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Grade your papers online in 3 simple steps

Use this paper grader for free and get an accurate text assessment in no time. Improve writing skills with this amazing instrument. The tool is easy-to-use, intuitive, user-friendly. Here’s how to use paper grader online.

  1. Enter your text Copy-paste or type contents into an input box for grading.
  2. Click the button Press a big, impossible-to-miss knob to start the assessment process.
  3. Enjoy the result Get instant professional grading with a detailed report.

Take advantage of our free essay grader online

For every student aiming at high scores, essay grader free online is a real life-saver. With such reliable tools, it is easier to check how articles will be graded by teachers. We’ve made a list of benefits this free online essay grader has. Check it out!

  • Quality assurance

    High-speed assessment allows instant tweaking and improvement. Perfecting scholarly pieces is no longer a tedious, time-consuming process. Analyze articles before submission for ultimate scores!

  • Confidentiality policies

    Every symbol is protected, each grading is anonymous. No registration is needed, no spying after users. Confidential assessments for every student, teacher, young author.

  • Free

    Completely free essay grader online is available to anyone. We are not asking for subscriptions, donations, any type of payment. Everything is completely free-of-charge, forever.


How to use our free essay revisor online?

Time was spent on making this essay revisor free of unnecessary complications. The process of paper review is streamlined, simple, and intuitive. Every student can appreciate a friendly interface, fast assessment, accurate results. Try it out yourself – enhance the quality of submitted articles in just a tick.

To start the revision process you need a checkable text. Type it straight into the input box or copy-paste it later. Create verbal information in the first place. Next, insert the necessary data. Depending on when you’re reading this, there may or may not be a size limitation. Such a limit was created in-order-to teaching AI fast, on smaller pieces.

Revise essay online free by pressing one button. Only one mouse-click separates you from a professionally analyzed article. The assessment procedure takes a few seconds and can be delayed only by users’ internet connection speed. Quantum computing, Artificial Intelligence are working non-stop to give the best online essay revision free.

As already mentioned, using this tool is extremely easy. Fast analysis, combined with a minimalistic interface and detailed overview results in remarkable help for scholars. Fully automatic, 24/7 available on any web-enabled device makes it perfect for anyone in need of fast and accurate paper grading.


Top 4 features that make our free paper rater stand out

There are multiple online paper raters for free on the web. Each one does roughly the same thing. Some of them even use one grading software. But only this one is standing out. It may look similar to other “grade my paper for free” services. It provides a different quality of experience and article assessment with a unique, custom-designed algorithm.

It is needed to showcase the major power-points, strengths of a proposed thesis reviewer. Look at the following benefits of it.

  • Checks all types of papers

    There is no text the writing rater can’t assess. Essays, thesis papers, research pieces, reports, anything. Smart algorithms select an approach based on style and article type, determined automatically.

  • Improvement suggestive

    “Can my paper rater free online suggest changes?” Yes, it can! Previously mentioned algorithms are capable of suggesting changes. The clever system knows how to make scholarly pieces better with minimum effort.

  • Powered by AI

    Latest advances in information technologies are bonded together in-favor-of an ultimate reviewing quality. Well-taught Artificial Intelligence educates itself non-stop. Grading quality, speed, accuracy are growing non-stop, surpassing human judgment in every way.

  • Round the clock availability

    Tool is fully-online, cloud-based. Any time of day and night students have access to it free of charge. No software downloads are needed. Paste a text, get results – it’s that easy.


Boost the quality of your essay with a paper grader calculator

Stop googling “grade my essay for free”! Writing essays is already difficult. It requires coming up with ideas, fulfilling all requirements, complying with regulations. Students are afraid of it, frightened to start typing. Even after the final letters appear on the screen fear does not go away. The fear of not getting high scores.

Scholars find it is very helpful to check the quality of their papers before submitting them. Getting a look into the future helps to understand weak points, grammar mistakes, plagiarism. Teachers often use grading tools to do their work. Tweaking an essay to get good grades online translates into high scores in real life. Same things get evaluated, same regulations do apply. Free essay grading software is now capable of accurate predictions of students’ marks.

Now, any time students wonder “Is my essay good?” they can get answers fast. No need to wait for teachers' evaluation. Just input text and hit a button – enjoy the results. Use detailed review to fix mistakes, correct narration, grammar. Check where plagiarism is, how words are misused. Smart suggestions will help fix some problems, so don’t ignore them. Make your scholarly pieces unique, competent, academically correct, worthy of the highest grades!


Grade my writing easily!

This writing grader is effortless to operate. Here are some things that make grading papers online so simple.

  • Quantum computing

    Not exactly quantum, but very powerful. Servers and thinking modules are more powerful than supercomputers of the early 2000s. Incredible power on the hardware level allows fast data processing and communication.

  • AI

    Smart programming makes possible incredibly swift analysis of any text. Artificial Intelligence, trained to complete such tasks constantly evolves, learns new things with each reviewed paper. It only gets faster and better.

