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Calculate the average grade for college in 3 steps

With our weighted grade calculator, all assessments can be made in less than a minute. Here’s what to do to calculate final grade:

  1. Insert the score you want Enter expected or desired GPA in the field.
  2. Type in grade weights Give the weight of a final exam in a general course mark.
  3. Enjoy accurate results Get a score needed to accomplish your grade goal.

Why our final grade calculator for students is unique?

Almost all students out there have goals to accomplish, grades to get. Sometimes, colleges and universities don’t have a transparent scoring system, and a calculating final grade is rather challenging. So, here are some reasons to use our final grade percentage calculator:

  • Free of charge

    No payment is needed or will ever be needed. This tool is free for everyone any time of day and night!

  • Easy-to-operate

    Just fill in the data and get results automatically — it’s that easy! No registration or email confirmations.

  • Totally limitless

    You get an unlimited number of checks — check final grading as long and often as you please.

  • Blazingly fast processing

    Quantum computing is here! Counting your grades was never so lightning fast.


How our college GPA calculator works

Operating our calculator is extremely simple. To calculate GPA with letter grades you need to provide only three parameters:

  1. What is your assessment? Please, fill in a name of a test or evaluation work. You can surely write abracadabra here, but for your own convenience, we recommend typing your full name. Entering this information can significantly improve navigating through the list of tests, homework, essays, etc.
  2. What is your grade? You can’t calculate score percentage without providing all information regarding your marks. Our system is not a mind reader, so please, specify your scores. Letter marks, percentage, or points — anything will do.
  3. What is the weight? Without this parameter, evaluating is not possible. This semester grade calculator must have the weight of each assessment to correctly and accurately do the math. You can find weights in a syllabus on the website of your school or college.

Check your GPA online by StudyBounty

We are happy to inform you that our calculator uses the most accurate and universal weighted grading scale. Working with various institutions, we were able to create a unique average letter grade calculator, suitable for anyone. No matter where you study, what you study — our calculations will always stay on point.

Despite all our efforts, sometimes a letter we assign may differ from one that you will get. For the most precise results, please check the website of your school for a letter-to-percentage grade table. The chart you may find should look like this:

Percentage [%]Letter scoreGPA
0 - 59.99F0
60 - 62.99D-0.7
63 - 66.99D1
67 - 69.99D+1.3
70 - 72.99C-1.7
73 - 76.99C2
77 - 79.99C+2.3
80 - 82.99B-2.7
83 - 86.99B3
87 - 89.99B+3.3
90 - 92.99A-3.7
93 - 96.99A4
97 - 100A+4.3

Improve your final grades in college

After you estimate GPA, you may find yourself sad and disappointed. But don’t blame us and our calculator for it. The way it does calculate your final exam score is completely accurate, with no exceptions. However, you still can fix it, if it’s not too late, if you get your final GPA calculator not five minutes before a test.

Make an effort to maintain a high grade point average

If you still have time, try to prepare for your tests with more diligence. Our online grader tool will show you the scores you need to get, so you could prepare accordingly. Be sure to calculate final grade for each and every test you pass, to see how it impacts your total mark.

We know that getting high scores one after the other is not an easy task. With some additional time spent on reading and practicing, you will be able to maintain a high GPA during the whole year. Don’t forget to check and adjust your plans with our overall grade calculator!

Talk to Teachers About How to Improve Your Weighted Average Grades

It would be a great decision to talk with your teachers after you calculate weighted grade. They will be more than happy to see your enthusiasm, even if you have a 69 grade. Eye-to-eye talking with your mentors after class has proven to be one of the best ways to discover additional options and gain some points.

Just ask them about additional assignments you can take, possible grades you can expect for them, and their weight. Then, go home and calculate grades with weighted percentages once again. After that, you’ll decide whether those assignments are worth taking. As you know now, calculating overall grade with different weights isn’t hard, so don’t hesitate!

Understand course material for a good high school GPA

Our college GPA generator can’t change your scores directly, but it can show you the overall picture. You may ask “I did already calculate my college GPA, what’s next?” And the answer is — study harder! Don’t cheat! Read previous chapters, follow our advice, and listen to your guts.

