14 May 2022


First Amendment: Free Speech and Education

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During the 20th century, a movement known as Progressive Movement was a movement that influenced and changed the outlook of the United States of America. During this time, there was widespread in political activities and social activism across the nation. The movement had objectives that were to remove problems caused by industrialization, immigration, urbanization and corruption in the government of the United States. During the creation of Arizona Constitution, the Progressive Movement made it easier in establishing the laws of the State. The Movement had an influence on the declaration of rights, ballot initiatives and recall of judges in many ways the essay is purposefully outlining. 1ST Amendment

Declaration of rights

With respect to the declaration of rights, the Progressive Movement can be said to have had a lasting influence on the making of the Arizona Constitution, seeing as the constitution provided for direct democracy. After its implementation, individuals could freely enjoy their rights, such that everyone was independent and had the liberty to pursue happiness in line with their personal preferences. The First Amendment did not allow Congress to make decisions for the people, concerning matters to do with their religion, culture and other personal responsibilities.

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Ballot Initiative

The Arizona Constitution, in leaving room for the ballot initiative, can be said to have borrowed ideas from the Progressive Movement. The initiative made the purification of political institutions its priority. Initially, the people had had very little say in state matters, which the constitution sought to revise, allowing for the people to vote in expression of their political views. 

Recall of judges

Courtesy of the Movement, voters got the power to recall from office judges who would have made critically ill-intentioned and bad decisions while in their positions. The movement also set a limitation to the use of judicial authority. The judiciary also got to be given separate powers from the executive and legislative arms of government courtesy of the w Arizona constitution.


The progressive movement evidently plays a great role in the determination of the structure of the Arizona Constitution, and this is seeing as many of the reforms that the constitution implemented ensured the reformations that the movement had all along championed. 

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