Free Law & International Law Essay Samples

Legal essays require considerable work, and sometimes formulating a topic is no easier than writing a full-length paper. Below you will find topics and international law essay examples of successful papers that will become the basis and inspiration for good research.

Elk Grove School District v. Newdow

Reciting The Pledge of Allegiance at important ceremonies is of great sentimental value to many Americans. The words “under God” were not included in the original version of the pledge which was created in 1892....

Words: 1179

Pages: 4

Views: 141

Cruel and Unusual Punishments

Since the beginning of society, human behaviour has remained to be explained by the social forces that take control. Be it negative or positive, the significance of social forces extend to explain the behaviour of...

Words: 1329

Pages: 5

Views: 104

Serial Killers Phenomena: The Predisposing Factors

CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION _Background information _ Ronald and Stephen Holmes in their article _Contemporary Perspective on Serial Murder_ define a serial killer as anyone who murders more than 3 people in a span...

Words: 3648

Pages: 14

Views: 442

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Patent Protection Problem

A patent offers inventors the right for a limited period to prevent other people from using or sharing an invention without their authorization. When a patent right is granted to inventors, they are given a limited...

Words: 1707

Pages: 6

Views: 275

General Aspects of Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations are prone to the long and tedious legal process of start-up as compared to their for-profit organizations. However, there are similar rules that govern the startup and the existence of both...

Words: 294

Pages: 1

Views: 73

Contract Performance, Breach, and Remedies: Contract Discharge

1\. State whether you conclude the Amended Warehouse Lease is enforceable by Guettinger, or alternatively, whether the Amended Warehouse Lease is null and void, and Smith, therefore, does not have to pay the full...

Words: 291

Pages: 1

Views: 135

US Customs Border Control

Introduction The United States Border Patrol is the federal security law enforcement agency with the task to protect America from illegal immigrants, terrorism and the weapons of mass destruction from entering...

Words: 1371

Pages: 7

Views: 118

Legal vs. Social Considerations in Workplace Gender Issues

Introduction The modern workplace is a social place leaden with legal issues hence the constant conflict between legal and social considerations, more so when the issue of gender is factored. Strict adherence to...

Words: 626

Pages: 2

Views: 124

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Court Proceedings and Correctional System in Japan

Abstract The Japanese judicial and correctional systems continue to attract interest from different sectors largely owing to their foundation on integration of local and western philosophies, ideas, cultures,...

Words: 1121

Pages: 4

Views: 93

What is Net Neutrality and Why Does It Matter?

Network Neutrality is the policy that requires all internet service providers such as Verizon and Comcast, to serve all internet consumers equally without criticism and interference. Besides, net neutrality is not...

Words: 269

Pages: 1

Views: 133


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What Is International Law

To make a quality essay, you must first understand what is international law and when it applies. This concept combines norms, rules, and standards that are applicable on an interstate scale. For example, international law establishes warfare rules, diplomatic relations, trade transactions, and human rights observance.

The main purpose of international law is stable, secure, and consistent relations between states and their individual units. Therefore, a space for research is maximized. The list of topics is virtually unlimited and touches on all international law aspects.

International Law Essay Explained

Taking into account international law definition, an international law essay is a complete written work dealing with some law aspect. Thus, an author parses a certain concept, forms a point of view, as well as works with theses that can either prove or disprove. 

Quite often such an essay is devoted to a situation review with analytical conclusions created on this topic and is also part of a thesis or term paper, in which it was not possible to pay enough attention to a certain nuance. Overall, this essay is a full-fledged entry-level research paper from which you can develop another study. And you can get all these 100% free essays on our website. 

Law & International Law Essay Examples to Get Inspired

We offer international law essay examples that are available absolutely free to get inspired and find ideas. You can understand study structure, highlight evidence base aspects and use these insights in your own writing. 

Our examples are conveniently divided into categories, including division by topic, so you won't have any trouble finding them. We recommend choosing a few promising topics and working on modifying them to get a final version that will be convenient to work with.

Law & International Law Essay Topics

The main condition to be fulfilled regarding some topic is its relevance and perspective. You can go through the latest precedents to find international law essay topics. This is a very effective, but also very complex method of searching, which gives awesome results in further research. 

