Writing Studies: Essay Examples

Every student knows that writing studies assignments can be problematic. Especially when you have a part-time job and barely get some time to relax. Typically, dealing with huge workloads doesn’t boost your creativity. But you can check out a few helpful examples here and hopefully, you’ll get some inspiration!
17 Sep 2023
Writing Studies

Obstacles Facing Organizations Today (And How to Overcome Them)

The introduction of technology in the healthcare setting was done so as to improve the efficiency of the healthcare system and to enable patients and users access health resources through electronic means. However,...

Words: 262

Pages: 1

Views: 155

17 Sep 2023
Writing Studies

Running a Meeting: Written Communication

PART 1 Developing Written Communication Key Message Written communication is crucial in all aspects of business operation and management. Cox Communication Collections Department can enhance its...

Words: 2734

Pages: 10

Views: 202

17 Sep 2023
Writing Studies

Fake News: How to Spot It and What to Do About It

With the high rate at which fabricated stories in the society get to circulate, fake news is quickly becoming an epidemic. Considering that information shapes the world view together with decision making, fake news...

Words: 294

Pages: 1

Views: 130

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17 Sep 2023
Writing Studies

The Connection Between Financial Health and Physical and Mental Health

Choi, L., Erickson, D., Griffin, K., Levere, A. & Seidman, E. (2015). _What it’s Worth: Strengthening the financial future of families, communities and the nation._ Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and CFED. ...

Words: 839

Pages: 3

Views: 196

17 Sep 2023
Writing Studies

Social Media and Writing Skills

Social Media and Writing Skills There are numerous errors in academic writing especially in the recent past based on the fact that students tend to write what they believe to be correct in the social media. There is...

Words: 319

Pages: 2

Views: 401

17 Sep 2023
Writing Studies

Academic Writing Services: Everything You Need to Know

The article “They Say/ I Say” explains that academic writing is not only concerned with grammar, spelling, or sentence organization but also the expression of both personal and other people’s points of view. The...

Words: 269

Pages: 1

Views: 77

17 Sep 2023
Writing Studies

Writing for Your Audience

Part A This appeal for food donations targets three different audiences: local employers, employees, and grocery stores. These groups share some common characteristics and expectations and very different...

Words: 624

Pages: 2

Views: 142

17 Sep 2023
Writing Studies

Narrative Styles Analysis: How to Analyze the Different Types of Narration

The story " A Good Man is Hard to Find " by O'Connor Flannery details the encounters of grandmothers and her children, who travel for vacation to East Tennessee. During a family meeting, the family plans to visit...

Words: 1076

Pages: 4

Views: 116

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17 Sep 2023
Writing Studies

Top Five Advanced Business Writing Tips

Business writing enhances one’s ability to communicate professionally and build a brand. The modern business relies on information to reach out to clients; whether you are using email, presentation, messenger, or...

Words: 553

Pages: 2

Views: 226

16 Sep 2023
Writing Studies

Which Political Party is the Moral Party in the US

In the US, there are two major political parties, the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. Since the formation of these parties, they have always held to the political ideas of their founders. Such ideologies...

Words: 885

Pages: 3

Views: 433


Assignment types
Academic level

The Study of Writing: Everything You Need to Know

If this is the first time you’ve been tasked with an essay on writing studies, here are the key points for consideration:

  • Prove that you’re well-versed in the related academic area
  • Demonstrate your writing skills
  • Avoid plagiarism.

Typically an essay serves as a concluding assignment of a course you’ve attended. Therefore, you should base it upon facts and concepts you’ve learned from this course. At the same time, your piece must have a logical structure and your conclusions must be backed by solid evidence or detailed explanations. 

To better illustrate all of the above we'll take a closer look at each type and examine its requirements in detail.

Rhetoric & Composition Essays – What Are They?

What makes a good rhetoric essay and what are the essay composition rules in this case? Let’s find out together!

The purpose of works in the rhetoric and composition field is to show how well you are familiar with persuasion and word usage skills. Sometimes these two subsets are mixed together but there is a significant difference between them. A rhetoric essay should be persuasive, i.e. you must show your ability in making your audience accept your point of view. In a composition essay, your goal is to showcase your vocabulary and how you’ve mastered a certain style. Of course, in both cases, your text should be well-structured, well-readable, and logical. It is where our examples of rhetorical analysis may come in handy.

Study of Writing: Essay Examples

We’ve got several helpful essay examples for those who are struggling with their writing studies assignments. All of these examples are available for free. You can use them as inspiration when writing your own original essays. E.g. you can reuse their style or structure in your own writing.

