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A math essay is what no student wants to receive as a task. Similar articles can be tricky to complete. They require substantial knowledge and topic comprehension. Not every student possesses the necessary skills and expertise both in writing and mathematics. On such occasions, math essay examples come in handy. Composed by intelligent students they demonstrate various approaches to tackling this uneasy task. Copy effective elements into custom works. Improve grades and writing skills by studying free paper samples!
17 Sep 2023

Bernhard Riemann's Life and Contribution to Mathematics

Introduction Riemann Bernhard was an extraordinary mathematics professor at Göttingen, where he did most of his work in geometry, number theory, real as well as complex analysis. Having a strict Christian...

Words: 2630

Pages: 12

Views: 44

17 Sep 2023

How to Solve Problems: The 4-Step Problem Solving Process

Lesson Topic: Addition and Subtraction Grade: K-2nd Subject: Math Time: 40 minutes Introduction Problem solving provides a framework for developing higher-order thinking skills. However, many students...

Words: 598

Pages: 2

Views: 447

17 Sep 2023

What is the Goodness of Fit Test?

Null hypothesis, H0: The candies are uniformly distributed Alternative hypothesis, H1: The candies are not uniformly distributed. Chi-square = } Degrees of freedom = No. of groups-1= 6-1 =5 =0.0

Words: 79

Pages: 3

Views: 81

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17 Sep 2023

Managerial Ethics in Financial Analysis and Accounting

Companies try to increase their value by using effectively all the resources provided to them by regulators, debtors, and shareholders. Mangers have fiduciary responsibilities and duties, which affects how they...

Words: 276

Pages: 1

Views: 57

17 Sep 2023

Using and Understanding Mathematics: Prologue Order of Operation

Order of operations involves addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, squaring, and more. The importance of the concept is understanding the order in which to solve a problem. If you calculate in the wrong...

Words: 143

Pages: 1

Views: 414

17 Sep 2023

Workplace Diversification at Coca Cola

The idea of incorporating both domestic and international clients has created a need for businesses to diversify their workforce. In the past decades, the nature of various workplaces featured members of a similar...

Words: 926

Pages: 3

Views: 90

17 Sep 2023

What Are the Success Factors and Risks for Netflix?

The success of a company or any organization is affected by how the management approaches internal and external factors. In every organization, the management encounters multiple beneficial factors because they help...

Words: 1265

Pages: 4

Views: 153

17 Sep 2023

Numeracy and Data Analysis Techniques

This paper does a statistical analysis of the humidity in New York City, based on the data that was collected between 20 th December, 2019 and 29 th December, 2019. This data is represented in the table below: ...

Words: 1024

Pages: 3

Views: 130

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17 Sep 2023

Evaluating Total Game Time Progression & Overall Success Rate for the Computer Game, Sprinter

Introduction The following literature would mathematically procure recorded time measurements from a computer game called sprinter and then categorically map the results to evaluate total game time progression...

Words: 2775

Pages: 9

Views: 90

16 Sep 2023

Impacts of Alan Turning's Life and Work Today

Born on June 23, 1912, Alan Turning was a renowned computer scientist, English mathematician, philosopher, logician, theoretical biologist, and cryptanalyst, and he is famed for his code-breaking war, which makes him...

Words: 711

Pages: 3

Views: 99


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Math Essay in Detail

Good essay about math provides a detailed overview supplying readers with terminology. Articles on mathematics are complex entitling authors to explore difficult topics. So what is math essay? It’s an explorative, informational piece that focuses on theory.

Don’t expect any storytelling, fun, or joy. Prepare yourself for tedious writing and constant checking of specialized sources. Vocabulary, sentence construction, structure – everything must demonstrate the writer's immense skill and brainpower.

By examining these free examples you’d be able to enrich your personal skill-set with new effective tricks. Enhance narrative abilities on par with academic knowledge. All articles are available as convenient pdf files for download at any time.

Math Essay Examples

Even one math essay example can substantially improve a student's final piece. It’s always better to find out all the smallest peculiarities of such tasks before writing anything. Every minute spent on educating yourself leads to higher scores. Students who’ve donated these pieces have got highly praised for the skill and creativity embedded into their works.

This website offers countless samples covering manifold angles and subjects. Wide selection allows every student to find a suitable example that fits their needs. Use a filtering system for precise searching.

