Ethics Essay Examples

Sometimes a simple example is all you need to compose your own great text so we’ve prepared these ethics essay examples for your convenience. You can find real academic paper samples here, divided into several categories by subject and academic area.
17 Sep 2023

The Relationship Between Compensation and Employee Satisfaction

In line with the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), work-related illness or injury derive from incidents or contact with the workplace hazards ( Singhvi, Dhage & Sharma, 2018). As far...

Words: 363

Pages: 1

Views: 97

17 Sep 2023

The Tylenol Murders: What Happened in Chicago in 1982

The Chicago Tylenol Murders of 1982 were tragedies that occurred in a metropolitan region of Chicago and involved an alarming amount of recorded deaths. It was suspected to that the deaths were caused by drug...

Words: 557

Pages: 2

Views: 130

17 Sep 2023

Ethical and Legal Analysis: What You Need to Know

Part 1 School Counselors (ASCA) | Teachers (NEA) | School Nurses (NASN) |---|--- The ASCA is responsible for protecting students’ information from the public. They always keep them confidential,...

Words: 531

Pages: 2

Views: 90

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17 Sep 2023

Naomi Klein: The Battle for Paradise

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to self-driven motives by an organization or a state government to ensure the well-being of its people is safeguarded. Corporate Social Responsibility creates a strong...

Words: 1369

Pages: 6

Views: 392

17 Sep 2023

What is Utilitarianism?

It is a normative theory that defines the morality of an action on whether it is right or wrong, based on the result (Mulgan, 2014) . This theory has three principles that serve as the motto for utilitarianism. One...

Words: 833

Pages: 3

Views: 155

17 Sep 2023

Argument Mapping: Traffic Fatality

The first part of the paper critically analyzes the claim that "The US should return to the 55-mph speed limit to save lives and conserve fuel." According to Lord and Washington (2018), one of the verified methods of...

Words: 1111

Pages: 4

Views: 91

17 Sep 2023

Osteoporosis: A Serious Health Problem in Los Angeles

Osteoporosis is a common bone disease in the United States. It affects over 10 million United States adults. The disease is an age-related disease that causes the bones to become thin and fragile, resulting in...

Words: 1171

Pages: 4

Views: 75

17 Sep 2023

Equality in Companies: Ethical Issues

For the nations or lands exercising free trade, it is apparent that the public in the areas do not perceive all the industries as equal. This leads to prejudice against certain sectors. The perception in this case is...

Words: 573

Pages: 2

Views: 67

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17 Sep 2023

How to Make Moral Decisions

Gather the Facts : some of the facts involved in the dilemma include the anti-Christian government, the need for Christian evangelization, and Biblical references including Romans 13 and Mathew 28. Other essential...

Words: 327

Pages: 1

Views: 66

17 Sep 2023

Physician-Assisted Death: Medical Aid in Dying

When it comes to physician-assisted death, several factors are critical that a nurse should consider. First, one should assess their personal values, which entails evaluating their position on human life. For...

Words: 1697

Pages: 5

Views: 120


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Ethical Papers for Inspiration

Ethics papers, unlike other articles, does heavily rely on personality and individuality of each person. Answers to questions of morality always differ from one student to another. Thus, there cannot be two identical scholarly pieces.

With all that said, how comes that creating a paper on ethics scares students? Such tasks rarely utilize the full creative and writing potential of students. They simply fear not being accepted with their contradictory ideas. Teachers expect to receive not only academically correct pieces but also ideologically correct ones. From one side, it can be easily dealt with – the correctness of submitted articles.

We offer more than one ethics paper example from former students. Samples are downloadable freely. Examine them, inspire, and create unique articles yourself!

Writing an Ethics Paper With Ease

How can a pdf sample of ethics paper help? We’ve made a list of possible improvements you can expect from using an ethics paper sample in the writing process.

  • Better structuring

Article examples demonstrate various approaches to outline creation. Follow such a structure for a coherent article.

  • Improved vocabulary

Extract new words, terms,  and definitions. Implement that data into custom pieces and get more researched articles.

  • Clean narration

Study the way such texts are written and how they’re built. See how narration is maintained consistent and coherent throughout.

  • Enhanced argumentation

Learn new techniques and reasoning tactics. Convince readers easier with more compelling arguments.

