Philosophy Essay Examples

Philosophy is the most ancient science which is devoted to a human being, the world around, and their interaction. Thinkers consider relevant issues, analyze philosophical works written by other famous philosophers and form a holistic view of the world through a philosophy essay. In order to help you in writing such a paper, we have collected various philosophy essay examples created by students.
17 Sep 2023

Personal Leadership Philosophy

Personal Leadership Philosophy _ Introduction_ My college professor once told me that, “Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil.” The above quote by C.S Lewis...

Words: 1773

Pages: 7

Views: 380

17 Sep 2023

Social Contract Theory: Moral and Political Obligations

Social Contract Theory Social Contract theory is a theory which says that one's moral and political obligations rely on an agreement, the contract existing among them in society. Some people hold a belief that we...

Words: 332

Pages: 1

Views: 460

17 Sep 2023

The Tenets of Logical Positivism

Logical positivist has been known to always been known to deny the dependability of metaphysics and traditional philosophy thus arguing that all most of the problems found in philosophy are meaningless and without...

Words: 287

Pages: 1

Views: 88

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17 Sep 2023

Moral Behaviour Is Necessary For Happiness

Introduction Ethics is a broad field within the larger field of moral philosophy that aims at distinguishing between good and bad. It sets the standard by which people in a society should behave towards each...

Words: 1940

Pages: 7

Views: 167

17 Sep 2023

Social Contract Theories of Hobbles and Rousseau

The social contract theory is based on the context that in the beginning, human beings coexisted in a system that was nature-driven. The society was at least less oppressive, and policy-oriented legal regimes were...

Words: 816

Pages: 3

Views: 97

17 Sep 2023

Applying Six-Step Model to the Personal Problem

Since I was born until today, my life has been full of decision-making and problem-solving as I attempt to come out with the best solutions. However, sometimes, I realize that most decisions I made are affecting me...

Words: 1428

Pages: 5

Views: 120

17 Sep 2023

Comparison and Contrast Visions of Politics and Utopia

Comparison and Contrast Visions of Politics and Utopia Introduction The focus for this report is to engage in a comparison and contrast of Quentin Skinner’s Visions of Politics and Thomas More’s Utopia both of...

Words: 1728

Pages: 6

Views: 464

17 Sep 2023

Is it Moral? Yes, No, Maybe, Who Cares?

Is it Moral? Yes, No, Maybe, Who Cares? Moral relativism, simply put, refers to the view that positions of wrong or right, morality, and ethical standards are relatively false or true based on specific standpoint...

Words: 561

Pages: 2

Views: 86

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17 Sep 2023

Epistemological Shifts as a Cause of Philosophers' Concern

The pursuit of knowledge has transformed humanity. Historians have identified Mesopotamia as the first region where a class of people dedicated themselves entirely to the pursuit of knowledge. Once food production...

Words: 546

Pages: 2

Views: 81

17 Sep 2023

Money May Not Buy Happiness But It Improves Our Lives

Money may not buy happiness, but it improves our lives. Without it, despair and frustrations make life worthless and death being the only solace. Thus, to escape this despair and frustrations in life, I was taught to...

Words: 713

Pages: 3

Views: 214


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Philosophy Essay Basics

Since philosophy is a recognized science, a philosophical essay is a written work, which deals with a particular issue. Sometimes it is a reflection on some topic. But more often an essay on philosophy compares different views, evaluates phenomena and objects or criticizes arguments and theories. 

The work should be structured and based on previous experience. Here, students should refer to experiences other philosophers reflected in their works, forming their conclusions on some subject matter. Very often, small essays are a part of one big study, such as a dissertation paper, or lead later to its writing. That's why it's necessary to approach essay writing responsibly, taking into account maximum details.

How to Write a Philosophy Essay

In order to get the best result, every writer has to figure out how to write a philosophy essay. To begin with, think about your paper’s topic. It should be relevant and raise interest. We will give some promising topics below. After that, you should form your essay’s main thesis statement. Usually it has 1-3 arguments that you will support or refute. 

When writing a philosophy paper, refer only to authoritative sources. Also, break down your text into thematic sections and ensure clear structure. Don’t forget to wrap up your key points in conclusion. If you have any difficulties, get advice from your supervisor or experienced essay writers. Alternatively, you can browse through philosophy paper examples on our website, because they can solve many issues. Make time to look at more than one science essay, it should be good for getting some new ideas.

Best Philosophy Essay Examples: Free Samples for Your Study

Tips, instructions, and requirements are fine, but when having a philosophy paper example in front, you will be able to see the real result of another researcher's work. We have collected sample essays on different philosophical topics, made in basic styles and with different approaches to argumentation, on this website. Sometimes, you may be assigned to analyze how specific philosophical themes are described in literature. If your work focuses on philosophy of literature, you can also browse our literature essay samples.

