Examples of a Social Science: Free Essays

Universities often require you to write an essay on social science. In order to avoid wasting your time while looking for an interesting sample, you can explore examples available on our website. There are many types of social science papers for your consideration.

Tracing Nationalist Ideology across the Decades

Nationalism and national identity in Japan assert that Japan is a united nation and promotes the maintenance of Japanese culture and history by citizens. It is a set of ideas that the Japanese people hold, drawn from...

Words: 899

Pages: 3

Views: 373

Pectoral of Princess Sithathoryunet and Gold Bracteate

Introduction Jewelry has been in use for many years, and this can be proven from existing ancient objects and artifacts. The first piece to be analyzed is the Gold Bracteate which has its origins in the culture...

Words: 1986

Pages: 7

Views: 355

19 Sep 2023

How to Do a SWOT Analysis for Your Business

Running head: SWOT ANALYSIS 1 SWOT Analysis Strengths Strong communication skills Strong creativity and analytical skills I am able to think critically I have emotional intelligence, which helps me to relate...

Words: 284

Pages: 1

Views: 75

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19 Sep 2023

Letter of Consent for Research Study

Running head: LETTER OF CONSENT 1 Letter of Consent for Research Study Dear (Participant’s Name): You are invited to participate in a research study on the Routine Activity theory and the hypothesis that the lack...

Words: 283

Pages: 1

Views: 360

17 Sep 2023

Mental Representations and the Mind-Brain Relationship

Often, contemporary controversies underlie the interpretation of the mental representations and the mind-brain relationships through concepts such as monolism, dualism and exclusivity. In my view, the dualism concept...

Words: 1796

Pages: 7

Views: 168

17 Sep 2023

Critique of Traditional Body of Leadership Literature

Leadership is a significant practice that helps to ensure that people work towards the achievement of a common goal. In leadership, practical skills and qualities of the leaders play a vital role in providing...

Words: 911

Pages: 3

Views: 102

The 1931 Central China Flood

The country of China was a vibrant agricultural hub in the early 18th century. The agriculturists cultivated on every available fertile piece of land. Their activities disrupted wetlands and Nanyang trees were felled...

Words: 625

Pages: 2

Views: 143

17 Sep 2023

Commercial Real Estate Negotiation

Collaboration and Teamwork Negotiations are an integral part of our everyday life. Indeed, the exercise has been an eye-opener on how businesses operate, deals are made, and people interact to accomplish a common...

Words: 1058

Pages: 4

Views: 76

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Evaluation of the Salvation Army’s Budgeting and Cumulative Report

The Salvation Army International is a non-profit organization that conducts charity work in operational countries while preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. The organization has been existent since the late 19th...

Words: 2195

Pages: 7

Views: 456

17 Sep 2023

Building a Healthy Marriage

Although sometimes marriage can be problematic, it can also be one of the most rewarding experiences for couples. For instance, couples in a satisfying marriage enjoy happiness, a long and enjoyable life, personal...

Words: 1266

Pages: 5

Views: 345


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A Social Science Essay: What Is It

A social sciences essay includes a description of a reasoned point of view on a given topic. You can challenge known statements or offer your own solutions to economic and other problems. You need to choose a specific theme and promote your vision throughout an essay. If you are studying psychology, you will need psychological techniques to learn patterns of communication or behavior in various situations. Try to give specific examples in social studies essays.

Writing such a paper is a great way to engage an audience on a particular issue. You need to write responsibly because your essay can be read not only by qualified specialists but also by your peers. You can offer as many examples and arguments as possible so that every reader can receive new information.

Social Science Topics for Essay

In order to make your choice of social science topics for essay easier, you can check out suggested ideas: 

  1. Influence of environment on human health.
  2. What is global climate change related to?
  3. Where do international environmental negotiations begin?
  4. How did the top leaders of each country start their careers?
  5. Are there gender inequalities and how are they expressed?
  6. How has culture of advanced countries changed over time?
  7. What an impact does culture have on different fields of activity?

Offer your vision of these problems, keeping in mind important arguments. If you choose some of these topics, such examples as climate change essay or gender equality argumentative essay may help.

Social Science Issues in America: An Essay Topic

Every country has a number of problems. Hence, it is not difficult to choose social science issues in America essay topic from the following ones:

  1. Social inequality in America.
  2. Is it possible to find a job if you have insufficient qualifications?
  3. What does structure of the middle class consist of?
  4. Principles of capital investment.
  5. Is there a problem with your country's economy? (Look at an essay on economics.)
  6. Does political domination affect working class life?
  7. What importance do social innovations have on the economy?

You will be able to contribute to American culture and economy through your work.

Social Science Essay Topic: Employee Training

Employee training is an equally important social science essay topic. You can write your paper on one of following ideas:

  1. Principles of recruitment.
  2. How to motivate employees to work productively.
  3. What affects team spirit?
  4. Principles of conflict resolution in a team.
  5. Are training sessions necessary for professional development?
  6. Impact of team atmosphere on work.
  7. Whether employees require psychological assistance in crisis situations.

Addressing such issues will require a profound knowledge of psychology. In turn, referencing our psychology essay examples can be of huge help.

Social Science Essay Topic: Gun, Violence

Social science essay topics on guns and violence are the ones that will definitely draw lots of attention. Try to study information thoroughly and offer your vision of given problems:

  1. Use of firearms during rallies.
  2. What do wars between civilians lead to?
  3. Can the use of weapons be avoided?
  4. Why do people come to the point of bloodshed?
  5. Government's methods for preventing war.
  6. Mental disturbance after an encounter with militants.
  7. Can people with psychological disabilities use firearms?

These important issues require special attention not only from authors, but also from higher authorities.

A Social Science Essay Example

We offer many social science essay examples, which can help you to write a high-quality paper on your chosen topic. You will find out what structure of an essay consists of and what are the main points you must describe. Don't forget that the text should have a competent introduction that will interest your readers, and a conclusion, which will be another confirmation of your thoughts. Our examples of persuasive writing should come in handy.

Our assignment writing service offers social science examples completely free of charge. You can study the best papers and start writing your own materials. In order to reveal the main issue and your point of view, you need to give good arguments. Try to write your essay responsibly, because it can be the beginning of a dizzying career in Social Sciences!


FAQ About a Social Science Essay

1. Are your social science essay examples free?

All social science essay examples presented on our website's pages are completely free of charge. You can open your desired paper at any time and get acquainted with its content. They are written by students who are experienced well in such kind of writing. It is in our power to make your scientific activity even easier. All you have to do is choose a suitable sample and create an essay of a similar structure.

2. In social science essay, which format is better – APA or MLA?

If you do not know whether social science essay format APA or MLA is better for your paper, then study the most popular materials published on our website. APA is most often used. Writing a social science paper will become even easier with its use. However, if your university professors prefer another format (or the paper requirements specify it), you should focus on that information.

3. What is the structure of a social science essay?

Structure of a social science essay is standard. Papers of other thematics use similar blocks, but in order to better understand the principles of writing materials, check out the texts on the website. You can follow the links and study different issues related to essay creating. All the information can be found in the public domain, so you won't have any difficulty finding the information you need and determining the structure of your paper.

4. Can I look for a title for social science essay on your site?

A title for a social science essay is the main part of the work, because the quality of title writing determines the interest in your materials. Take a look at the examples, that are presented on the pages of our website. Perhaps, they will help you to create a quality article that will win the love of your teachers. Choose one topic from the suggested list, create an interesting title and start writing.


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