Math Extended Essay Explained

A math extended essay basically means any article that’s somewhat related yet not limited by calculus itself. Such papers have mathematics inside that is framed by different info. It can be a description of the influence that calculus has on people’s lives. Or the role of mathematics in history.

Extended pieces allow students to demonstrate knowledge in fields other than calculus. Scholarly pieces of this genre are diverse offering many opportunities for students to shine. Examine proposed essay statistics samples to get more details. Use them as guidance, source of fresh ideas, or inspiration. Extract useful wording, structuring advice, etc.

Mathematics Extended Essay Examples

Here are improvements you can expect from a diligent studying of mathematics extended essay examples:

  • Enhanced vocabulary

Add dozens of subject-specific vocables to your lexicon. Refine phraseology by learning new words and terms.

  • Improved narration and reasoning

Get new skills in the field of argumentation and storytelling. Make articles more comprehensible and pleasant to read.

  • Smoother transitioning

Polish changeovers as well as alterations between sections and topics. Convey messages in a more subtle, sneaky way.

  • Mathematical expertise

Learn impressive details about arithmetics that are useful both in life and education. Understand delicate matters more clearly.

Maths Essay Topics

Variety of possible maths essay topics leaves enough space for interpretation and free-thinking. Students can explore unusual angles without being restricted to exact titles. Such assortment allows creativity to spread its wings. 

Browse through dozens of possible subjects below – find the one for you! Check out how other students managed to cover popular, cliche topics in an original, captivating way. Learn why topics aren’t always what they seem through examining provided paper examples.

How Do We Use Math in Everyday Life Essay Topics

By discussing how do we use math in everyday life essay pieces try to marry two worlds. People who deny the need for calculus and the ones who embrace it. Such topics propose a more grounded, realistic, and commonly interesting look at arithmetics. Sometimes even a pinch of humor may be introduced. Especially if this task was given to high-schoolers. Here are some interesting subjects for you to cover:

  • Applications of algebra we never notice.
  • Lottery winning chances from the mathematical perspective.
  • Real-life money counting and mathematics.
  • Cooking and numbers.
  • Photography, golden ratio, and calculus.
  • Undeniable essentiality of algebra and geometry.

Hint: Browse accounting essays and come up with new ideas.

College Essay Topics About Math

Any college essay about math hides peculiarities you need to account for. Text subjects are sneaky and do not reveal their true nature until you actually start researching. Difficult materials and in-depth study are almost always mandatory for such pieces. Use these titles directly or modify them to better suit customer needs. Here’s what you can choose to minimize the damage:

  • Developing more advanced algorithms for GPA calculation.
  • Analysis of latest advancements in commonly-used mathematics.
  • Arithmetics in Egyptian fractions.
  • Rubik’s Cube and permutations.
  • Mathematical determination in probability.
  • Fractal geometry for dummies.
  • Checking and solving equations.
  • Discuss symmetry and plane tessellations.

Math Extended Essay Topics

As stated before, math extended essay topics offer freedom, yet tie writers to the mathematics field. Try selecting an interesting, captivating subject that allows you to showcase personal intelligence. Look at these subjects that can be used:

  • SEO – formulae, combinations, embedded calculations.
  • Music streaming service algorithms – popularity-determination equations.
  • Study the correlation between driving style and breakfast through predictions and combinations.
  • How effective are literacy programs from a mathematical perspective?
  • Explore latest statistics regarding stress among teenagers, where could counting errors be hidden?
  • Cryptography of Leonardo da Vinci in the modern days.
  • Describe meteorological weather prediction algorithms in detail.

To get some fresh ideas, browse physics essays we have for our users. This subject is closely related to math.


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“Why is math important essay” can be found through a convenient filtering system. Navigation is intuitive without distracting colors, animations, or pop-up windows. Select difficulty, educational level, essay type, area of expertise, and scroll. Scroll down until you find an article that corresponds to your requirements. Make sure you download it at that instant. Read it carefully paying attention to details and peculiarities.

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Each “use of mathematics in daily life essay” is distributed freely without registration. Any student or teacher can download it and many other samples easily. Donated by other students, samples present creative and interesting approaches to tackling this written assignment.

3. How to Write Essay on Mathematics?

A full-sized guide on how to write a math essay is not available right now. Start by picking a good topic. Next – conduct research and gather information. Plan narration beforehand by designing an outline. Make multiple versions perfecting each aspect. Edit mistakes out, secure uniqueness, and submit your work!

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