You'll be able to choose any source, which is the most suitable to your situation. Dive deep and get acquainted with a sample’s structure and narrative line in order to apply useful knowledge in your work. It is also important to say that all texts are available for free, so you just select an essay you need and start browsing it.

Philosophy Essay Topics

Nowadays, there are multiple philosophy essay topics that are difficult to navigate even for an experienced author, not to mention a novice writer. It is important to understand that a good topic remains relevant in our time. You should support different viewpoints and have arguments to prove them. It is best to come up with a topic on your own, based on views, experiences, and recommendations. But this is not always possible. 

Therefore, we have prepared for you short lists of interesting topics on the main philosophical trends. As well as examples of works, they are completely free. Be ready to get inspiration and identify a prospective direction for further research.

Leadership Philosophy Essay Topics

If we look at popular trends among researchers, a leadership philosophy essay would be among them. Philosophers constantly consider the concept of leadership, especially philosophy topics associated with personal qualities and influence on society. Do not forget to browse various leadership essay examples. Here, we have prepared some interesting topics, such as:

  1. Leadership qualities: Innate or acquired skills?
  2. Leadership and its importance in today's commercial companies. 
  3. An analysis of executive leadership skills using Steve Jobs as an example. 
  4. Transformation of leadership concept in the ХХ century. 
  5. Importance of leadership qualities in transforming our social order. 
  6. Fostering a leadership mindset in early childhood. 
  7. Issues of leader interaction in a unified team. 

You can choose a particular topic and develop it in a unique direction or redefine it to get a brand new vector in essay writing. Similar topics may be given in your English class. If you need more samples for inspiration, don’t miss our English essay examples.

Personal Philosophy Essay Topics

In contrast to analysis of established trends, a personal philosophy essay concentrates on some author's worldview and life position. Some essays analyze famous persons, their success paths, and social values. We have collected the following topics to help you write a philosophy essay:

  1. My imperfection as an incentive for further personal growth.  
  2. Look at my personality from a philosophical perspective. 
  3. Love and its importance in my personal worldview. 
  4. Philosophy of personal pessimism: An explanation of worldview.
  5. Irrelevance of ethical principles in my personal understanding. 
  6. Impact of problematic parental relationships on personal philosophy. 
  7. Myth of Sisyphus as the cornerstone of my outlook on life. 

In the topics mentioned above, it is important to be able to interpret personal experiences and attitudes. This makes it both easy and difficult. So this list of interesting philosophy topics will definitely come in handy. Our reflective writing examples will be useful as well.

Meaning of Life Philosophy Essay

The topic of meaning of life philosophy essay is exploited quite often because philosophy is associated with this problem. Such popularity leads to low quality of many materials, so we have prepared several topics that will make your study interesting. These topics include:

  1. Euthanasia development in the context of questions about the meaning of life.
  2. Religious concept of the meaning of life: Realism in the modern world. (Consult: theology essay.)
  3. Parables about the meaning of life in the context of personal self-awareness: analysis. 
  4. Evolution of the concept of “meaning of life” from ancient times to the present day. 
  5. Plato's five dialogues and modeling of the true meaning of life. 
  6. A humorous portrayal of the meaning of life in the animated series «The Simpsons».
  7. Philosophical approaches to the definition of the meaning of life. 

Serious preparation is required in order to make your personal search for the meaning of life and its analysis to be successful. As an example, browse our motivation essay or cultural identity essay example. Highlight your thesis statement and follow it. Once done, invite your friends or someone else to review your work. This will help you avoid obvious errors and avoid ambiguous constructions.


Frequently Asked Questions About Philosophy

1. Are all these philosophy paper examples free?

Yes, you can get philosophy paper examples for free. We did our best to add all possible topics at different academic levels. This means that your research budget will not suffer and you will get inspiration that will provide a real opportunity to write a quality essay for free.

2.What if I use a philosophy essay template from your database in class?

All essay templates are published for reference only. We don't recommend passing them off as your own work. Our site offers texts written by other students that have already been used for publication. This means that any check will show plagiarism and you may have problems.

3. Can you help me with writing a philosophy essay?

If you are having trouble choosing a topic, writing a paper, or just want to enjoy more free time, we can help you write a good quality philosophy essay. Our professional writers will determine the main focus of your work and compose a flawless paper in line with your requirements. Besides, we offer one of the most optimal deals in the market, so you won’t need to spend a fortune.

4. How to start a philosophy essay?

Before starting a philosophy essay, come up with a good topic, since this is the basis of the research. In addition, you should think about your concept, work’s primary structure, methodology, and academic base. Follow your key ideas, or better yet, assign a subsection to each of them and draw intermediate conclusions. We recommend keeping track of current trends in philosophy because this will help with the choice of relevant topics.


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