Yes, hard labor is usually the best way out of a situation when your average mark is lower than you want. Exams won’t get easier, so you have to study harder. Patience and endeavor are your best friends in this hard and thorny way. Well, them and the final exam calculator, of course!

Create good study habits for final exam grade

In addition to using a grade average calculator, it is helpful to start working on your habits. Getting rid of long sleepless hours, creating a schedule, better time management — are just some things that can be implemented into your life.

“What if I calculate my final exam grade and get an F?” You still can avert the unthinkable, change the weighted total grade. Changing your habits is hard, but end results are worth all the work. Good grades, good university, well-paid job — it’s all coming together. If you want all those goodies, it is necessary to make changes! No pain, no gain.


Types of grades you might see in the grading scale for students

The grading system can be complicated to understand, especially the meaning behind every different letter. For experienced students, the following information will not become eye-opening, but for budding scholars, it may come useful. As you might have noticed, using a grading scale calculator can “assess” your final mark. But what do all those letters mean? We will try showcasing each letter separately, so everyone could have the most accurate description. Here’s the table for you:

Letter scoreDescription
FComplete fail
D+Less than satisfactory
CBelow average
B+Very good

Now, you have a credible scale of all possible marks a student can get. We hope that with this information you will be able to better understand the scoring system. And with understanding comes a desire to become better, right?


Test grade percentage calculator


Our tool can be used not only for overall grade calculations. You can use it to calculate test score online too since every question in the test has its value. After a test, you might get nervous, right? If you are a student, waiting for your mark to be revealed is sometimes more challenging than writing the test itself. In such situations, it is helpful to presume your score by inserting each question and its supposed value into our calculator. Then, you’ll get a general understanding of your performance on a given test.

It is not a test score generator, it is a test percentage calculator. The system does not guess, it evaluates it. A good rap song can start like this, right? Back to business. No crystal ball, only formulas. No guessing, only math. And the test grading scale is the same here, so you’ll instantly know your score.


Online grading calculator you can rely on

Many times you have read big words about our tool, our percentage-based grading scale. We will not be humbled by saying that our quick grade calculator is the best one on the market. And we mean that. Since its launch, there has never been a single day when the website was not functioning. We put effort into maintaining the same high quality of service any time of the year.

If you search “weighted average of percentages” - you will end up here. Because we are the best and our algorithms are superior. Feel free to calculate grade with percentages, or with letters, with no payment or registration needed. Not every service can brag about that. It is like a clock, a well-oiled clock - each time a user evaluates scores, he gets the result of utmost quality and precision. Intelligent machine serves humans, just as it is meant to be.

Grade converter for students

When you are a student, it is crucial to stay well-informed about your scores and results. A big part of being informed is understanding your marks. That’s where our college GPA converter can be used. Just type your weighted percentage mark, and you’ll get a letter grade in the blink of an eye.


Other tools to ease your life

Having a thesis statement generator at hand is just a beginning. StudyBounty offers you to take a look at a plethora of various tools that can simplify, if not improve altogether, your writing process.

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FAQ about weighted average grade calculator

Getting high grades based on percentage is cool, but what if you still have questions about our calculator? Here are some answers.

Is StudyBounty's grading tool free?

Absolutely! We believe that every student should be able to google “grade calculator assignment”, open our website, and crank some numbers for free. Feel open to use our system anytime you need without any hidden payments or subscriptions. We care about you, and our tool will always stay free!

How to find my average grade?

To calculate overall grade you need to follow the algorithm we mentioned above. As soon as you type in all the needed information, your total average score will present itself to you. Big letters, high contrast, right in the middle of the screen. Trust us, it is impossible to miss!

Do I need to register to use StudyBounty’s GPA generator?

Calculating GPA on our website does not require registration. Why would we need your email or contact details? We don’t send spam or promotion materials. We don’t care who you are, where you live or study. All we care about are realistic and precise calculations, that enable students to increase their scores.

Why should I choose your university GPA calculator?

Working with us is simple - that’s why you should calculate semester GPA right here. We don’t ask more than we should know to give correct and fast results. No registration, no payments, just fill in some information, and off you go! It is not rocket science!


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