  • Machine learning

    Special system was implemented to increase the quality and speed of assessment. Well-trained software pieces are able to process thousands of scholarly papers at once without hiccups. The ability to predict also makes a difference.

  • Advanced algorithms

    Plagiarism and grammar checking are separated to ensure ultimate productivity. Now every student can “rate my writing” and see all errors, plagiarism highlighted in no time. Perfect tool – perfect scholarly pieces.

Score your essays online for high-quality results

“If your system is so fast, how can I be sure it will score my essay correctly?” That’s a good question. The answer is simple – the same technologies that improve review speeds are used for quality assurance. Specialists are tweaking algorithms every day to make them more accurate.

As previously mentioned, AI is learning all the time. Quality of analysis grows every day and has already surpassed any human alive. The sheer amount of time a human must spend on reading, analyzing, spell checking is outrageous. Humans make mistakes, and teachers are no different.

Programs, on the other hand, make no mistakes. They are precise, accurate, incredibly fast. This free essay scorer has already helped millions of scholars to improve their writing. Students like using our online essay scorer for free since it gives a full overview with detailed feedback. Seeing personal writing flaws has never been so affordable.


Essay rater as a way to improve your writing skills

Using an essay tester can help with perfecting multiple abilities related to academic writing. Enough looking for “rate my college essay” or “rate my essay online”. The perfect calculator is here. Look what you can improve by using it on a daily basis.

  • Grammar Smart algorithms see every grammatical error and highlight it. Faulty sentence construction, word and time agreement. See where you’ve made mistakes and correct them. With each eliminated mistake grammatical correctness of your papers will increase.
  • Spelling Some words are spelled differently from what you imagine. Subject-specific vocables are extremely hard to nail. Terminology, research names, scientists, equipment. Click on highlighted words to see the correct form.
  • Original thinking Plagiarism checker helps keep thoughts unique. Each writer must express personal thoughts in a custom way, without copying someone else's work. A high originality rate is required to successfully submit any scholarly piece, pay attention to it!

Free paper grader for any types of writing assignments

There are not many paper graders free that can analyze every type of written paper. Creating such systems is hard and requires enormous subject knowledge. Fortunately, the tool you’re looking at is capable of it. Each text and essay has unique traits, bonded into its structure. For descriptive essays and exploratory ones, the approach will be different at every stage.

Some stages will remain similar – grammar, spelling, and plagiarism checking. Attitude toward structure, arguments, thought representation will be different. Each assessment must take the purpose of a particular text into account.

Good paper grading software knows these differences and can distinguish one article type from another. Advanced systems are working to provide high-quality assessments for a wide variety of written tasks. This online paper grader free can review even mixed articles, making it an ultimate tool for students and teachers. Try it out yourself right now!

Automatic essay grader

Automatic essay grading is not a fantasy anymore but a reality of life. Ten years ago no one could have predicted that teachers' work will be reduced to simple copy-paste operations. Now, mentors are actively using such instruments to accurately assess the written assignments of scholars.

Do you want to find out “How good is my essay”? Are you desperate to “grade my college essay” before submission? Relax now. You’ve found a competent, professional service that will review your written articles and give detailed, sophisticated feedback.

User involvement was decreased with a press of one button. Just insert a text and hit the big one. Everything will happen automatically, no questions asked. Results will appear on the screen. Error highlights, change suggestions – all are available freely.

Online research paper grader

“I need to grade my research paper fast! Help!” Your desperate cry was heard. Use this research paper grader online right now! Study articles are notoriously hard to make right. Presenting research, building a structure, argumentation, narration pacing. For every exploration piece maintaining all these parameters at once is hard.

Students have to know what score their academic research piece will get before submission. It’s crucial to make adjustments, changes. Since such written assignments have more value than simple essays, attention to every detail is higher. Not a single flaw is allowed to pass into a final variant.

Use provided research paper rater to make your academic pieces unique, captivating, free from mistakes. Eliminate spelling errors, grammar flaws. Maintain high levels of originality in every sentence.

Thesis grader

When you’re close to graduation, the only question that drills brains: “Where to rate my thesis?” Such important academic pieces can’t be submitted with mistakes or plagiarism inside. University or college commission will deny the thesis defending if any plagiarism will be seen.

Before actually pressing “submit”, spend some time with a thesis rater. Five minutes of your time can save hundreds of hours. Check your possible score fast and easily with this unique tool. No more need to ask the internet “Where to grade my paper free online?” Here! This software is free, accurate, attentive to details. Fix every mistake it sees, perfect every word of your thesis. High scores can be achieved only by submitting an academically perfect study first!


Why you should review your essay right now

To advance academic writing and improve overall scores, free essay review online is needed. There is no drawback to checking papers before submission. On the other hand, the list of benefits is endless.

  • Highlights plagiarism

    Smart algorithm checks thousands of sources for similarities. Beware of its extreme attention to detail. Even the smallest similarity will be noticed and highlighted. Rewrite such sentences to increase originality.

