8 Sep 2022


Administrative and Criminal Laws for Online Businesses

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Administrative law entails procedural and substantive rules that administrative agencies create that involves permits, licenses, applications, hearing, decision-making, and appeals among others. The online business dealing with computer sales over the internet will adhere to all the available administrative laws. The business will involve itself in legal application of business permits and licenses, which will encompass paying legal charges. The online business will comply with county, state, and federal agencies in which it operates. The business will design preventive and detective internal controls to help it comply with administrative laws. It will provide training and procedure manuals and emphasize proper transaction approval. Moreover, it will reconcile accounting and bank records and carry out periodic reviews and audit to ascertain compliance. The business will try everything possible to avoid being non-compliant. However, should a dispute arise, it will strive to solve it outside court using alternative dispute resolution techniques.

Sometimes, business dealings may become criminal and attract court proceedings or investigations. In this regard, this online business will ensure that it acts within the confines of the law. It is worthy to note that criminal law aims at punishing an offender. Although no business wants to be investigated over wrongdoing, it may become a victim of criminal proceedings. The business may be susceptible to white collar crimes like bribery and fraud. The elements of bribery include offering valuable things to public officials and the intention to influence their behavior or judgment. On the other hand, fraud has three elements which include false representation of a material, intention to deceive the reasonable reliance of a victim, and damages. The business will establish a code of ethics that will help it avert both bribery and fraud.

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