Useful Ethics Essays Examples for Students

Ethical essay examples can become a life-saving raft for students. These scholarly pieces are not easy to complete. Having a solid sample during the writing process significantly simplifies it. We offer numerous paper samples for almost any area of knowledge. Here are some:

  • Medical text samples

Every medical ethics essay example is academically and scientifically correct. Written by students of medical schools they provide a unique perspective on various subjects.

  • Environmental ethics essay examples

Such topics are common for all educational institutions. Every student will benefit from examples of such pieces. You will find a wide range of topics with solid argumentation only using our samples.

  • Personal ethics essay examples

One more popular subject for written assignments. Describing and discussing these kinds of questions is greatly simplified by following provided text pieces.

  • Business ethics essay examples

This type of essay is hard to nail on the first try. Use provided articles as guidance and source of inspiration. Browse different essays about business. Copy vocabulary and arguments – create unique papers from scratch!

Ethical Argument Essay Examples for You to Become the Best Student

If you aim at high scores for an ethical argument essay, use these paper samples. Argumentative pieces require not only a personal opinion but solid research and reasoning. Such scholarly pieces add one additional layer of complexity to an already difficult task. The creation of similar texts is a complex, time-consuming process.

Ethics argumentative essay topics are specifically designed to encourage thinking using an analytical approach. Students must study various data sources and combine gathered data into one, coherent narrative. The best way to learn this is by following pre-existing texts. Seeing a correct piece gives a wider understanding of a task and provides valuable insights.

Use ethics argumentative essay samples on this website to your advantage. Extract the best bits of them to create a unique, memorable, coherent article!

Other Useful Ethics Essay Examples to Find Better Ideas

Range of subjects is wide, from abortion ethics essay to war crime one. We feel like adding a few more subjects is necessary for understanding a true variety of ethical questions. Look at some more topics our samples cover.

  • Business ethics paper

Yes, we’ve mentioned it already. Multiple papers on business morality can be freely downloaded and used. Check them out yourself!

  • Police ethics essay

Brutality, gun violence, abuse of authority, and much more! Sample articles cover almost every topic there is regarding police morality. 

  • Death penalty ethics essay

Would you approve of killing a killer? Discussing such a sensitive subject requires utmost problem understanding. Look how other students managed to cover it.

  • Feminist ethics essay

Constantly rising topic of feminism creates countless questions, waiting to be explored. Check the unique approaches of other students to complete such a task.

  • Medical ethics essay

Once again – repeating ourselves. Medical students really struggle with justification and reasoning. Our samples are gathered to help future doctors and nurses in their studying.

This is not a full list of covered areas of expertise. It’s only a small showcase of a wide subject range in such written assignments. More topics can be found on this website in a corresponding section.

Read also:

What Is an Ethics Essay

There is no concrete ethics in writing definition. Each author defines morals based on personal knowledge and life experience. Usually, academic pieces on morals take controversial subjects to analyze. They focus on the morality of things and how those things blend in with our morals.

Creating such pieces requires time both before writing and during it. Additional subject research must be conducted beforehand. An article must present a personal perspective, backed up either by the authors’ own experience or scientific findings. Our examples of personal essays will come in handy. The length and other formatting requirements are specified by teachers. If no similar data was received, use our provided samples as a guide.

Ethics Essay Outline

Ethics paper outline is a crucial element of each successful text. Creating article structure is one basic step every student can’t avoid. Solid structuring improves narration and argumentation quality. It makes transitioning more smooth. Use our sample  below to create a personal, unique article structure.

Ethical essay outline sample


  • Hook - police brutality is necessary for law enforcement.
  • Background info regarding it.
  • Thesis statement.
  • Personal attitude towards such problem.

Body paragraphs

  • Argument supporting thesis statement.
  • Reasons for not stopping police brutality.
  • Counterargument against the main idea.
  • Choose a position and support it with evidence.
  • How successful were you in argumentation?


  • Rephrase thesis statement.
  • Sum up arguments and counterarguments.
  • Final personal opinion – how does morality deal with police brutality?

Ethics Essay Introduction

While creating an introduction of ethics article, keep it concise, short, and informative. The purpose of writing such an article must be stated in the beginning, along with additional background info. Why should these moral issues be addressed? How is it relevant today? Additionally, a thesis statement must be written. More on that later.

