10 May 2022


Account executive vs  Administrative Assistant

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Account executive vs Accounting  Administrative Assistant

The work of account executive may be represented as the liaison between advertising agency and the company. In majority of cases, such employees are working for selling the services of the agency to the target audience. It means that they perform the extensive research for understanding the product lines of the clients, their marketing need and goals, in some cases, the target group is chosen by the account executives for development of the specially-tailored advertising concept which is furthermore integrated into the promotional campaign of the company. Such employee is working with the set of various departments (copywriting, marketing and art departments in particular) –for development of the innovative marketing and advertising campaigns. For occupying this job, individual should be creative, innovative, know the major marketing trends and being proficient in accounting (study.com, 2016)

Accounting Administrative assistant works for supporting the accounting department of the business entity. The routine responsibilities of this professional involve answering the telephone, filing, assisting visitors, faxing, managing some appointments as well as working with the daily schedule of the office. Accounting administrative assistant is also responsible for creating budgets, preparing checks, calculating the statements of billing etc. For matching the requirements of this vacancy, individual should be proficient in mathematics, accounting, being accurate and responsible (study.com, 2015).

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It is possible to state a fact that both professions are highly demanded in the US market. The average salary rate for account executive is $48,984 per hour (payscale.com, 2016), while for accounting administrative assistant its average rate is  $15.00 per hour (payscale.com, 2016)

Personally, I would prefer the vacancy of account executive as I am creative and innovative and development of the marketing campaigns is my area of interest. In addition, the higher salary rates as well as wider career opportunities make this job more attractive for me.


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