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Accounting: The Accounting Discipline

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The modern world has motivated me to want to pursue this discipline at Columbia University. I graduated from UCLA in 2015 with Mathematics/ Economics Major, particularly in accounting option. My A-level economics experience has played a major role in my life and therefore I would like to approach this course with an open mind. In the current world, economics is related to a number of disciplines that are applied in almost every aspect of life. As consumers of world's products, we tend to make use of all the limited resources that are available to use. As employees, we fight for our places in the job market and as citizens, we impact to determine the economic growth of the country by all means. 

The knowledge of economics is imperative as it will help me add value to the economy of my country. This knowledge will assist in making government's decision over spending on education, decision over taxes, decisions that influence unemployment, decisions that affect interest rates, a decision that affects economic growth and the rate of inflation in the country. As occupants of the world were are influenced by the economic decisions that are made on each and every occasion. This is to say that everything we consume, the kind of life we live and the environment we live in is affected by the economic decisions that are made by one individual or another. They are these exciting issues that stimulate me to advance in the field of economics. 

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After careful and thorough consideration, I have found it appealing to develop a successful career in Finance. I am motivated to study a master's program in Finance at Columbia University because of the ever changing business environment in the modern world and hence the need for me to upgrade my professional and expertise abilities in this broad field that keeps on changing at the same rate as the changing business environment. 

As stated earlier, I majored in Mathematics/Economics Major and emphasize in Accounting at UCLA which is one of the top university in the United States of America. I selected this major because of my belief in mathematics that I have impressed since my childhood when I was in elementary school. The department that offered the course that I undertook emphasized on a comprehensive training program. With my intensive and comprehensive foundation in mathematics, I have the confidence that I will cope more effectively with the requirements of your master's program. My academic achievements and experiences in the field of mathematics and finance have greatly impressed me and that is why I feel the importance of pursuing a master's program in finance that covers needs of the modern and ever-changing business world. My experience in the business world and my great interest in finance are among the factors that have coerced me to want to pursue this program in your facility that has a lot of resources that can help me realize my goals towards a better future. I have the feeling that the pursuit of the program in Columbia University is an ideal step in my personal development. 

I being a graduate of Mathematics/Economics Major and accounting attained from UCLA in 2015 and gained a handful of experience in several organizations in the United States of America. First, I began working as an assistant accountant at a local company HBA International. As an assistant accountant, I was tasked with monitoring both daily A/P and A/R, balancing reports and closing monthly and quarterly reports concerning prepaid expenses, accrued liability, billing, reconciliation, accounting for WIP and other monthly processes. Additionally, I was also mandated to respond to inquiries from vendors and staff from other departments/units, audited and issued invoices to customers as well as conducted research to correct accounts payable and accounts receivable discrepancies and prepared adjustment journal entries, provided a variety of accounting support by assisting with the reconciliation of accounts payable and accounts receivable aging reports and journal entries into the general ledger system, , audited and issued invoices to customers as well as conducted research to correct accounts payable and accounts receivable discrepancies and prepared adjustment journal entries. After working there as an accounting assistant, I found out that I still want to be part of the financial world, such as financial modeling, investment, risk management. 

Provided the relevance of globalization in most of the companies and all business sectors all over the world, attaining a level of education that does not help solve and address the multicultural and changing realities of the current business world irrelevant and illegitimate. I have therefore been moved to pursue a master's program in finance at Columbia University as the facility has all the required resources to equip me with financial knowledge that can enable me to change the business environment and the entire economy of the United States of America. I believe that there is no any other university in the United States of America or all over the world that can match the diversity and multiculturalism nature of Columbia University. I look forward to interacting with students from diverse backgrounds and with the same goals that will help me shape my dream of transforming the business world and the economy of the United States of America. Have the ability to learn and understand the concepts illustrated mostly pertaining matters that touch the evolution and transformation of the business environment. 

As I have illustrated above, I am a highly ambitious and motivated individual ready to pursue a master's program in Finance at Columbia University. By studying this specified program, I hope to expand my experience and expertise in the business context. After completion of the master's program, I hope to work in the finance department in the United States of America because I am positive that by that time I will be able to make a strong and positive decision that will help to turn around the collapsing economy of the country. Your master's program will help me attain the objectives I have set for myself regarding the field of business as a finance expert. Additionally, I hope to immensely contribute to the development of the economy of the United States of America and become a leading and reliable professional in the field of finance. 

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