Intro serves the purpose of slowly submerging the audience into this particular issue and everything surrounding it. The first paragraph must interest people, make them care and invested. Various tricks can be used to achieve this goal. Look at our proposed samples on this website for inspiration. Each sample was created by good students, so expect full compliance with all regulations and rules. Learn how a competent text beginning is structured from these texts.

Ethics essay introduction examples

Ethics are made up of personal, cultural and professional values and morals that drive decision-making procedures for individuals and business in the society. A code of ethics is a guide to doctrines that are designed to help professionals conduct their jobs honestly, with integrity and within the availed rules. Working within the ethical code enables professionals to solve and approach difficult situations on and off work. Therefore, when working as a therapist, it is important for one to understand and follow the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) Code of Ethics. AAMFT provides and sets standards of ethics which guide therapists throughout their sessions with clients and their careers.

Ethics Essay Thesis Statement

This part is the hardest one to beat, and cannot be completed without examining ethics thesis statement examples. Students really struggle with this part of the introduction, either ignoring it or copying someone's thesis statement without changes. Such an approach results in poor grades and inconsistent narration. Avoid it by checking out the texts we offer. All files are freely available without registration or payment.

Multiple samples of thesis on ethics are available on this website freely. Read and study them closely. Look how the sentence is structured and what info gets mentioned. Observe the connection between this statement and the entire article. Try rephrasing proposed samples, so they fit custom needs. Extract knowledge and include it in your writing – make argumentative, well-researched articles.

Ethics Essay Body Paragraph

Central ethics essay paragraph or central paragraphs occupy the largest estate (300 words or more). Use previously created thesis as a point of reference. Each paragraph of a body section is structured like a small text. It has its own introduction, body, and summary. Here’s how it’s done.

Start by introducing an argument, evidence, or a reason. Describe it in detail, providing all the necessary data. Next, insert a counterargument if needed. Explore it briefly and give some details. Finally, summarize everything. State how effective a counterargument is and how an argument is important and credible.

Each body paragraph follows this structure. Use advanced wording, strong arguments, and trustworthy data sources. Look at our sample below. Read, study, copy it.

Example of ethics essay body paragraph

Therapists are always faced with a difficult situation during the line of work that requires them to use the Code of Ethics provided by the AAMFT to help make decisions concerning the situation. Considering the scenario provided, the 2015 AAMFT Code of Ethics may be relevant in many ways. These ways include Multiple Relationships, the therapist should ensure they avoid conditions or multiple relationships with clients that influence the professional judgment or raise the threat of exploitation.  Sexual Intimacy with Current Clients and Others is also prohibited. Abuse of the Therapeutic Relationship, this means that the therapist is not allowed to abuse theirs in a therapeutic relationship. Referrals are another option provided in the AAMFT, the therapist is allowed to refer the client to another therapist if is unable or unwilling to provide professional assistance. Knowledge of Regulatory Standards, the therapist is supposed to pursue more knowledge and proper consultation to new developments in order to adhere to applicable laws, ethics and professional standards in handling the situation. Professional Misconduct provides that the therapist does not violate any Code of Ethics that will need to be declined or disqualification of their license of work (AAMFT, 2018).

Ethics Essay Conclusion

In written pieces such as ethical conclusion follows rails of introduction with slight changes. The final section serves as an ending providing a unified finale. Despite being the shortest part it bears great significance. Start your ending with restating the topic. Remind readers why they were reading this and how it is important and valuable. Next, repeat the thesis statement from earlier. It’ll give an additional understanding of an issue. Add data from body paragraphs and make it brief. It should be just a small summary of each paragraph.

Avoid giving new info, focus on an older one. State personal attitude and how it changed. Such an approach will add personality to your finale, resulting in a more believable, convincing article.

Ethics essay conclusion example

Lastly, Code of Ethics is important not only for professional use, but also in every individual person and day to day life. Ethics will always influence the function of every organization and development of individual careers. That is why it is important to study and understand the ethical code of conduct expected in professionalism and at workplaces.

If you still have questions about this part of an essay, try the conclusion paragraph generator at StudyBounty.

How to Write an Ethics Essay

Follow our guide below to effectively and promptly write ethics essay. This easy-to-follow step-by-step algorithm was specifically created to make students’ lives easier.

