English Essay Examples

English essays have remained a sought-after type of paper that is often assigned by teachers to assess a student's critical thinking skills and knowledge. Here we have gathered various English essay examples that will help you write a paper in a more professional manner. Below you will find examples of quality English essays collected for your inspiration boost.
17 Sep 2023

The Downfalls of Oedipus and Othello

The Downfalls of Oedipus and Othello The downfall of great men in literature appears to follow dramatic events either forged by the author as the will of the gods or the consequence of their actions. Whether the...

Words: 1402

Pages: 5

Views: 478

17 Sep 2023

Why I Want To Become a Physician

A physician is a person who practices medicine dealing with treating illnesses, promoting and maintaining better health status through research and diagnosis. I want to become a physician for several reasons which...

Words: 270

Pages: 1

Views: 86

17 Sep 2023

The Perception of Death in the Play "Everyman"

Introduction Death is evident in the play Everyman in multiple perspective and the author describes it in different scenes. Thesis: The essay examines the perception of death in the play and how it influences...

Words: 1464

Pages: 5

Views: 99

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17 Sep 2023

How to Reverse Chronic Pain in 5 Simple Steps

Summary Chronic pains are becoming very common in modern days. They are often caused by injuries, illnesses, surgery, or accidents. Unlike the days in the past, more people are starting to experience these...

Words: 1075

Pages: 4

Views: 73

17 Sep 2023

“Boyz n the Hood” director and Auteur Theory paper

The Auteur Theory is a cinematic aspect that explains how the film director is the "author" of the film. The theory explains that artists who apply intense stylistic control over their craft use certain features like...

Words: 847

Pages: 3

Views: 98

17 Sep 2023

Free College and University Education in the United Kingdom

In following persuasive essay on whether the colleges and university education should be free, we focus on the following scholarly sources; Pike's journal (2005) that talks of ‘ the first and second generation...

Words: 690

Pages: 2

Views: 181

17 Sep 2023

The Art of Literature

The point of view from the two authors that helps to tell the story In Chopin’s “Story of an Hour,” the author uses an omniscient third person. The narrator helps Chopin to present a complete narration that is...

Words: 498

Pages: 2

Views: 130

17 Sep 2023

Proposal for solid and liquid waste management

Proposal for solid and liquid waste management To: From: Date: 22 nd April 2016 Subject: Solid and Liquid waste management Situation: The residents of this town have frequently complained...

Words: 479

Pages: 2

Views: 173

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17 Sep 2023

Rhetorical Situation: Basics

In a broad spectrum, a rhetorical situation refers to the context or setting in which a communicator either a writer or a speaker creates a rhetorical discourse. The fundamental elements of a rhetorical situation...

Words: 428

Pages: 1

Views: 117

17 Sep 2023

How to Write a Reading Response

10-point reading response. “Old Boys, Old girls” Prompt #1: initial reaction to the story The story was interesting at the beginning, boring in some spots but worth it in the end. Prompt #2: a brief...

Words: 472

Pages: 2

Views: 70


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English Essay Writing in Detail

When talking about English essay writing, it is worth mentioning that it often implies a lot of work. These essays can be devoted to a literature review, they can contain rhetorical constructions or express a student's opinion on a particular issue. The main purpose is to show a student’s ability to use the English language and build creative constructions that convince readers to accept a certain point of view. 

Thus, topics may vary, and often it is up to you to decide on a subject matter you are most interested in. There is also no limit to a paper’s word count. Your essay can contain one page or a dozen. But your main task is to fully express an opinion and create a finished work.

English Essay Format

There is no standard English essay format. It often differs depending on your school. That’s why we highly recommend asking your professor for instructions. There are several paper formats you can apply. These include APA, MLA, and Chicago. Most likely your teacher will require you to use the Modern Language Association. This format is widely used in linguistics. You can browse our linguistics essay to see how this format is applied. It is worth consulting with your instructor if such a format is suitable.

English Essay Examples: Best Free Samples

English essays may seem limitless because our list of possible topics is extremely wide. You can find English essay examples on almost any theme, be it society, history, family relations, team interaction, and many other topics. We have prepared for you the widest selection of essay samples on the subject that will allow you to write a quality and profound paper. So whether you need philosophy essay examples or other samples, you can surely count on our platform. 

