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    Assignment calculator

    Use our assignment planner to manage your time and submit works in time.

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FAQ about online spelling checker

If you still have questions, here are several of our responses regarding English spelling mistakes checker. Check them out below!

Сan your grammar and spelling error checker work at the same time?

As it comes from its name, a free online spell checker and grammar checker can simultaneously analyze both of these parameters. Two functions under the bonnet. The best part is, it equally amazingly performs in both of them. Two separate review engines work together to provide fantastic quality without compromises.

How to use your spell checker?

For spelling error check you have to do two things – insert a text, and press a button. The process has been simplified as much as possible. One thing left to do is to eliminate the button and make it fully automatic. Let’s leave that to the future. Stay tuned for updates!

Does your English spell checker work automatically?

Yes, to automatically check spelling just press the big button. The software won’t ask for any parameters, everything will be figured out. You get your writing flaws highlighted in a matter of seconds with no questions. Ideal not just for introverts, but for everyone. Check it out yourself!

Is your interactive spelling checker free?

If you have searched for “spell check free online” – you’re in luck. Only always and only forever, our reviewing tool is free. No hidden payments, subscriptions, need for registration. Open a website, check your work, close the site. Nothing more, nothing less. Check our other tools when you have a minute!


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