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Diversity Plan for a Fictitious Company

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In the present ambitious world, employing diverse task force is just not enough. There is the need for companies to capitalize on the diversity at their disposal in order for them to be successful. That would require companies to have a scheme of action that would act as a roadmap to profitability. Companies will face myriad challenges that may detour its determination for success. However, it would be imperative for it to have workable strategies that would propel them to their vision. Diversity in that respect can be defined as a state in which a company has diverse people who bring diverse thoughts (Greenberg, 2004). It can also be taken to mean a state in which a company has employees from different cultures or rather races.

Diversity is advantageous to any institution since it provides myriad of opportunities to a company. Such opportunities would elevate the adaptability, performance, teamwork as well the problem-solving ability of an organization (Greenberg, 2004). Notably, a company that has a diversified task force will have many options when it comes to addressing problems, sourcing and resource allocation. In addition, a dynamic task force would bring different cultures and experiences in a company. Such diversity would be integral when it comes to establishing new ideas that would help an organization to adapt to the ever-emerging changes in the market. In other words, dynamicity would provide innovative methodologies of tackling problems. 

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Many companies lack an insight about the benefits of and how diversity can be achieved. Various strategies can be used to initiate and implement diversity. However, this dissertation shall focus on how policies and training play an integral role in implementing diversity (Greenberg, 2004). First, a company needs to set policies that would ensure that employees are treated fairly and equivocally. Apparently, such policies need to protect employees from any form of sidelining be it gender, race and culture related. Second, education and training ought to be adopted in the company. Education and training would help in the building of awareness and skills that would help employees to gain an insight as to why the need to appreciate diversity. Such education or rather training will equip the employees with valuable skills that would enable them to work in dynamic teamwork. In addition, the employees will be provided with the necessary information that would lead to advancement when they work in a dynamic team.

When striving to achieve diversity, the company needs to follow the following recommendations. First, the policies that a company set needs to be well understood by all the members of the organization. In that respect, the company needs to have its unique definition of diversity that ought to be communicated to everyone in the company. Second, the education and training need to focus on awareness-building, development of skills, and how to apply the acquired skills. Third, there must be support from the working environment. The skills that the employees will gain would never be applicable if the environment that they are working in is not supportive. It should be noted that the approach being used to implement diversity is organizational specific. That is because each organization has its own unique situations.

Nonetheless, support from top management would be key in integrating diversity in all functional levels in the company (Moulesong, 2012). Especially, the plan herein is designed in a way that an individual who is well versed in diversity and business strategies can implement it. Such an individual needs to be familiar with the strategic plan of the company (Moulesong, 2012). In that case, the human resource development (HRD) professionals stand a better chance for implementing diversity. Therefore, the HRD needs to be committed such that it combines the strategies, and establish an organizational culture that embraces diversity. 

In summary, the employees of the company need to vividly understand what diversity means at the end of the training. They should also be in pole position to propagate awareness and sensitivity as it pertains to diversity beyond the ordinary assumptions. Focus needs to be laid on behavioral tools that would foster a cohesive working environment in addition to defining diversity (Greenberg, 2004). Companies that embrace diversity often have a larger access to candidates to fill the various positions within the company. Importantly, such companies have a culture that puts people first irrespective of their race, gender, religion or physical challenges. In so doing, the often tend to have a good competitive advantage in the market.


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Moulesong, B. (2012). The Success of Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace Starts with the Top Management . Retrieved from http://www.nwitimes.com/the-success-of-diversity-and-inclusion-in-the-workplace-starts/article_0e0398d0-86e4-5e36-8fb7-80f44a770702.html. 

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