Culture Essay Examples

Writing a culture essay? But got stuck or are worried about your deadline? You’ve come to the right place as we’ve got plenty of tips and helpful suggestions for essay writing, particularly for this academic area.
17 Sep 2023

The Māori Cultural Group: Health Disparities, Beliefs, and Behavior

The Māori people are considered as the indigenous Polynesian people that settled in modern-day New Zealand between 1320 and 1350. It is believed that the culture associated with the Māori people has evolved...

Words: 564

Pages: 1

Views: 130

17 Sep 2023

Why Japanese Idol Culture is Popular

The Japanese idol refers to a pop culture that is entrenched deeply in the Japanese entertainment industry where young manufactured talents are marketed for customer admiration. Japanese idols have continuously come...

Words: 1513

Pages: 6

Views: 119

17 Sep 2023

Christian Allegories in the Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a television show based on a series of books written by George R.R. Martins referred to as Song of Ice and Fire books. The television represents its explicit Christian allegory. For instance, in...

Words: 318

Pages: 1

Views: 77

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16 Sep 2023

John Ruskin’s ‘The Stones of Venice"

John Ruskin’s ‘The Stones of Venice, a treatise on Venetian art, was first published in 1851 through to 1853 and further in Boston by Estes and Lauriat Publishers. The treatise outlines the architecture of Venice in...

Words: 1241

Pages: 4

Views: 131

16 Sep 2023

Shelters/ Dwellings of Nez Perce Tribe

Shelters/ Dwellings of Nez Perce Tribe The Nez Perce tribe is a group of indigenous habitants of the Columbia River Plateau. They are found in the United States in a specific region known as the Pacific Northwest....

Words: 611

Pages: 2

Views: 436

16 Sep 2023

World War I influence on the culture, politics, and society of the US

President Woodrow Wilson informed a common sitting of congress that the United States should remain neutral during World War 1 to ensure calmness. His main aim was to ensure the United States did not join the war nor...

Words: 594

Pages: 2

Views: 97

16 Sep 2023

The Funny Thing about Black Mirror

Black Mirror denotes the British science fiction collection TV series that was created by Charlie Brooker. Annabel Jones and Brooker served as the showrunners of the program. Black Mirror assesses contemporary...

Words: 832

Pages: 3

Views: 142

16 Sep 2023

Cultural Imperialism: How Americanization Spread Across the World

Cultural imperialism can be traced way back before the US became the superpower. Imperialism, in this case, refers to the way a country assert its powers over others. However, currently, cultural imperialism mainly...

Words: 559

Pages: 2

Views: 138

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16 Sep 2023

Culture and Communication Patterns: Americans vs. Asians

This style compares the culture and communication patterns between the Americans and the Asians. By Americans, it means people with European background; these are people who descended from the European immigrants...

Words: 1698

Pages: 6

Views: 253

16 Sep 2023

The Meaning Behind the Statue of Liberty

The Meaning Behind the Statue of Liberty The statue of liberty has grown to be the identity of America globally. Walking at any corner of the world and ask anyone anything about America and the answer, which comes...

Words: 877

Pages: 3

Views: 171


Assignment types
Academic level

Culture Essays: What Are They?

Usually, you might receive culture essay assignments if you're majoring in Arts. Also, it sometimes can be your topic of choice if you’re interested in self-awareness or in exploring factors that influence interpersonal and international relations and communication. 

Such types of academic writing typically include some of the following points:

  • Origins of culture
  • Cultural influence on personal, group, or national level
  • Cultural peculiarities
  • Interaction of different cultures, etc.

In order to compose a good one, you need to have some background knowledge on the subject. Some research also needs to be done as you’ll need to back up your thesis with some credible and informative sources. Several topics related to some of these points are provided below.

Culture Essay: Topics

These helpful topics for your culture essay are focused on general concepts and basics of culture analysis:

  • Is the world’s literary fund humanity's greatest treasure?
  • How do musicians stand out in today’s world?
  • Love as a socio-cultural phenomenon.
  • Can popular culture affect a society’s level of intelligence?
  • Lyrics of modern songs as a heritage for future generations.
  • How have our thoughts on evolution changed in the last 100 years?
  • Comparison of cultural value between classical and modern arts. (Consult: art essay examples.)

Below you can find different ideas on various topics related to this subject matter. You are more than welcome to use any of these topics for free. They should be of great help, especially if you still haven’t been assigned a specific topic for your piece.

What Is a Culture Shock: Essay Topics

If you need to write a what is a culture shock essay, you could talk about famous first contacts between different civilizations or argue about ways of coexistence. Here are several suggestions:

  • History behind the Culture Shock concept.
  • How ancient Greeks viewed other cultures.
  • Coexistence of different religious groups: From religious wars to multicultural society.
  • Outcomes of the first contacts between Europeans and Mesoamerican civilizations.
  • How Europeans viewed the Far Eastern cultures in 18th – 19th centuries.
  • Outcomes of Europeans’ discovery of Buddhism.
  • Role of globalization in cultural interaction.

These are just a few ideas you can use in your writing. We suggest browsing our comparison and contrast essay examples before writing this kind of task. Feel free to contact us if you need further help with academic writing.

How Is Behavior Influenced by Culture: Essay Topics

Need some topic suggestions for ‘how is behavior influenced by culture’ essay? Here are several ones, taking positive and negative cases of cultural influence:

  • Do social media make young people depressed more often?
  • Does American culture impact the way we view the world?
  • Empathy in classic culture/popular culture. (Look at our essays on empathy.)
  • What role does marketing play in modern culture?
  • Effects of video games on younger generations.
  • Factors influencing moral standards in a society.
  • How the invention of printing press changed European civilization.

How Does Culture Bring Us Together: Essay Topics

Several suggestions for ‘how does culture bring us together’ essay. These topics talk about identity as well as unification trends:

  • Unifying the role of technology in the intercultural dialogue.
  • What makes music the means of intercultural interaction.
  • How do sporting events bring people together for a common cause?
  • Computer gamer communities as a cultural phenomenon.
  • Multicultural society of the Ancient Mediterranean.
  • Did ideas of Renaissance thinkers promote cultural unification?
  • The identity problem in the post-industrial era.

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Culture Essay Examples

Still need help with your culture essay? If you’ve already picked a great topic, then probably all that is left to jump-start your creative process is getting a good working example. We advise browsing ethics essay example at StudyBounty. We’ve got some real students’ works available in this section, written about culture-related subjects. You are welcome to check them out and examine their structure in detail, as well as their writing styles and logical connections between their different parts. Then you can reuse some of this knowledge in your own original paper. This will help secure your success and get rid of writer’s block if you have any.


FAQ About Culture Essays

1. Can I submit your culture essay examples?

Our culture essay examples have been published for you to browse, read and use as an inspiration for your own writing. However, you cannot copy them, fully or partially, and paste them into your work. That's called plagiarism and your professors will definitely not be happy about it. Please keep in mind that only original texts can be submitted for academic assignments.

2. Are your culture essay samples free?

Sure, our culture essay samples are absolutely free to search, browse and read. We’ve published them in order to help our readers get fresh ideas and better understand writing tips that can be found on our website. In case you got stuck at any stage of your writing process, feel free to examine their structure or style to reuse this knowledge in your own original paper.

3. What can I write in a "What culture means to me" essay?

When writing “what culture means to me” essay you are expected to tell about your own position on general cultural values or about some specific areas of life that are influenced by culture. For example, your essay can explain learned behavior due to family history, environment, and social interaction. If you use any arguments, be sure to back them up with solid evidence.

4. Can you write my сulture essay for me?

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