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7-18 Diversity Management in Workplaces

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Diversity has been highly valued as an essential aspect in attaining Equity at a workplace. It refers to having workers coming from different cultural backgrounds (Milano, 2012). A diverse organization can thereby be described as one that comprises of workforce obtained from various ethnic, religious and racial backgrounds. Having worked in many institutions provided me with an excellent understanding of the concept of diversity and how it works. This discussion presents my experience of diversity from two organizations to show how diversity is important in an organization, despite the few cons associated with it.

Net Resource Ltd (NRL) was the first company I worked for some time back in 2013. It is a technology company, concerned with providing essential online resources to clients. The company has an approximately 600 personnel, drawn from all walks of life. I alongside other new employees were subjected to a month of training, where we were taught on the merits of diversity in companies and also taught on skill building and teamwork. We, later on, joined the elite team of workers and realized that it was a vast world in a company. Despite this, the management offered equal opportunities to all of us. Well-performing workers were given appraisals for their service equally across the board. This created a warm interaction among workers; hence, resulting in sustained quality production and workforce competitiveness. 

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On the verge of 2015, I worked with an organization called Walking Music Inc., an entertainment company which provided services like artist and event management, music related consultations, and music production. It had 272 employees at that time. Following the nature of this company, every day was a new day with new people from all over the world. The management was very strict concerning diversity, and it put up banners in almost every corner of the office space. One of this read “We are a people from different cultures interacting with people of different cultures in a company of one culture-DIVERSITY.” Frequent activities were organized by the management to boost the inter-relations of the employees. This yielded great results over time as employees engaged freely together. Just like the case in NRL, Walking Music Inc. was productive and competitive. However, I noted that diversity at the workplace cannot reinforce the attribute of social integration entirely. I discovered that mostly during break hours people interacted with those that they shared a common aspect concerning religion, cultural or ethical. 

Generally, I observed that diversity brought about great success in an organization. It also equips workers with knowledge of different cultures as they interacted and shared information (Milano, 2012). Great minds and talents from diverse origins can form a great organizational team to produce outstanding performances, just like in the case of these two companies. Embracing Diversity is definitely a driver to great success.


Milano, C. (2012). Managing the Diverse Workforce. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers . Retrieved from https://www.asme.org/engineering-topics/articles/diversity/managing-the-diverse-workforce.

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