Arts & Humanities Essay Examples

Works dedicated to arts and humanities improve humanity, allow it to appreciate the experience of the past and achieve something new in the future. That is why essays about arts contain discourses on the topic of culture and the development of art, often with a critical assessment of various works. Below you will find examples of various essays on these topics that you can use as a basis for your own fruitful research.
19 Sep 2023

The analysis of chapter 23 of poem "Beowulf"

Running Head: BEOWULF 1 Beowulf Chapter 23: Fight with Grendel’s Mother The contexts that mark the beginning of Beowulf’s second fight have him courageous and unafraid of death. Beowulf has his armour on and...

Words: 659

Pages: 2

Views: 168

19 Sep 2023
Film Studies

How Photoville creates a platform for a diverse audience interaction

Running head: PHOTOVILLE REVIEW 1 Photoville Review Introduction Photo industry in the USA has been on the move and has achieved some milestone in the market. Despite the young age, the industry has brought...

Words: 573

Pages: 2

Views: 95

17 Sep 2023

Present Progressive Tense lesson plan

Introduction The present progressive tense is also referred to as the present continuous tense since it indicates an ongoing or continuing action (Morenberg, 2009). For example, the statement “I am sleeping,” is...

Words: 1922

Pages: 7

Views: 167

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17 Sep 2023

Personal Statement for College

Growing up in the inner city especially as a first-generation African-American is very challenging mainly because of poverty that makes every aspect of life difficult. These are neighborhoods with poor services and...

Words: 926

Pages: 3

Views: 115

17 Sep 2023

The Relationship Between Compensation and Employee Satisfaction

In line with the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), work-related illness or injury derive from incidents or contact with the workplace hazards ( Singhvi, Dhage & Sharma, 2018). As far...

Words: 363

Pages: 1

Views: 97

17 Sep 2023

Press Kit Simulation for iPhone 15 release

Four decades and four years and counting in business growth to what has come to be the most fiercely competitive industrial sector (telecommunications) is no mean fete. The company has launched the new iPhone 15, a...

Words: 701

Pages: 5

Views: 142

17 Sep 2023

The Downfalls of Oedipus and Othello

The Downfalls of Oedipus and Othello The downfall of great men in literature appears to follow dramatic events either forged by the author as the will of the gods or the consequence of their actions. Whether the...

Words: 1402

Pages: 5

Views: 478

17 Sep 2023

The Tylenol Murders: What Happened in Chicago in 1982

The Chicago Tylenol Murders of 1982 were tragedies that occurred in a metropolitan region of Chicago and involved an alarming amount of recorded deaths. It was suspected to that the deaths were caused by drug...

Words: 557

Pages: 2

Views: 130

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17 Sep 2023

The Māori Cultural Group: Health Disparities, Beliefs, and Behavior

The Māori people are considered as the indigenous Polynesian people that settled in modern-day New Zealand between 1320 and 1350. It is believed that the culture associated with the Māori people has evolved...

Words: 564

Pages: 1

Views: 130

17 Sep 2023

Phonics and Phonemic Awareness Lesson Plan for Kindergarten

The objective of this lesson plan is to teach students how to add or interchange individual sounds within one syllable words. The will the students to learn new words and new pronunciations. The use of CVC word...

Words: 329

Pages: 1

Views: 223


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What Is Art Essay

Art provides a person with visual and emotional pleasure. Art essays allow them to be interpreted in an understandable written format. An essay about arts may contain criticism, analysis, and thoughts on famous artists' works. Thanks to them, the cultural sphere is developing, because artists receive a significant incentive for further creative work.

In the meantime, conclusions must be well-founded and include common approaches to assessing art. Therefore, quality essays take a very long time to write, but you can speed up your work if you check out our good college essay examples.

Art Essay Examples: Best Samples

We have collected good art essay examples on our website. They are devoted not only to art in general but also to its individual areas. It doesn't matter if you plan to write about classic cultural movements or consider new industry trends, write a critical review or a laudatory review, we offer an excellent base for research. Here you can also find social science essay examples if you need to get one for your study. 

For students and other visitors of our site, viewing any essays is absolutely free. We don’t even require registration, which means that it will be enough to open our website, choose an interesting topic and read texts. Even if you are interested in narrowly focused areas, you will most likely find it in our database.

Humanities Essay Basic

To write quality work, first, you need to figure out what a humanities essay is. This science category includes disciplines that specifically consider an individual's personality and their interaction with society. For example, such sciences include philosophy, cultural studies, religious studies, psychology, history, and many other subjects. There is more than one essay on science you can find in our library.

Humanities allow expression of personal opinion, moreover, it is in disputes that their participants find the truth. Therefore, essays usually not only capture facts but also promote certain statements, which then become subjects of discussion. Humanities essays can be written at any knowledge level, from schools to universities.

