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Drive: The Surprising Things that Motivate Us (2009) Review

Drive: The Surprising Things that Motivate Us (2009) is a book written by Daniel H Pink which describes how intrinsic factors motivate people into doing certain activities. The book tries to debunk lifelong theories...

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How Coca-Cola's Business Model Has Changed Over the Years

According to Heraclitus, a Greece philosopher, change is permanent, and it is fundamental to the world. He aimed to descrin ofbe the significance of handling difference among human beings and the organization....

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Pages: 5

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Internal Recruitment: How to Find, Hire, and Retain the Best Employees

The purpose of an internal and transfer policy is to create new opportunities for promotions and transfers within a certain department or an organization in general. The policy is to improve mobility, which is upward...

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Pages: 3

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How to Improve Employee Performance with SAS

SAS is a business analytics software vendor located in North Carolina. The company offers several benefits to the employees which motivate them and hence increase their performance. For instance, the company provides...

Words: 318

Pages: 1

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O*Net Job Analysis: The Ultimate Guide

Job Description According to Phillips & Gully ( n.d. ), job analysis is a methodical procedure of describing and identifying the significant aspects of an occupation and different characteristics employees...

Words: 583

Pages: 2

Views: 185

Importance of Training Needs Analysis

Organizations are consistently working towards building a competent workforce. While recruitment processes ensure that the organization hires competent workers, their skills and knowledge progressively become...

Words: 243

Pages: 1

Views: 66

Prevent Unionizing A Manufacturing Facility: There Are A Few Key Things You Can Do

Introduction Unions have a significant impact on the management of employees in an organization. This is because they are involved in protecting the employees’ rights against workplace discrimination or...

Words: 1297

Pages: 5

Views: 344

Reasonable Accommodating and Work-Life Conflicts

In 2011, Verizon Communications was sued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) for its disability discrimination policies. EEOC accused the company of enforcing a “no-fault” attendance policy, thereby...

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Pages: 1

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Decision to Open a New Retail Store: Positive and Negative Effects

Cloud 9 Inc.’s decision to open a new retail store has positive and negative effects on its accounts. In the long run, the business will experience increase in market share, advertising opportunities, and gain...

Words: 765

Pages: 5

Views: 243

Human Resource Management at McDonald's

In its quest to become a leading fast-food outlet globally, the McDonald's Corporation has realized the need to promote its human resource management to achieve better customer satisfaction. The company's mission is...

Words: 1082

Pages: 3

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