In order to make it more convenient for our readers, we have divided these examples into two main categories: rhetoric and composition. Pick the one you need and feel free to browse through these text samples and select the one which matches your topic or your assignment best.

Rhetoric Essay Examples

Here you can find rhetoric essay examples. Pay attention to how its thesis is formulated: clearly indicating what the article will talk about and making a claim to be supported in the main part.

You should also inspect how arguments are constructed and what rhetoric figures are used for persuading readers to accept the author’s claim. When using this experience in your own writing, you can copy the structure and the style so that your arguments would be no less persuasive.

Scroll up to see the samples in rhetoric. It is available for free as well as all other materials here.

Composition Essay Examples

These examples of composition essays will be useful for those who have trouble structuring their narrative in a proper way. Feel free to check our samples out. We advise that you pay close attention to their structure and particularly to logical connections between main parts. Also, you would want to evaluate how accurate and clear descriptions are in these papers and how well they depict the main topic.

Go up and you will find our samples. All examples are available for free as well as all other materials here.

Writing Studies: Topics

Let’s talk about topics you can choose for or receive in your writing studies assignment. Here are several interesting examples:

  • My career choice(s).
  • My favorite place for studies.
  • A notable historical person from our town/state.
  • The farewell address of a president.
  • Heroism in modern literature. (Look at hero essay examples.)
  • Significance of a writer/philosopher/civil rights activist.
  • Living a good life outside of big cities.

Below are a few more topic suggestions broken into more specific categories.

Writing Studies: Topics for Technical Writing and Communication

Technical writing and communication topics typically revolve around communication technologies, modern hi-tech, software tips & tricks, etc. Besides, they might talk about modern problems and questions of international and interpersonal communication. Here are some examples for you:

  • Role of the Internet in modern culture/politics.
  • Main barriers to efficient communication.
  • The rise of cable systems worldwide.
  • Right and wrong approaches to intercultural conversations.
  • The impact of social media on the youth.
  • Cyberbullying as a real threat. (Browse our cyberbullying essay examples.)
  • Freedom of speech vs safety on the Internet.

Writing Studies Topics: Ancient Professional Writers

As we discover more and more about Antiquity, ancient professional writers get more and more information to write about. Such topics can be related to a variety of areas, from history to culture to technology, as one can draw many parallels with the modern world. Examples:

  • Law and order in Ancient Rome. (Consult: essay law examples.)
  • Gender roles and relations in Rome.
  • Role of religion in Ancient Greece.
  • Athens vs Sparta.
  • The outcomes of the battle at Thermopylae.
  • The outcomes of the Punic Wars.
  • Reasons why the Roman Republic fell.

Writing Studies Topics: Business Writing 

Business writing is one of the most popular niches for senior students, especially for those who are considering a career path in the private sector. While doing your research you can get better prepared for challenges and solutions of entrepreneurship. Below are some topic ideas:

  • Key role of marketing.
  • Why is it essential to know your customer?
  • Equality in the modern business world.
  • Online businesses are the future of our economy.
  • Good leadership is crucial for a company's prosperity.
  • Collaboration as a solution to any business problem.
  • Why do you as a leader have to motivate your team?

FAQ About Writing Studies

1. Are your writing studies essays free?

Our writing studies essay samples are absolutely free for you to browse, read and use for your inspiration or analysis. Our goal is to help out our readers with their academic writing tasks which is why we’ve collected all these samples. Feel free to check other sections of our website for more helpful tips and examples.

2. Can I submit one of your rhetoric essay samples?

Any rhetoric essay sample you can find on our website has been published to illustrate our explanations & tips. They are designed to help you get some inspiration for your own original writing. Submitting a text copied from us for your own assignment is plagiarism and is strictly prohibited for academic works. Please submit your own original texts only.

3. What can I write in a thesis for writing studies about creative writing?

In order to complete your creative writing thesis properly, you should pay close attention to your school’s or university’s guidelines. In general, a creative thesis should contain the following sections: title page abstract (brief overview of your topic), table of contents, introduction, creative section (i.e. the main body of your creative work), conclusion, and list of references.

4. Can you write an English composition essay for me?

Sure! If you’ve got any troubles with your English composition essay, just let us know how we can help you. Our academic writing service is handled by skilled writers with expertise in many different academic areas. As former students, we are always ready to lend a hand to any student who’s stuck with their writing assignments.


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