Free Humanities Essay Examples

Each visitor who steps inside our site will find good humanities essay examples written by students who are experienced in this field. They are devoted to both general sciences, for example, psychology and philosophy foundations, and deepened into specific subjects. You can not only study the structure of any work but also learn new information.

Any content on our website is free, you can freely view essays for personal use and develop in the field of authorship. As a rule, this approach gives inspiration. It promotes the flow of ideas; often, after working with our information base, really problematic and high-quality texts are written.

Arts & Humanities Essay Topics

As in other science branches, humanities essay topics should be relevant. The same applies to art essay topics, which are constantly appearing as art continues evolving. But it is about selecting a topic that many authors struggle with since these areas are very diverse and filled with interesting details.

We took care of students’ convenience and collected interesting topics for further elaboration in an essay format. You no longer need to worry about a vector of your work. It is enough to open our website, find a worthy direction for work and start writing.

Visual Arts Extended Essay Topics

Usually, for visual arts extended essay topics, researchers consider a huge human culture layer, sometimes touching upon whole eras. We have selected some interesting topics for you:

  1. Archaic art period in Ancient Greece.
  2. How graffiti was created and how it affected society.
  3. Street art: Art or vandalism?
  4. Modern methods of visual art analysis: With Van Gogh’s works as an example.
  5. Evolution of naked women in art: From antiquity to the present day.
  6. Emotional impact in impressionist paintings.

These topics are just a foundation for further work that you can use. Get inspired and get started, or check out other exciting options below.

Humanities Critical Thinking Essay Topics

If you are looking for critical thinking essay topics on humanities, you have come to the right place. Humanities educate a person in the ability to assess and think independently. Among possible promising topics for an essay, it is worth highlighting these topics:

  1. Plastic surgery: Self-deception or a need to improve one’s appearance?
  2. XXI century stereotypes and their impact on society. (Consult: essay on stereotypes.)
  3. Happiness mode and its abstractness in social groups.
  4. Look at contemporary art: new criteria for evaluating creativity.
  5. Relevance of full-time work in the era of remote technologies.
  6. Does religion always teach peace and virtue?
  7. Television broadcasting as a method of population zombification.

If you want your essay in humanities to be done in a critical thinking style, you need to state your own thoughts. Try to find solid facts. Otherwise, your criticism will not be constructive.

Art History Essay Topics

Thousands of years in art development provide many art history essay topics that allow you to trace and evaluate evolution in this sphere. There are many topics worth considering. We have selected some good ones:

  1. Monumentalism in European religious buildings.
  2. Art of illustration in Renaissance texts.
  3. How Gothic style developed in painting.
  4. Evolution of the role of women in the art of antiquity.
  5. How the cultural revolution affected art history.
  6. Coincidence of the paradigms of art and society development.
  7. Centers for the emergence of cultures in the Ancient World.

Thanks to such works, it is possible to distinguish aspects of art development and the main stages that led to its current state.

The Importance of Studying Humanities Essay

To write a paper successfully, you need to understand the importance of studying humanities essays. First of all, the humanities directly lead to self-knowledge as well as the development of human relations in society. Essays allow people to reveal problems and understand their reasons. Then it helps people work out a solution for the benefit of humanity.

Correctly written essays often form the basis of more global research on a specific topic. Some of them radically change approaches to science. They lead to the emergence of new trends. In addition, essays help develop your critical thinking, which is necessary in the modern world.


Arts & Humanities Essay Examples: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I find arts and crafts movement essay examples?

All the necessary arts and crafts movement essays can be found on our website, which contains a huge collection of themes and ready-made works. This allows you to look at the structure of an essay and find promising research areas. Then, write your own work based on them.

2. Are these essays on fine arts and humanities free?

All arts and crafts movement essays presented on our website are absolutely free. They don’t even require registration to view. This means that your research will not require additional costs, because the source material is freely available. In addition, the free website is divided into convenient categories, which makes it easier to find ready-made works of a decent level.

3. How can I improve my arts and humanities study?

To improve your arts and humanities study, refer to a powerful foundation, such as finding a source, and preparing a good base for analysis and qualitative research criteria. Also, define the structure of your work in advance. Then, write down the main points. This will help improve the quality of your text. Of course, use our samples to get inspiration and new ideas for text.

4. What is the arts and humanities essay format?

It is very important to choose the correct arts and humanities essay format that will allow you to present all the information you need. First of all, keep in mind that this should be full-fledged scientific research, which is devoted to one, maximum two topics (this will allow you to concentrate on them). At the same time, you can express your personal opinion about a specific problem by making the text more accessible.


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