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8-20 Relationship Between the Different Conversation Styles of Men and Women and how it Affects Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

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Psychologists, sociologists, and anthropologists have done intensive research on the various linguistic patterns for both boys and girls from childhood. They have deduced that the two genders acquire different linguistic patterns based on their level of interaction at early stages. It has been noted that in childhood, most genders tend to socialize with those of the same sex mostly. Girls spend most of their time with other girls, whereas boys spend most of their time with fellow boys. This level of interaction of childhood impacts on most linguistic patterns in both genders and brings out the difference in conversational styles. This paper looks at the linguistic patterns for women in the USA and their contrast to linguistic patterns of men plus their implications at the workplace.

Women’s linguistic patterns in the USA are characterized by their behavioral patterns obtain in during childhood. In their infancy, girls associate most with single best friends or quite small groups, whereas large groups describe boys. Language determines their level of friendship and interaction. Their trust and loyalty to one another are centrally built on the level of sharing information, contrary to the boys whose level of interaction depends on how many things they do together. Again, ladies learn to be less confident in themselves (Chemaly, 2014). Most girls learn to view themselves as being on the same level as their peers. No one is seen to be authoritative over the other. Boys, on the other hand, have within them a group of other boys who are authoritative and dictate what the rest should do. Women also establish a fear-filled way of expressing themselves. As girls, they present their sentiments or requests in more humble ways. Like when asking for something, they tend to use a dragging, shaky and not-so-sure tone. Men, however, acquire a sense of boldness in speech, an attribute they developed in their childhood. 

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These different lingual patterns have transitioned to the workplace, where men are seen to be dominant over women. Men often occupy most leadership posts at work as compared to the ladies. They also tend to have greater freedom of expression than women, who mostly talk when asked to (Chemaly, 2014). This tends to impose an overall leadership over women by men. Women feel inferior and subject to men. These feelings of inferiority paint them as slaves to the men. They take orders from men without raising complaints, even when feeling oppressed. On the other hand, men benefit from such situation to molest and harass these women sexually. Most women are victims of sexual harassment at workplaces, but because of their secrecy status attained in the childhood stages, they end up keeping it to themselves. They give in to most demands made by men a feeble and helpless manner.

Therefore, it is notable that childhood mannerisms transition all through a person’s life. This implies that linguistic patterns exhibited by both men and women are something that started developing during childhood stages and transitioned to adulthood. It is, therefore, paramount to establish strong habitual behaviors in the early stages of a child.


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