Biology and Life Sciences Essay Examples

If you want to contribute to development of biology, you must write a scientific paper. Use biology essay examples presented on our website. Here you will also find life sciences papers, which thoroughly explain their topics and present their materials in a somewhat interesting way.

Climate Change Pattern around the World

Running head: CLIMATE CHANGE PATTERN AROUND THE WORLD 1 Climate Change Pattern around the World Name Institutional Affiliation Climate Change Pattern around the World It is now an accepted fact that the world’s...

Words: 690

Pages: 2

Views: 93

Autism Myths: Debunking the Misconceptions

The patient portal is a 24-hour internet application that the patients use to access their personal health information. The first patient’s website was established in 1998 but the patient portal was rolled out in...

Words: 1480

Pages: 5

Views: 155

Pros and Cons of Cancer Treatment

The project is about the pros and cons associated with the treatment of cancer patients. Patients who have cancer may benefit from the advantages of cancer treatment and suffer the consequences of the treatment...

Words: 359

Pages: 1

Views: 453

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Human Mitochondrial DNA: Functions, Mutation, and Inheritance

2 Summary of Three Papers Human mitochondria DNA is characterized by circular double-stranded molecules that are separable through the process of configuration density. The comprehension of the various roles and...

Words: 1377

Pages: 5

Views: 135

What is Team Learning?

Teamwork is becoming paramount in organizations to achieve their objectives, but there are concerns that collaboration may limit individuals from reaching their career goals. Most teams are based on ensuring that a...

Words: 408

Pages: 1

Views: 200

What is Gentrification? Causes, Effects & Solutions

Gentrification refers to the conversation of farm buildings to dwelling places. The wealthy people mostly do gentrification by moving in from the outside community leading to the rise of the socio- economic status of...

Words: 293

Pages: 1

Views: 126

Climate Change in the Future: What to Expect

Tavernise (2015) argues in the news article that more individuals are likely to get exposed to extreme environmental hostilities such as droughts, floods, famine, extreme sunlight due to future climate changes. The...

Words: 325

Pages: 1

Views: 101

Bone Tissue Structure & Repair

1a. Bleeding or hemorrhage describes the escape of blood from the general circulation through ruptured blood vessels due to injury. b. In Medicine, a fracture is a term used to describe either complete or partial...

Words: 337

Pages: 1

Views: 339

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Personalized medicine - an emerging field of healthcare that tailors treatment to the individual patient

A human being is made up of cells that contain 23 pairs of chromosomes that are made of DNA. The DNA of a person tells so much about them. Genetic testing recognizes the changes in chromosomes of an individual....

Words: 959

Pages: 2

Views: 64

Sleep Apnea: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Introduction of Disease Sleep Apnea is a most common sleep disorder where one experiences more pauses in his/her breathing. The disorder is also characterized by instances of shallow breathing during sleep. A...

Words: 1404

Pages: 5

Views: 80


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Biology and Life Sciences Explained

Biology and life sciences are subjects that people begin to study at school. We gradually learn about types of living organisms that exist in the world, how they develop and interact, what conditions must created so that no living creature is harmed. Over time, this science becomes more complex. You have an opportunity to delve into one of its directions and find out what structures living matter consists of, whether an emergence of new organisms' types is possible. You can write a paper on that topic that you like most. You can use your own arguments with facts from biology for support. Such works will attract your teachers' attention, and you will make your own contribution to science. This is where using biology essay examples can be useful: figuring out what was done before you and realizing what you can do is crucial.

Biology Essay: What is It and How to Do It

What is a biology essay? This is the first question that students ask before starting a scientific paper. In such articles, you must pay attention to the animal world or botany topics. It will require critical thinking skills to argue evidence for certain theories. 

Draw up a plan, which will include important blocks, such as introduction, main part, and conclusions. In each part of your work, it is necessary to correctly explain your point of view and offer optimal solutions for the development of science as a whole. You must study a lot of information from various sources in order to form your own opinion about the problem.

Best Free Biology Essay Examples

Biology essay examples will help in writing your own work. If you don't have any ideas for a future paper yet, explore topics presented on our site. Our custom essay writing service has a large list from which you can definitely choose an interesting topic for reasoning.

