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3 easy steps to check readability level

Our free readability checker has a simple and intuitive interface. You can use it whenever you would like. You should not go the extra mile when you must check readability online for your next text with our tool! Just follow these 3 easy steps.

  1. Paste your text Upload your text, essay or article in the text box. Don’t forget to check the privacy agreement box below it.
  2. Click on check text readability That’s it. That’s the step. One push of a button is all that’s required. So, our tool made a masterpiece out of your text.
  3. Enjoy the result! Now you can look through your newly-checked text and see what must be rewritten to get an even better result.

Multiple benefits of our readability calculator prepared for you

Using a free readability calculator usually comes with loads of benefits. And we provide all of them for our users. You should not search for another online readability calculator for your work. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our tool. It will do its job fast and free leaving you time to do other different important jobs. When you get your readability check with us, you will enjoy some benefits listed below.

  • Easy to use

    Our user-intuitive interface won’t send you dealing with complex software. All you have to do is place your text in a box and press a button. The tool will do everything else for you.

  • Enjoy convenient

    Our tool doesn't require to be downloaded and doesn’t ask for any verification. You can have it opened on a browser page on any platform, and it will work its magic for you.

  • Free of charge

    Spending money using a tool is not something you’d like to do. This is why our checker is completely free! Use it for your convenience whenever you like and as long as you like it.


What is a readability score?

A readability score checker is the number of words required for a text to be understood. This tool reflects the average reading level required by the typical American school-age population. It is an important aspect to be aware of when you are writing text. Unhelpful edits and large word usage can also affect your score.

High readability scores are more appealing to the ear. They can lead people not to take in as much information. The score of low readability is not indicative that the content is of poor quality. It doesn’t consider vocabulary, writing skills, and clarity of thought. For better results, try to keep your content simple and straightforward.

This is why a readability score calculator can make your life easier. You should not guess whether your text is readable. Just check your readability score for free with our online tool and know everything for sure!


Why use free readability test tool from StudyBounty


There is a multitude of readability testing tools on the internet nowadays. StudyBounty provides you with its cleanest and simplest checker to date. This tool has an easy user-friendly interface. It requires you to paste your text and click on a button to get your desired result. It works fast and efficiently letting you have some free time to complete different tasks.

A good thing about readability tests free online is that by using them, you won’t have to ask a friend or colleague to double check how your text is perceived. The machine will do everything for you. StudyBounty’s checker will highlight parts of the text that need editing or fixing. So, you might need rewriting to get a better result.

Test your document's readability with StudyBounty today! So, you won’t want to resort to another online checker! We offer you a complete free-of-charge experience that will test your document’s content. You can do it as many times as you need. With us, you will not worry about your confidentiality. Your data won’t be stored within our database. It definitely won’t be disclosed to any third party.


Key features of our readability analyzer

Complete a full readability analysis with StudyBounty! Our free writing level analyzer is an easy-to-use tool. It has a simple interface that uses different methods for checking your writing score.

Complete a full readability analysis with StudyBounty!

Our free writing level analyzer is an easy-to-use tool. It has a simple interface that uses different methods for checking your writing score.

Among those methods, you can count:

  • Flesch Kincaid reading ease
  • Grade level
  • SMOG Index
  • Gunning Fog score
  • Automated readability index

These will verify that your text will undergo the most thorough test a machine can provide.

That said let’s see what StudyBounty’s checker tool offers for every user.

  • Provides sample data

    Our checker completes a deep writing level analysis. It provides all necessary data for your text sample.

  • Checks text statistics

    Our software checks your text readability and shows its statistics. It provides you with a percentage of word, sentence, and paragraph count.

  • Points out grade levels and readability index

    Our tool on writing grade level analyzer determines the readability index of your text. It shows the percentage of long sentences and words.

  • Shows keywords density

    Our sentence complexity analyzer goes through your text and shows your keyword density. It provides data on words you might want to delete or change.

Check my writing online for free!

When you are typing something like “what is my writing level” in a search bar, you might have thought of using the services of a grammar and style checking tool. You may not be sure where to start, as there are many options. Thankfully, StudyBounty’s writing level checker can help you get all work you've been putting off.

Our writing grade analyzer is a wonderful free tool. It scans millions of sentences for spelling and grammar errors. It also recognizes problematic word choices and grammatical structures.

Its software can detect passive voice and identify if it was used. You can conduct as many checks as you like per month with our tool. Using our service doesn’t have any trial run. Our service tracks your writing statistics so you will know how to improve everything. You can check writing grade level with us. See what should be improved with your text.

Writing level calculator to check your essay

It's possible that you may want to use a writing level detector for checking your text’s readability. Our tool and its writing level test will help you see where there are areas for improvement.

It is an excellent way to evaluate the level of readability in your essay by using our writing calculator. It can tell you how difficult your writing is for your target audience. This tool provides uses several different methods. They evaluate your text's difficulty. One factor is the length of the text, while another is the number of syllables.

Test your writing level with us and determine how long your sentences are. Our checker will help you keep your focus on important topics. You will eliminate unnecessary words and phrases. It will make it easier to write any text and fix any mistakes. It will also help you choose the right words for your essay.

Text readability calculator for free

The text complexity tool is online software that evaluates a text and determines its general readability. You should not register or sign up before using it. Just enter any text you want to analyze, click the button and our tool will give you a report. Once the report is ready, you can make changes for improving your text.

You could also use this text complexity calculator for educational purposes. You can calculate the level of your text's readability by checking the reading levels that our tool provides. The higher a reading level is, the more likely your audience will understand this text. There are many methods that our tool uses, among the most famous is Flesch Kincaid. This tool is used by teachers and educators. It helps them assess the quality of written materials.

Best free readability formula tool!