All essay examples are posted on our website completely free of charge, so you can choose and view absolutely any text. This is a good opportunity to get inspired and develop a creative work that will help you express your thoughts and convey them to your audience.

English Essay Topics

The large selection of writing ideas creates an uneasy choice because there are thousands of English essay topics. For those who are just beginning their authoring journey and have not worked with this format before, formulating and choosing a topic is a challenge.

An English essay should be relevant, problem-solving, and interesting, which is why we have prepared short lists of a variety of topics for good papers below. This information is absolutely free and does not require registration, regardless of your educational level. Choose any topic you like and browse our rhetorical analysis essay example pdf. Or use our custom essay writing service for professional assistance. 

English Essay Topics for High School Students

When choosing English essay topics for high-school students, it is necessary to consider that these may be profound topics that require substantive preparation. High school provides a lot of knowledge and an opportunity to realize students' creativity. We have put together some promising topics that are perfect for this purpose. Get some ideas below:

  1. Higher education is not necessary for everyone.
  2. Impact of philanthropic bloggers on community relationships. 
  3. Subjective perspective on the causes of violence in youth collectives. 
  4. Equality of educational attainment for students of different incomes. 
  5. Can remote learning replace face-to-face classes?
  6. Role of school in nurturing personal qualities. 
  7. Why don't «A» students always succeed?

These are quite relevant topics that will allow students to show their attitudes toward certain situations and objects. Moreover, such topics will help you consider recent trends in youth.

College English Essay Topics

Creative essays are also common in the next stage of education after high school, which is a college. College English essay topics are not very different from those for high school, but they usually contain more profound analysis. We suggest these topics for individual study:

  1. Problems of social and intellectual development in the COVID-19 era.
  2. Positive and negative effects of regular marijuana use. 
  3. Racial prejudice in today's higher education system.
  4. Why do some people succeed without having a decent educational background?
  5. Impact of dating sites on young people's self-esteem. 
  6. Rules of communication between students and teachers on social media. (Consult: essay on communication.)
  7. Studying abroad: Is it worth going to another country?

Since college students are expected to have a decent knowledge base, they are required to thoroughly consider possible topics. You can choose one of the themes presented above, or come up with your own. Your main task is to make decent arguments and draw valid conclusions.

English Argumentative Essay Topics

Since learning the art of language also involves mastering rhetoric, i.e. the art of persuasion, English argumentative essay topics are best suited for practice. We have created a selection of topics that will demonstrate your rhetorical skills. Here are some ideas for inspiration:

  1. «Smart» cars: progress that makes human life easier. 
  2. Ineffectiveness of environmental constraints in the face of the threat of global warming. (Read our essay about global warming.)
  3. Does society need nationalism: Prerequisites of ethnic struggle for freedom. 
  4. Affordable housing is inaccessible to the average citizen. 
  5. The Arab Spring: A new turn in the development of Islamic society.  
  6. Euthanasia is everyone's right. 
  7. The U.S. needs migrants to preserve society. 

No matter what topic you choose, the most important thing is to find a strong argument and form a personal opinion. However, it is worth consulting teachers and mentors, because they can open up new perspectives on an issue you are studying.


English Essay Examples: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you help me find a proper sample for English essay?

We have created a thoughtful and modern site where you can find samples of English essays on your own. Use the categories of papers, sorting by type and the most popular topics to find an example you need. Each category is regularly reviewed and updated so you can easily find the information you need.

2. Will my teacher know that I used your English essay examples in class?

You cannot use our English essay examples as your own authored material. An academic plagiarism check will immediately show a low uniqueness of the text, and you will not only receive a sanction in the form of an uncredited paper but you can also be expelled from your educational institution. However, there are no restrictions on getting inspiration and fresh ideas from our website.

3. Where can I find examples of a short English essay?

In order to find paper examples, including a short English essay, you can use our content library. By reading short essays, you will learn how to formulate your thoughts more productively and become familiar with the structure. Those students who need more lengthy academic work will also find some good examples here.

4. What is an English reflective essay?

A quality English reflective essay primarily reflects the author's emotions and thoughts after reading a book or article, watching a movie or TV series, listening to a musical composition, etc. It combines rhetorical skills with profound critical content analysis. At the same time, a conclusion is based mainly on personal impressions.


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