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Looking for real art essay examples? Stuck with your art-themed writing assignment? It’s okay, even most well-versed people would find it difficult when there is a shortage of time and deadlines keep pressing. So let’s go and check these samples and topics!
17 Sep 2023

Press Kit Simulation for iPhone 15 release

Four decades and four years and counting in business growth to what has come to be the most fiercely competitive industrial sector (telecommunications) is no mean fete. The company has launched the new iPhone 15, a...

Words: 701

Pages: 5

Views: 142

17 Sep 2023

Session 4 Art Field Trip

Session 4 Art Field Trip I analyzed the online art collections of the Metropolitan Museum, a home to several artifacts that date as far as 300,000 B.C to the modern works. There were multiple exhibitions and art...

Words: 590

Pages: 2

Views: 473

17 Sep 2023

Art Therapy: How Artwork Or Art Therapy Can Be Utilized To Treat Psychological Disorders And Enhance Mental Wellness

Thesis This project purposes to showcase how artwork or art therapy can be utilized to treat psychological disorders and enhance mental wellness in my community. With specific reference to Florence Nightingale...

Words: 1541

Pages: 5

Views: 338

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17 Sep 2023

How painting encourages the need to challenge: “Echo of a Scream” by David Alfaro Siqueiro

“Echo of a Scream” is David Alfaro Siqueiros's masterpiece painting created in 1937 at the time of Mexican revolution. Through the dark colors and texture, viewers can predict that the artist is concerned with an...

Words: 540

Pages: 2

Views: 42

17 Sep 2023

Picasso’s Guernica, Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls, and Casa Blanca: expressing the feelings regarding the horrors of World War II

Art is a tool that humanity uses in the expression of various feelings, emotions, and perceptions towards phenomenon exhibiting in human society. Art in its different forms is used by humanity to relay expressions....

Words: 525

Pages: 1

Views: 57

17 Sep 2023

Should there be a censorship of art? Giuliani's case

The political, social, and religious stances of the people are somewhat polarized. Therefore, a work of art that may be deemed offensive or obscene by a particular group of people may be perceived differently....

Words: 297

Pages: 1

Views: 43

17 Sep 2023

English and French Fall in Battle

Hubris has always been a common motif in the history of humanity. The Bayeux Tapestry in general and more specifically its section dubbed English and French Fall in Battle is a manifestation of human hubris in...

Words: 907

Pages: 3

Views: 446

17 Sep 2023

Language of color: how artists use them to give a sense of atmosphere of place

Colors can be seen almost in everything in the surrounding, in every moment that people encounter. However, very few people have every stopped to ask themselves what impact color has on them. Be it the calming effect...

Words: 1250

Pages: 5

Views: 67

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17 Sep 2023

How artists using the allegory and baroque motion give the actors the appearance of gods

Ancient art evolved dramatically from the existential realism that was witnessed during the first school of Pergamon, assuming an exaggerated emotional, artistic style that was seen in various artistic works such as...

Words: 791

Pages: 3

Views: 34

17 Sep 2023

Forget Me Not: Photography and Remembrance by Geoffrey Batchen

When evaluating the book ‘Forget Me Not: Photography and Remembrance’ by Geoffrey Batchen, what is clear is that it seeks to bring out a rather complex relationship between the art of photography and memory. Batchen...

Words: 535

Pages: 2

Views: 73


Assignment types
Academic level

Essay About Arts: Everything You Might Need

You are most likely to receive an art essay assignment if you’re majoring in this field. It may require you to do one of the following:

  • describing an artwork
  • analyzing or comparing some styles
  • discuss the impact a well-known artist has made
  • talk about a certain period of art history, etc. 

Your goal will be to demonstrate a deep understanding of art in general or knowledge of specific concepts or styles. Besides, you might need to show your analytical abilities as well as your familiarity with historical or modern trends in a specific sphere.