  • Free to use

    Every feature is available from the start with no money infusion. The ultimate solution of paper quality assessment is utterly free. The one thought must now appear in readers' heads: “I can now review my essay free.”

  • Teaches guideline following

    Each educational institution has unique requirements regarding essay pieces. Between all of them, similar rules are present. This online essay review tool helps tweak papers to comply with the majority of uni regulations.

  • Easy to assess

    Tool operation is simplified to the max. Only two actions must be performed to get an online essay review. Copy-paste and button-click. No registration and long questionnaires. Insert your text and get an instant evaluation.

  • Helps eliminate errors

    Seeing every typo or misspelling assists in learning correct words. Eliminating grammar errors becomes easier, faster. Tools’ vocabulary is huge, containing almost every word of the English language.

Who is this essay evaluator online for?

This free essay scoring is useful to anyone dealing with written tasks of any kind. Teachers, university professors, scholars – everyone benefits from high-quality assessment.

Free paper review for school

In school paper grader appears for the first time. Before-school essays are not a common assignment. The closer it gets to high school, the more texts must be written. Such tasks do not seem hard at the first glance. After each one scholar is one step closer to failing if nothing in writing quality changes.

That’s when first searches like “revise my paper online for free” start. After repeating easy-to-follow examples, youngsters begin checking their possible grades. Such actions are more common among determined scholars, aiming at A or A+.

Fear of losing comes from grammar, wording, argumentation. Such new actions require skill and experience to get done well. In schools, no skills are yet present. Searching “rate my paper grammar free” is the only option for kids to see whether changes are necessary. The sooner they start checking possible scores beforehand, the better their real scores will be.

Online paper grader for college students

Free college paper grader for students is even more important. Such academic writing tasks become more common and more complex. New essay types emerge, so old tricks do not work anymore. There is a distinct need for a prior assessment of every submitted paper. Each mark now matters.

A college is a weird place. It gives freedom but at the same time burdens scholars with responsibilities. Finishing college with high scores is the ticket to a happy life. Students understand the importance of each assignment, so more time gets spent on them. Grading college papers before a submission is one of many ways scholars have to improve their grades.

College essay grader highlights errors, shows plagiarism, suggests changes. Those things are needed to enhance the writing quality. Seeing all flaws helps to set personal boundaries of effort needed for successful completion. Knowing your score before actually getting it is good for setting personal educational goals.

Essay grading software for teachers

Does essay grader for teachers free help them with unnecessary work? Absolutely. Mentors are willing to save some time by evaluating scholarly pieces online. Why waste personal time on something that can be done faster and more accurately?

Using paper grader for teachers not only saves time but also nerves. It is hard to check multiple articles. Even dividing work into sections does not help. After the fifth test attention is lower, desperation is higher. Some mistakes get ignored, unnoticed. Quality of assessment decreases. Online scoring tools have no lack of attention. They work tirelessly, without skipping a single mistake. For teachers, it is a blessing, relief from a burden. Who said being a teacher is supposed to be hard?

An additional advantage of such an approach is the ability to build responsibility among students. If scholars are aware of how their works get evaluated, it is much easier to learn. Easier to learn – easier to evaluate.


Other tools to ease your life

Having a thesis statement generator at hand is just a beginning. StudyBounty offers you to take a look at a plethora of various tools that can simplify, if not improve altogether, your writing process.

  • Illustration
    Words to pages converter

    Convert words to pages or vice versa. Perfect if you don’t know how many words one page should have.

    Convert word to pages
  • Illustration
    Conclusion generator

    Paste your text and get a great conclusion that wraps up all key points in the paper.

    Create conclusion
  • Illustration
    Assignment calculator

    Use our assignment planner to manage your time and submit works in time.

    Plan assignment

FAQ about StudyBounty's grader tool

Each day we get multiple questions about automatic paper grader. Before asking something, read these responses to frequent inquiries.

Can this tool revise my essay for free?

Yes, paper grader online free will do it! Operating this tool is completely free. No registration, credit card details, or subscriptions. Access to the greatest article revising tool on the web is gratis. Feel free to use it any time, accommodate all your grading needs. Any paper size, subject, style – everything gets reviewed.

Will the tool grade my paper for plagiarism?

Originality checking is also available in this free paper grader for students. Maintaining articles unique is important and plays a huge role in grading. Low plagiarism positively affects the overall score, high – negatively. The tool will highlight plagiarized parts and show sources. Use it to further improve your writing abilities.

How good is your online essay scorer?

It would be humble to call this student essay scorer the all-time greatest. Latest information technologies, improved accuracy, fast checking. No other paper grading service packs such an amazing mix of features. Check it out yourself. Insert a text and get a competent paper assessment completely for free.

Do I need to register to use your grammar grader?

There is no option for registration to use a grammar rater. We value privacy, so each article review is fully confidential. All data is encrypted during the communication process. Not a single word gets stored on servers, so nothing can be leaked. Just paste your contents and grade them without annoying registrations.


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