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Final Project: Career Path in the Criminal Justice System

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The criminal justice system is quite wide with a range of responsibilities designed to promote peace and security within the society. Particularly, dealing with a choreographed system of detecting crime, detaining offenders, criminal prosecution, as well as punishment, pursuing a career in the criminal justice system remains a prudent decision in my career path to serve in one of its major branches. Understanding that the system encompasses government institutions and practices directed towards maintaining social control, mitigating and deterring crime, sanctioning criminals, penalizing and rehabilitating them, a career in it requires wide research, and consideration to follow. People chose to join and serve the society in either of the various categories depending on their career objectives, level of education, experience, physical status, as well as anticipated level of pay. Although, the different branches offer wide opportunities, more specifically, I would seek to join the law enforcement branch.

It is clear that law enforcement branch is broad consisting of different and independent departments, but all working to ensure peace and tranquility in the society. The various branches have unique functions and requirements to which thus far I believe to be appropriately. In this regard and specifically, I would seek to pursue a career in the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the FBI tasked with enforcing laws governing criminal activities through skillful and comprehensive investigations realizing the fact that, though officers in the force are not allowed to cross the law, but they can use forceful and coercive tactics in line of duty.

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Apparently, tactical use of coercive and forceful measures requires a great deal of physical fitness to manage some of the criminal who could be too resistive. Actually, withstanding long hours of intensive fight for the sole purpose of reaching the criminals or their establishment is not optional but part of life in the FBI. Tasked with investigating suspected and proven offenders with robust and determined gangs who would stop at nothing in pursuit of their freedom to continue with criminal activities, the FBI officers need not only be physically fit but also psychologically prepared. This concept is required to allow them to deal with dire consequences of force needed to neutralize the criminals and eventual arrest or access to their operating remises. 

Understanding that as an FBI officer one is obligated to carry out impartial investigations having the ability to cope with complicated and complex situations is paramount in the line of duty. More often than not, FBI officers find themselves in an intricate web of associates, colleagues from other professions and in need of using alibis who in one way or another could be closely related to them. In this case, the job can jeopardize not only the officer relations with the alibi or target, however, apt decision making and realizing the fact that, peace, serenity depends on their decision, intelligence, and commitment to the work are important. Imperatively, sacrifice to serve in the interest of the society to protect and secure the country remains a key requirement in joining the FBI forces. Nonetheless, in pursuit of society that is more peaceful and the determination to deter crime, and ensure criminals face the full force of the law, there exists no impediment to my resolve to join the reputable, complex and highly demanding intelligence unit. 

With a highly commensurate remuneration, the FBI agents can get between $61, 000, and $70, 000 a year depending on the field of operation and expertise on joining the force. Nevertheless, in conformity with the higher pay, several requirements determine ones suitability to join the special agents’ team. Quite challenging, in securing an opportunity to serve in the force one has to complete a four-year degree from an accredited University as recognized by the Secretary of Education in the United States as well as have a valid United States driver’s license. Additionally, a candidate has to qualify distinctively in one of the five main Entry Programs for FBI agents that includes, law, language, diversified, accounting and computer science or information technology. Furthermore, experience is an important consideration before being accepted as a special agent in the FBI. Factually, one should have experience in law enforcement preferably from other sectors in the broad branch. However, the law-enforcement work experience does not deter rigorous FBI training for recruits. Finally, one’s background has to be clean as gauged against the laws of the United States of America.

My motivation to join the FBI special agents did not come as a surprise. I am highly inspired to serve in the revered position only reserved for persons committed to upholding the ideals and values of an organization (FBI in this case). My commitment to honor guiding principles emanates from my Christian upbringing in respect to humanity, truth and laws and rules governing a certain component of the society. Thus, working with the FBI compliments my personality and Christian faith in the believe people should live peacefully without harming or hurting one another for selfish gain. Objectively, this aspect is possible through deterring crime and ensuring justice against criminals. Moreover, the FBI officers are honorable and trustworthy agents with strict morals, ethics, and commitment to protect the country’s infrastructure, economy as well as uphold democracy. They protect the nation against the increasing threat of terrorism and foreign intelligence, which not only affects the state’s infrastructure but also people lives. Thus, my commitment to serve as FBI agent resonates well with my passion for peace and harmonious way of life for all.

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