Do you want to learn more about the readability tools our platform provides students with? Check them out below! Our online tool utilizes different methods to check your writing level. It provides the results of its analysis for you. We suggest every student learn a little about them. So, you could find the information our checker provides relevant.

Flesch reading ease formula

The formula of Flesch reading ease calculator will help you decide if your writing style is too difficult. It was created by Rudolf Flesch as a method to gauge how difficult a newspaper's content was for his readers. For websites and advertising to be understood easily, any text used must also be understandable. So, before releasing your text, use the Flesch reading ease score calculator. This will help determine if any editing is necessary.

Flesch reading ease test online scores a text with a score of between 1 and 100. Texts with high scores will be easier to read. In search ranking, any text with a low score will not do well. Instead, higher scores are appropriate for easier-to-read texts. For people who are looking for short, easily understood texts, Flesch reading ease formula is an essential tool.

Flesch-Kincaid grade level checker online

If you are looking for a simple online tool that can measure your readability score, you've come to the right place. Flesch-Kincaid grade level calculator is easy to use allowing you to analyze lengths of sentences. Our online checker will show you all results of this test.

Flesch-Kincaid online readability tool is among the best available tools to assess a student’s level of education. The Flesch-Kincaid readability calculator measures a text's level of readability using a mathematical formula. Each text syllable is given a rating from 0-100. Less than 100 indicates difficulty. A level of academic literacy that ranges from 72 up to 100 is considered to be easy.

This method was designed originally for academic papers, but can also be used to evaluate other types of text. It can be used for evaluating website content, advertisements, and textbooks. You can also use it to write for non-specialists. Use it to assess a student’s comprehension of a complex text as well.

Fog scale

The Fog scale can be used to assess the text difficulty level. This tool offers results based on a word length and sentence structure of a text. It allows for determining the grade level of your text.

It is possible to determine the level of readability in a piece of writing by evaluating its complexity and length. Fog online readability scale can also be called the Gunning Fog readability formula or Fog index. It includes two components:

  • ASL (average sentence length).
  • PHW (percentage of hard words).

Based on this formula's findings, short sentences using simple language tend to be higher in scoring. Anything from 5 to 7 is considered a perfect Gunning Fog index score. However, a score above 12 indicates that the text is hard to understand and needs further improvements.

Coleman-Liau index

The Coleman-Liau index is a sentence readability checker that measures how easily a reader can understand a piece of text. It was created in the 1960s by Meri Coleman and T. L. Liau (both linguists). Now it is used to calculate the U.S. Office of Education Grade Level Estimate.

The Coleman-Liau index can be used to assess the readability of any text if it is done correctly. It provides a rough estimate of how easily a reader will understand a text if it contains at least 300 words. However, the Coleman-Liau index provides valuable teaching tools and a few drawbacks. It is hard to evaluate and can make mistakes.

Our online tool will show you all results of checking your text according to the Coleman-Liau index.

Automated readability index

The automated readability index (ARI) is a readability index calculator that provides a unique reading level rating. It was developed by the US military in 1967. This algorithm uses the American grade system. Aside from determining an average readability level for a text’s content, ARI can also be used to identify a grade of that material.

ARI evaluates a text’s readability quality using a counting system and compares that count to a grade. The more complicated a word, the higher its difficulty. ARI utilizes the following formulas: SMOG; Fog count; and Flesch reading ease formula. It uses similar principles to assess the document's readability.

ARI measures a character count per word while the Coleman Liau index uses syllables. Both of these methods are equally accurate. Though, ARI is more diverse than the Coleman-Liau index. Using a broader sample of text increases ARI accuracy.


Flesch reading ease table

It is easier to understand how our tool is assessing readability of your text based on the Flesch reading ease table if you have this table before your eyes. This is why we provide it below. Check it out now and see how it provides the readability assessment.

ScoreSchool levelEase levelExplanation
100.0 – 90.05th gradeVery easyIt is a very easy level. Easily readable and comprehensive by an average 11-year-old.
90.0 – 80.06th gradeEasyEasy to read level. Considered to be typical conversational English.
80.0 – 70.07th gradeFair easyIt is fairly easy to understand English level readability.
70.0 – 60.08th & 9th gradePlain EnglishEasy to understand level for students of 13-15 years old.
60.0 – 50.010th to 12th gradeFairly difficultIt is fairly difficult for reading.
50.0 – 30.0CollegeDifficultA difficult to read level. Best suited to college students.
30.0 – 0.0College graduateVery difficultIt is very difficult for reading. Best suited to college/university graduates.

Other tools to ease your life

Having a thesis statement generator at hand is just a beginning. StudyBounty offers you to take a look at a plethora of various tools that can simplify, if not improve altogether, your writing process.

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FAQ about automatic readability checker

If you have any questions about our readability checker online, feel free to check out the FAQ section below.

Can this tool check a readability for free?

Yes, we offer our readability checker for free! You won’t have to pay a dime or suffer through a trial run, because we don’t have one. You also don’t have to register or set up a new account to use our tool.

How is readability index calculated?

You can check your text’s readability online with our tool whenever you would like. The index will be calculated based on several readability methods, among them: Flesch reading ease formula, Flesch Kincaid reading ease and grade level, Coleman-Liau index, Gunning Fog score, and automated readability index.

What conclusion can I draw from the results?

You can use our essay readability checker to see what needs to be improved within your text. You can see keyword density, and improve it depending on the results you’ll get. You can see grade levels and readability index, as well as your text’s statistics.

Who can use your readability software?

Our free online readability checker can be used by anyone who needs it! While it’s best suited for students and academic researchers who need their text’s readability level to be improved, we believe that anyone with a text in .doc/ .docx/ .pdf/ .txt/ formats can use it.


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