27 Jul 2022


Career Options for a Paralegal

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I think I want to be a corporate paralegal because of the interesting nature of this job. As a corporate paralegal, I will be working for very large business corporations in reviewing and drafting contracts. Moreover, my other job will be advising the corporations on the right compliance practices in order for them to stay in obedience of the existing laws and regulations (Riseden, 2013). In general, I will be responsible for helping the business organizations in dealing with legal issues. This is a very involving job, which is also full of worthwhile opportunities for good networking with resourceful people. As the corporate paralegal, I will be in direct contact with the owners of the companies, a privilege that I find very essential for my rich network of resourceful of people. It will also offer me a very good platform for enhancing my legal skills and experience. 

My paralegal education will be very useful in this career of corporate litigation. It is vital to note that corporate paralegals usually operate in a very fast-paced environment hence require research skills and the sense of interest for the details of an issue (Miller & Meinzinger, 2016). The paralegal education will help me in understanding the best way of conducting my role as corporate paralegal. The education will give me the theoretical skills and frameworks to use while dealing with the corporate paralegal functions. 

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What I found to be very interesting in the assigned reading article is the many types of paralegal jobs that exist. It was also interesting to note that consumers also have paralegals. The clarity and detail with which this assigned reading article explains each type of paralegal job was also quite interesting to me. The article is easy to comprehend and coherent. It was also interesting to learn about the steps one can take in order to become an effective corporate paralegal. 


Miller, R. L., & Meinzinger, M. (2016).  Paralegal Today: The Essentials . Boston: Cengage Learning. 

Riseden, S. (2013, June 3). What kind of paralegal do you want to be? Paralegal Alliance . Retrieved 24 March, 2017 from http://www.paralegalalliance.com/what-kind-of-paralegal-do-you-want-to-be/#ixzz3bTNknDRE. 

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