  1. Choose a topic. Start with selecting an interesting, maybe even controversial, subject for a scholarly piece.
  2. Brainstorm ideas. Write initial thoughts down, some key talking points, main arguments, and personal opinions.
  3. Create an outline. Build a solid structure of your text before writing it. It’ll make an article more readable and comprehensible.
  4. Make a draft. Convert thoughts of ethics in writing. Follow an outline closely, diligently, and without deviations.
  5. Read and fix it. After you’re finished, read the text. Fix it where needed, rewrite and paraphrase weak spots.
  6. Ask someone’s opinion. Additional look from another perspective helps understand how the audience will react to it.
  7. Proofread. Check for grammar errors, spelling mistakes, and repetitions. Fix all problems you see.
  8. Check plagiarism. Always check the originality of submitted articles. Maintain a high uniqueness percentage.

List of Ethics Paper Topics

As already mentioned, it all starts with browsing through ethical topics for papers to write about. Selection of a subject is crucial since it gives motivation to an author. An interesting topic hooks the attention of an audience allowing for a greater impact of every written word. Here’s a list of ethics essay topics for all our users. We’re not separating it by categories like business ethics paper topics or medical ethics topics for essay. That’s a general list of subjects from various disciplines.

  • How do morals improve society and individuals?
  • Genetic modification of a human - judge based on personal morality.
  • Does being religious change a person? How?
  • Patriarchy and rise of feminism.
  • The morality behind medical dishonesty.
  • Relation between education and morality of each person.
  • Describe the moral aspect of cruelty towards animals.
  • Constant surveillance – how ethical is it?
  • How do morals of business operate its profitability?
  • Moral connection between cybercrimes and real-life crimes.

Business Ethics Essay Topics

A few business ethics essay topics have been collected for those who are majoring in business areas or considering a career in corporate segment:

  • The main moral problems that arise because of automating jobs.
  • Do companies have the right to collect information about their customers?
  • Should gender/racial quotas be imposed on businesses?
  • To what extent are businesses responsible for their employees’ health?
  • Is it moral to buy products manufactured using child labor?
  • Should businesses be allowed to outsource some of their operations abroad?
  • Discuss the ethics of shared decision-making in business.

Medical Ethics Essay Topics

Here are several medical ethics essay topics you can consider:

  • Should all people be entitled to free healthcare?
  • Is it moral to allow religious patients to refuse life-saving treatment?
  • Can humans be used for drug testing?
  • Should vaccinations be mandatory for everyone? (Use our nursing essays.)
  • Investigate the ethics that apply to a medical worker.
  • Do mentally challenged people carry responsibility for their actions?
  • Should a person who is brain dead be kept alive?
  • Do countries have a right not to impose strict lockdown rules during the pandemic?

Moral Ethics Essay Topics

Finally, let’s examine several moral ethics essay topics, revolving around social and personal problems and responsibilities:

  • Can hacking be justified?
  • Should everyone enjoy uncontrollable freedom of speech on the Internet?
  • When can you justify cheating?
  • What are the moral problems surrounding abortion?
  • Is it moral to be super rich?
  • Can we still justify eating meat?
  • Should euthanasia be legal?
  • Should civilians be banned from owning arms in our country?  
  • Can war be ethical?

FAQ About Ethics Essays

1. Are your ethics essay examples free?

On this website students see only free essays on ethics. Offered papers were donated by students, so we are distributing them for free. Everybody can download them free of charge. Study these samples to get additional knowledge and significantly increase the quality of custom-written pieces.

2. How to start an ethics paper?

The best way to begin papers on ethics is by introducing the subject. The audience must get a complete understanding of why this text was written, and how this particular subject is important. Creating a hook sentence is a great idea, grabbing readers’ attention. For more information read the proposed free paper examples.

3. What is the importance of ethics essay?

Essays about ethics play a vital role in education. Such written pieces engage thinking, analysis, and research. Similar articles positively affect cognitive abilities and improve analytical skills. It enables students to think about complex problems, provide evidence, and express thoughts. These academic writing pieces are present at every education level.

4. What is moral ethics essay?

Moral in ethics essay is its core. All text is based and formed around one concrete idea. A writer has to present this idea and wrap everything around it. Articles of this type heavily rely on the morality and personal attitude of their authors. Every piece comes out unique, custom, unlike any other.


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