10 May 2022


Achievements as an Adult Learner and Educational Goals

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Every year, dozens of adults find their way back to learning institutions in search of education as they seek to improve their basic skills as well as their knowledge. Adult learners find themselves in such situations as some, may have had a long break from formal training while others may be looking to update their skills. Non-traditional education is education that is offered in other ways than the common daytime college classrooms. It includes night classes, online classes, and independent study among others. Being an adult student is not an easy task, and it has its challenges; however, the advantages in comparison to the disadvantages are too way higher. Despite being a twenty-eight-year-old wife and a mother to a three-year-old son, I am determined to continue my education and pursue my goals.

I have realized that being an adult learner; I can be more focused on my school work as I am in a position to define my goals clearly. I have also come to realize that being an adult student; I have better life experiences since I have a young family. The non-traditional education has helped me get a better understanding of the natural environment in which I live. It has helped me make the most beneficial and comprehensive environmental policy decisions. 

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Adult learning does not interfere with my life, personal appointments or my family as I am not always pressed on time. Furthermore, non-traditional learning has impacted my life significantly as I am able to customize my learning experience. I can customize my learning experience every time, exploring a topic that interests me and mastering a particular skill set.

Non-traditional learning has empowered me to learn and take control of my expertise. I have increased new aptitudes that will help me facilitate my career and improve my skills. I have also come to develop a love for learning, and I am doing the same for my three-year-old child so that as he grows up, he will embrace learning.

I have realized that education has social benefits besides the economic ones as it has helped me increase my competence, confidence, and self-sufficiency. In general, I believe that I am more productive, healthier, motivated and more competent. I have been able to develop my immediate and ultimate educational goals, thanks to adult learning. 

During the time that I will be learning, I will stay focused on my goals as I want to gain more skills and knowledge upon graduation. This will prepare me to take on expanded roles and responsibilities in the future. I plan to be resourceful while handling challenges and come up with the best solution based on my learning skills. I have a goal of always being joyful in the outcomes of my hard work and constant efforts and learn to view every circumstance in a positive manner.

My ultimate career goal is to help engineers and other students like myself, especially those in the non-traditional learning system in unleashing their possibilities to create a successful career path. I plan to be a person who people can rely upon for the most current information and in areas of greatest need within my role. I plan to do so in a way that I can still fully enjoy my life with my husband and my child. I plan to make a lot of money in a few years’ time, buy my car and help my husband financially in building our dream house. Last but not least, I plan to be a role model to the young generation and give them advice to that will inspire them as they pursue their career.

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