To simplify this task, we have gathered good international law essay topics. These are topical areas that are discussed in legal circles and can provide much information for reflection. That's why in times of creative crisis and lack of topics, we help students find inspiration.

International Human Rights Law Essay Topics

Even in twenty-first century, people continue to violate other people’s rights, which is reflected in an academic environment. International human rights law is dedicated to human rights and freedoms protection, and we offer these topics for your inspiration:

  1. Human rights violations by immigration bans to the United States: Primary aspects.
  2. Universal human rights on a global scale: The future. 
  3. Effectiveness of non-governmental organizations in protecting human rights. 
  4. Amendments analysis to the American Constitution and their impact on international law. 
  5. Human rights aspect in current situation in Belarus. 
  6. International trade as a concept incompatible with modern society. 
  7. Lack of response to human rights violations in North Korea: Primary aspects of this phenomenon. 

These topics can serve as a starting point for writing your own essay that demonstrates your vision. Prepare a quality argument and consult with your colleagues to make your topic as useful as possible in today's environment. Check out various criminal justice essays and get some new ideas.

International Business Law Essay Topics

Legal relationships associated with global trade have their own laws and rules. International business law essays will be useful to future international lawyers, as well as those who want to add works on other law branches to their list of papers. Among interesting essay topics, these are worth mentioning:

  1. Chinese-American trade: current legislation and prospects for change.
  2. International tax law and its function.
  3. Methods to protect intellectual property rights when selling NFTs.
  4. Combating monopoly manifestations in current international law. 
  5. How globalization manifestations affect international business segment. (Read our globalization essay.)
  6. International business sphere in COVID-19 epidemic. 
  7. Customs disputes and machinations as factors in complicating trade transactions. 

When writing such an essay, it is important not only to analyze practice but also to draw working conclusions. After all, things change and modernize regularly in international business law. We recommend studying more than one essay of business.

International Private Law Essay Topics

Works on international private law often deal with family law, inheritance, marriage, and migration. You will find some of the most popular and hot topics below:

  1. The role of the ECtHR in protecting human rights and freedoms. 
  2. Migration under family reunification principles: Established practice on this issue. 
  3. International marriage: Nuances of foreign countries documents recognition. 
  4. Human rights violations in an introduction of coronavirus lockdowns.
  5. Medical care guarantees for travelers under international law. 
  6. Acceptance of inheritance by citizens of different countries. 
  7. Rights and freedoms violations of foreign citizens in North Korea. 

As a rule, the author of an essay should analyze international practice and refer to legislative acts. Only in this case, it is possible to speak about a complete and competent approach.


Law & International Law Essay Examples: FAQ

1. Are these law & international law essay samples free?

Any international law essay samples presented on our website are free, you can use them for inspiration. You don't even need to register on the portal, but don't forget to properly make a citation in case you use text fragments for your work. 

Only scammers can demand money for reviewing the content on our behalf because we adhere to the policy of promoting science for free. With us, you will find the best essay topics that are relevant.

2. What is the importance of international law essay?

Despite the skepticism about the format, the importance of international law essay is big. First of all, it is a full-fledged written study of a certain problem that, despite its volume, examines its aspects. Quite often essays are used as a description of a section of a dissertation or a more in-depth consideration of the nuance of a term paper. 

The correct composition of an essay gives a clear structure, which will allow you to understand the content of the text as well as clearly state the author's thoughts. In addition, international law is a sought-after area of jurisprudence that is constantly updated with new topics.

3. Can you help me write a short essay on international law?

If you do not have enough time or simply do not have the energy to write a short essay on international law, we can help you with the preparation of the work. We choose the topic ourselves or follow your recommendations, develop a theoretical framework, create a strong text and analyze it from the reader's point of view.

We have professionals with extensive experience in writing scientific texts of different scales, who know exactly what structure and content you need to follow. Therefore, you will get the right paper in a timely manner and with a quality guarantee.

4. Are all these law & international law essay samples unique?

The law essay samples published on our website are ready-made and used materials that you can freely read. But publishing the texts in your own name will end in misfortune because a check will show complete plagiarism. However, you can modify the topic and write your own work, using the presented structure as a basis. Besides, remember that we are always ready to help you with essay writing if you have any difficulties.


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