29 Sep 2022


Financial Services Industry - Statistics & Facts

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My career objective is to work in the financial services industries as a consultant. I hope to become one of the best individuals in consulting and would wish to make significant contributions to the global financial market. I will be able to use the latest techniques and frameworks to address the challenges facing major corporations across the world. A top position in a top-consulting firm is an opportunity to apply my knowledge and experience in decision-making and analysis. The financial industry has shifted from the traditional setting where people only held positions in banks, stock and equity markets and in the corporate world. Other opportunities have opened based on investment and planning, wealth management and consulting, which attract energetic and driven professionals. I will be well placed to play an important role in providing a future and continuity for major international businesses. My career will entail assessing different situations by gathering information on asset allocation, investments, tax, retirement and estate planning, risk management and tolerance.

I have taken several steps towards achieving my career objectives. I hold a Masters degree in Business Administration from the Keller Graduate School. I have also attended other professional courses to gain proficiency in supporting software and analytical tools used in everyday financial analysis and reporting. My work experience also supports my career aspirations. I have held consulting roles in Anthem Inc. and Prudential California Realty. I have also worked as a financial analysis in NuVision Federal Credit Union in California, which exposed me to different aspects of financial planning and analysis. I have completed my CFA level 1 exam. I hope to take advantage of the CFA partnership in the London Business School to complete my CFA charter. I also plan on combining work and experience as well as the education and exposure that I will gain at LBS in career growth. The Masters degree will be important in accessing world-class financial faculty and student body to develop a strong foundation in finance. It is an important step towards understanding the intricacies in the industry as well as access to global financial institutions and companies.

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I have considered other alternatives in my career. The Academic qualifications from LBS as well as holding a CFA charter will allow me to explore other areas such as risk management and a position in an international corporation. I can hold a corporate financial role, where I can apply my knowledge and experience in planning, budgeting, analysis and projections.

Upon graduation, I hope to work in London. It is an attractive city for 41% of the students after completing their education in the LNS. The school will give me an advantage in the job market as 90% of all the graduates receive offers in the first three months after completion. London is a global financial hub with thousands of international corporations, which will give me an opportunity to explore different options and have a profound impact on international business.

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