Art Essay Topics

We’ve got some helpful essay topics about art – feel free to check them out! These suggestions might be just what you need right now to get an idea and jump-start your writing. Let’s start with a few general ideas:

  • Artists' goals and duties in a society.
  • Role of technologies in the evolution of arts. (Consult: information technology essay.)
  • Political cartoons as a separate art form.
  • Form vs content in the artwork.
  • Graffiti is a controversial creative type.
  • Censorship in art: pros and cons.
  • Origins of American poetry.
  • How globalization affects the evolution of arts. (Browse a globalization essay at StudyBounty.)

If you think that we are offering just general ideas, you are mistaken. We’ve got some other great topics that you might like. Browse the categories below to find the most fitting idea for your future paper. 

Art History Essay Topics

Here are several art history essay topics. These examples are focused on exploration and analysis of historical trends or the impact of famous artists from the past.

  • Medieval art vs Renaissance.
  • Female artists during the Early Centuries in Italy.
  • Greek vs Egyptian canons of proportions.
  • Mannerism vs Baroque styles.
  • Origins and history of Pre-Raphaelitism.
  • The most crucial painting of the 20th century.
  • How Hollywood became the world’s center of cinematography.

Contemporary Art Essay Topics

Modern art is often a debatable subject as it is influenced by lots of important cultural and political trends. Here are a few good examples of contemporary art essay topics:

  • New artistic forms: What can/cannot be viewed as artwork?
  • Use of contrast in contemporary art.
  • Social activism as a platform for modern art.
  • Role of visual art in our society.
  • Multicultural trends in modern artistic world.
  • How the Internet helps with the development of new art styles.
  • Worldwide impact of the K-Pop subculture.

Byzantine Art Essay Topics

Here are several Byzantine art essay topics in case you are interested in this specific part of the art history:

  • Role of religion in Byzantine art.
  • Classical origins of Byzantine fresco styles.
  • Preserving and developing Roman artistic traditions in the Byzantine empire.
  • Impact of Byzantine iconoclasm.
  • The influence of the Byzantine empire on the Renaissance.
  • Architectural styles that came out of Constantinople.
  • Differences between early and late Byzantine art.
  • Why is studying Byzantine art still important today?

Art Essay Examples: Free Goodies

Now it’s time to check out our art essay examples – free to browse and use as inspiration, no charge at all! If you have selected your topic but got somehow stuck at the beginning or in the middle of your work, examining a completed paper on a related subject might help solve this problem. Start with a culture essay, for example. You can reuse its style or its structure with all logical connections between the main parts. This way, it might be easier for you to complete your own original work and get rid of writer’s block if you’ve got any. You can access an example by scrolling up.


FAQ About Art Essay Samples

1. Are your art essay examples free?

Yes, all art essay examples that you can see on our site are absolutely free to use! The same goes for the other publicly available content. We’re publishing paper samples to help our readers out with their studies. You’re welcome to browse and read them, examine their structure and styles and use them as an inspiration for your own original writing.

2. Can I use your art essay examples as my own?

No, we don’t condone copying our art essay examples and including them or their separate parts into someone else’s texts. Please note that doing that will be considered plagiarism by your professor and will downgrade your marks. You are expected to deliver fully original texts for your assignments. The only exception is using direct quotes from academic sources, which must be properly formatted.

3. What can I write in the "Why do I want to be an art teacher" essay?

In a “why do I want to be an art teacher” essay you are expected to explain the reasons behind your career choice. Tell how and why you have chosen this field of study. Try to come up with some solid arguments to do it: since it is your personal choice, they can include both rational and emotional argumentation. You might also want to speculate about your future career perspectives after making this choice. 

4. Can you write art history essay for me?

Absolutely! We can write an art history essay for a topic of your choice as soon as you’ll provide us with the assignment. We are a professional academic writing service and our mission is to help students with their work. Our writers create high-quality works and deliver them before the deadline. Feel free to contact us if you need help with any academic writing task!


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