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Computer Contingency Plan Essay

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Computer contingency plan refers to the set of rules, suitable policies and backups, immediate actions, and long-term measures towards responding to the computer system emergencies. Some of these emergencies might include malicious attacks and accidental disasters like the crush of the hard disk. From this perspective, contingency plans are part of the continuity planning approaches by the organizations in the contemporary society. On the other hand, computer emergency response relates to the group of experts aiming at handling security incidents affecting the operations of the computer systems in the information age (Kapadia, Falk, Zünd, Marti, Sumner, & Gross, 2015). From this definition, Computer Emergency Response is part of the US-Cert aiming at addressing emergency incidents affecting the operations of the functioning of the computing systems in the digital era. 

Computer contingency plan tends to have diverse benefits and limitations in addressing the needs and expectations of the business entities and individual users (Zhen, Xiaoran, &Depeng, 2014). In the first instance, computer contingency planning is valuable in enabling users or organizations to utilize the e-mail and customer service number in the identification of any possible event. Similarly, the planning technique is critical in facilitating identification and incorporation of diverse alternatives regarding courses of action in the event of disruption or potential deviation from the initial plan (Van, Turoff, &Hiltz, 2014). The management team has the ability and potentiality to utilize such alternatives in the course of achieving specific goals and targets of their institutions. The approach is also crucial in facilitating effective negotiations regarding the optimum deal in the interests of the IT faction of the institution. Alternatively, the issue might be costly because of the huge numbers of the highly qualified staff focusing on the assessment of the risks, as well as planning on what to do whenever things go wrong. 

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