All topics are available for free. You can not only choose the one you want but also study the text written by a professional. This will allow you to understand basic paper writing principles and create a unique article that will receive the highest evaluation.

Biology Essay Topics

Biology research paper topics can take different directions. You can describe the first living organisms' formation principles or choose a specific animal and tell everything about it that can be found in open sources.

Conduct research with a well-reasoned position, offer your opinion on the topic of your work. You can expand not only your prospects but also knowledge of readers in a field of biology. Such works are highly appreciated by professors, as they see your interest and painstaking work on topic. Choose one of the topics available on our site to start your scientific career.

Marine Biology Essay Topics

If you are looking for some great marine biology essay topics, you've come to the right place. Marine biology refers to a study of marine organisms. Majority of marine biologists perform their work because they enjoy it. This is a plus in and of itself, even though in comparison to other occupations they do not make an enormous amount of money and their schedules aren't always constant.

You may not be interested in becoming a marine biologist, yet some topics in this field can prove to be amazing. Check them out!

  1. Coral reef diseases and their consequences.
  2. World ocean pollution. (Read our water pollution essay.)
  3. Can marine animals live in freshwater?
  4. Study of invertebrates.
  5. Marine life: a variety.
  6. Oil's effect on the life of fish.
  7. World ocean's exploration.

Don’t forget to study information from various sources.

Biology Essay Topics on Medicine

We can offer you plenty of biology extended essay topics on medicine! You don't have to be a future doctor if you need this kind of topic. Sometimes all it takes is a great share of interest in the field, or a necessity borne from an approximate area of study. Check out following list of topics and don't forget to browse through examples of papers for medicine! 

  1. Vitamin C' effect on human's body.
  2. Safety of using growth hormones for animals.
  3. Vital genes' expression.
  4. Viruses' destruction that negatively affect human's body.
  5. Principles of using vitamins.
  6. Protein translocation.
  7. Medical diseases: analysis.

You can offer a reasoned explanation of the topic if you read necessary information. Before writing this kind of topic, study our essay about medicine.

Cell Biology Essay Topics

No one can blame you for checking out interesting cell biology essay topics. After all, this is an amazing field of study that captures many scientists' attention. In this particular study you can figure out the life's beginning, its changes and future. Who wouldn't want to play God a little and know all the secrets of existence? Just don't be carried away with your playing and accidentally describe ways to resurrect dinosaurs from real-life lizards' cells.

Anyway, here are our list of topics for you to check out:

  1. Cell development in an artificial environment.
  2. External factors' influence on cells.
  3. Gene clones' creation.
  4. Cell evolution.
  5. Receptors and their role in immunity.
  6. Stem cell research.
  7. Unicellular organisms' Classification.

This research's importance is to popularize microbiology, and thus you will contribute to the development of science. It is useful to browse more than one chemistry essay in our library.


Biology and Life Sciences: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you help me write extended essay on biology?

We are professionals who have been writing extended essays on biology for many years. The best works have been published on our site, they describe the author's personal opinion and undeniable arguments supported by facts.

If you don't know where to get started, please contact us. We provide assistance in writing papers on any topic related to biology. Your paper will be a unique work.

2. How can I download biology essay example from your database?

There are many biology essay examples published on the site, which you can download for free. To do this, choose a suitable work in the catalog. You can use the feature search to find the topic you are looking for more quickly.

Study the text on the site or download it to your computer. Next to each publication there is a download button, after clicking on which it will remain to select the appropriate folder on your PC.

3. What is the purpose of essays on biology?

An essay on biology is necessary to expand your horizons and deepen into a given topic. When studying information on the Internet or in books, you will learn a lot of new things. Facts are a great complement to the arguments you make in your work.

You can choose a topic you can work with a mentor or explore possible options on our website. You will make a huge contribution to the development of biology if you create a high-quality work.

4. How to write an essay on life sciences?

Life sciences are disciplines whose goal is to study living organisms and their relationship with nature. You will be able to collect the information and write an interesting work on the chosen topic.

Creating a quality essay, you must draw up a plan and stick to it as you write. The work should be clearly structured so that you don't miss a single thought on the topic of biology. Please contact our specialists if you have difficulties while writing.


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